About the project

As you might guess, the QuotesQuo project is dedicated to quotations. In its name there is a similarity with the famous Latin expression Status quo (in translation – unchanged position). Indeed, isn’t it the main idea of quotations — to carry spoken words unchanged through centuries? And we have also decided to contribute some ideas to this process.

How does our approach to quotations differ from others?

  1. Quotes within each topic are divided into some thematic groups (subtopics). This provides you with additional semantic reference points and helps you find the quotes you need.
  2. As a rule, each post ends with a video clip from YouTube. We try to select suitable music for every topic. Sometimes the music gives a new meaning to quotes.
  3. We try to give the floor to the authors who spoke and wrote in different languages, not only in English. First of all, we are talking about Spanish, German, French, Russian. Of course – their quotes are given in translation into English.

QuotesQuo is free service, supported by ad revenue generated from ads that appear on the site.

QuotesQuo team