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Health and blueberries

Blueberries are astringent, antiseptic, vascular antisclerotic and are a good mineralizer. (Philippe Rivault)

Blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are true super foods. Naturally sweet and juicy, berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients — they are among the best foods you can eat. (Joel Fuhrman)

Wet and dry pine forests are favored by blueberries — the most “healthy” berry, a nutritionist’s dream. Diabetics love this berry more than others: they say that blueberries normalize sugar, especially if among the blue berries you come across bushes of glossy black, “real” blueberries. (Svyatoslav Loginov)

It’s better to get the nutrients for healthy skin from food, not supplements. Salmon, walnuts, blueberries, spinach… lots of my favorite foods happen to be amazing for skin too. (Gail Simmons)

Of course, he did not expect a miracle from this long rough leaf covered with whitish down, but he suddenly had a desperate desire to look, in this meadow of shimmering colors and heady odors, for the medicinal plants whose name reminded him came back to memory: aconite, belladonna, ergot, jimsonweed, henbane, colchicum, foxglove, adonis, mustard, bearberry, gentian, lily of the valley, soapwort, horsetail, cinquefoil, cinquefoil, coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, juniper, yarrow, orchid, elecampane, sweet clover and blueberry. (Branimir Šćepanović‎)

Forest and blueberries

El Mouria is the whole forest: he knows all the paths, for miles, the lily-of-the-valley areas, the blueberry fields, the chanterelles, pied-rouges, charcoal-burners’ places; (Jean Rogissart)

One of my first childhood memories comes from the blueberry forest. I was two and a half years old and I remember how big the blueberries were in my child’s hand and mouth, how huge the blueberry bushes were under the pines and how the forest was full of blue and black blueberries! (Mikä Keränen)

Forests have become a valuable living environment for people themselves. Thus, old blueberry and mystika forests also play a certain role in people’s choice of residence, in this way they exert a certain influence on the preservation of the old settlement pattern. (Valdur Mikita)

The stems penetrated all the moss.
Among the crimson drops of cloves,
in the light leaves, like blue peas,
clusters of blueberries sway slightly. (Sasha Cherny)

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Blueberry pie

My mother’s blueberry pie from scratch was amazing. I still make it today. (Geoffrey Zakarian)

I like to make pies. Thats kind of my new obsession — peach, blueberry, apple, strawberry. I make a really good pumpkin pie with real pumpkin. (Morgan Saylor)

Moist cake, fresh blueberries, and melt-in-the-mouth frosting… «I could eat blueberry butter cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,» she confessed. (Kate Angell)

It is heavenly, the sweet and sour of the blueberries wrapped in the soft vanilla-y cake. She is instantly transported back in time, back to her childhood. It is unquestionably the best cake of the bunch, simple and satisfying, the kind that if you were to bake it at home would leave you wanting more, taking secret trips to the kitchen to cut another slice. (Jessa Maxwell)

Berries and blueberries

I love berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black berries, anything with an ‘errie’ in it! (Jordin Sparks)

Anyone who has never seen how a cranberry grows can walk through a swamp for a very long time and not notice that he is walking through a cranberry. Take a blueberry — it grows, and you see it: a thin stalk stretches up, along the stem, like wings, small green leaves in different directions, and blueberries, black berries with blue fluff, sit on the leaves in small peas. (Mikhail Prishvin)

Are these dense lingonberries,
are these innocent blueberries,
is this a row of birdhouses —
their whitish flower swings
like a bladder on a white stone
on a high sod? (Bernard Kangro)

People and blueberries

Most people don’t know that heartache smells like blueberries. (Stacey Lee)

You’ll never regret eating blueberries or working up a sweat. (Jacquelyn Mitchard)

Living an environmentally responsible lifestyle can seem like a Scrooge-like list of don’ts. Don’t take that flight, don’t buy that car, don’t eat those blueberries flown in from somewhere far-flung. (Kevin McCloud)

Food and blueberries

My last meal on Earth, I would love it to be a bowl of blueberries with cold cream. (Rene Redzepi)

Have a colourful plate. I make a spinach salad with things like blueberries, apples and carrots. (Kristen Bell)

I ate two waffles, a banana and cereal with blueberries. And that whas between my two breakfasts. (Amy Poehler)

Relationship and blueberries

Some eyes threaten like a loaded and levelled pistol, and others are as insulting as hissing or kicking; some have no more expression than blueberries, while others are as deep as a well which you can fall into. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

In winter, he planned to live until the blue flowers, then the blueberries. With the blueberries, he still had something of his own, a special calculation; when my hand no longer held a full glass of water, but half, I had to go from store to store to get blueberry silk to make a blueberry dress. I don’t know what the place was where he was going with it. I know: it was a very different place from death. (Asta Põldmäe)

Bells and blueberries

Blueberries are bells rendered mute by the fear of being devoured. (Sylvain Tesson)

And here is also a bell, but very strange. It is completely round and looks more like a ready-made berry, already reddened on one side. It also looks like a tiny porcelain lampshade, but so delicate and fragile that it can hardly be made by human hands. There will be something for both children and black grouse to enjoy. After all, in place of each lampshade, a juicy, black blueberry with a blue coating on the skin will ripen. (Vladimir Soloukhin)

Mental health and blueberries

A cup of blueberries a day may keep cognitive decline away. (Brant Cortright)

Eat more berries. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and other varieties have anthocyanins that can help reverse some loss of balance and memory associated with aging. (David H. Murdock)

Sweet and blueberries

Dark chocolate-covered blueberries are my favorite sweet. (Robin Wright)

Sometimes I like a little sweet as well, so I have a cup of plain yogurt with blueberries. (April Bowlby)

Love and blueberries

He had a crush on a blueberry bush once. (Rick Riordan)

I still think of you whenever I see blueberries. (Mary Simses)


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