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Insects and coltsfoot

Madam Slug, I am very embarrassed because I have nothing to eat and I have no water either. Could you not give me a drop of your coltsfoot dew reserve? (Kenji Miyazawa)

She bends to count the spots on the ladybirds climbing
The stems of the coltsfoot. The leafless coltsfoots, in greeting life,
Offer their radiant lemon fingers full-spread
To welcome back the Golden Queen of heaven. (Sidney Beck)

But everything was simple and suited the world,
The bees rummaged through the red mother-stepmothers,
Shoeing their feet in flower pollen,
As if they were walking in shoes. (Leonid Lavrov)

Dandelion and coltsfoot

Beware of false dandelions such as cats ears and coltsfoot. (Eric Ashford)

The first green grass along the driveways. Flashes of yellow dandelions and coltsfoot. (Victor Konetsky)

In wet cold weather every blossom will hang its head and be tightly closed up. Exactly the same may be observed with the Dandelion, which is, indeed, still more sensitive than the Coltsfoot. In cold wet weather it is so tightly closed that it is barely possible to make out the yellow colour of the flower, but on warm sunny days it opens wide: every one of its florets drinks in as much as possible of the genial sunshine. Both opening and closing are produced by the warmth and light of the sun’s rays. (G.F. Scott Elliot)

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Bloom and coltsfoot

One of the first heralds of the awakening flora in our country is the flowering of coltsfoot, blooming before the leaves appear… (Daniil Svyatsky)

The coltsfoot is in bloom—
are words no one
has ever been moved to say.
Poking up its fringed face
along the wasted roadside,
through dead leaves
grayed with winter,
coltsfoot doesn’t ask
to be looked at. (Jessica Hornik)

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Health and coltsfoot

Coltsfoot is one of the “four flowers” of medicine, widely used against coughs; its yellow flowers appear in humid places from the beginning of spring and before the leaves, the shape of which has been compared to that of the imprint of the donkey’s foot. ( L. Guyot , P. Gibassier)

Of course, he did not expect a miracle from this long rough leaf covered with whitish down, but he suddenly had a desperate desire to look, in this meadow of shimmering colors and heady odors, for the medicinal plants whose name reminded him came back to memory: aconite, belladonna, ergot, jimsonweed, henbane, colchicum, foxglove, adonis, mustard, bearberry, gentian, lily of the valley, soapwort, horsetail, cinquefoil, cinquefoil, coltsfoot , St. John’s wort, juniper, yarrow, orchid, elecampane, sweet clover and blueberry. (Branimir Šćepanović‎)

People and coltsfoot

She taught me one of the cardinal rules of gathering plants: “Never take the first plant you find, as it might be the last—and you want that first one to speak well of you to the others of her kind.” That’s not too hard to do when you come upon a whole stream bank of coltsfoot, when there’s a third and a fourth right behind the first, but it’s harder when the plants are few and the desire is great. (Robin Wall Kimmerer)

And coltsfoot not roses,
Just coltsfoot surround me
And nothing comes close
As close as a dream comes. (E. Ray)

Nature and coltsfoot

Gradually the roads are being destroyed, muddy roads and impassability are setting in. On the rivers the first gullies with black water appear in the ice, and on the hillocks there are thawed patches and bald spots. Along the edge of the compacted snow, the coltsfoot is already turning yellow. Then the first movement of ice occurs on the rivers… (Konstantin Paustovsky)

from a clear sky, it must
have rained
a head of grass on the earth,
a leaf of swelling, a tiny speck (Kaie Ilves)

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Flowers and coltsfoot

The poor plants that I kept because they were dedicated to saints: the primrose dedicated to Saint Peter, the valerian to Saint George; coltsfoot or donkey pasture at Saint Quirin… Except valerian, the others which exhibit flowers of a vulgar yellow, are ugly. (Joris-Karl Huysmans)

The trees in the woods feel the warmer weather and wild wood flowers sprout up,
The snowdrop nods to his friends the Coltsfoot and cardamine in older fallows,
And in this magical setting the star of Bethlehem beams across the grey trees,
A kingcup waves to the celandine showing off their fine deep and golden lustre. (Terry Trainor)

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Sun and coltsfoot

The tiny flower had just found moisture to push its nose up towards the sun, a new life drew its strength from the ruins of its fellow species that had been crushed long ago. A tiny bright yellow symbol that represents nature’s creation, life in the midst of death. (Anne B. Ragde)

Through the flight of a golden ball
Straight into the network of poplar snares
These days the golden mother-stepmother
crawls like a golden turtle. (Velimir Khlebnikov)

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Spring and coltsfoot

The first flower in spring to bolt And a weed that escapes my hoe. By any name, it’s still a weed. (Tom Wright)

Migrant’s return, and the first flower is coltsfoot
Both humans and animals awakened by hibernation with new energy
The sun is high, no snow falls and the birds singing
Small downy mouse ears to be leaves on birch tree. (Anne-Lise Andresen)

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