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Garden and hollyhocks

Some gardens contain sun-flowers, or little else, others are full of zinnias, flowering mallow trees, and balsams. (Matilda Betham-Edwards)

The gardens were full of sweet-williams, pale phloxes, and tall hollyhocks. (Francis Brett Young)

In the courtyard there is a border of hollyhocks and snapdragon and asters. (Edmund Candler)

In the other beds of phlox and petunias and hollyhocks gayly inclosed a broad, open grass-plot. (Edward Prime-Stevenson)

Into the garden peace comes back with twilight,
Peace that since noon had left the purple phlox,
The heavy-headed asters, the late roses
And swaying hollyhocks. (Sara Teasdale)

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Women and hollyhocks

From behind the sagging fences, pale, thin hollyhocks peered out into the distance, looking like peasant women in jackets, whom the heat had driven out of their stuffy huts to breathe fresh air. (Boris Pasternak)

And I may walk the pretty place
Before the curtsying hollyhocks… (Dorothy Parker)

The garden of my boyhood days
With hollyhocks was kept ablaze;
In all my recollections they
In friendly columns nod and sway;
And when to-day their blooms I see,
Always the mother smiles at me;
The mind’s bright chambers, life unlocks
Each summer with the hollyhocks. (Edgar Albert Guest)

And the sun answered me:
“You are a fool! In an unknown ravine,
Hollyhock reveals its color
With wonderful selflessness
… In this eternal generosity
is the meaning of the divine scroll…
So the girls, my dear,
are graceful from excess. (Sasha Cherny)

Insects and hollyhocks

Bee in the hollyhock wind. Happiness buzzes in the ear of the seasons. (Alain Boudet)

So, for example, forest mallow (Malva Sylvestris), distinguished by a large and brightly colored corolla, easily striking, is visited by thirty-one species of insects, while its closest relative, round-leaved mallow, or kalachik (M. rotundifolia), having an essentially similar flower, but only with a small pale corolla, is visited by only three species of the bee family. (Ilya Mechnikov)

…but let them bloom alone, and leave
Yon spired hollyhock red-crocketed
To sway its silent chimes, else must the bee,
Its little bellringer, go seek instead
Some other pleasaunce; (Oscar Wilde)

When the hornet hangs in the hollyhock, And the brown bee drones in the rose, And the west is a red-streaked four-o’clock, And summer is near its close, It’s, Oh!, For the gate, and the locust lane; And dusk, and dew, and home again! (Madison Cawein)

Relationship and hollyhocks

Kiss! Hollyhock in the garden of caresses! (Paul Verlaine)

Where have you gone, how far have you gone?
What happened between us?
Still sleepy and heavy,
the hollyhocks are swinging in the flower beds… (Marina Tsvetaeva)

The smell remained
of your flesh in my bed.
The hollyhock is so hot
that we want to dry
for the pains of winter. (Rocco Scotellaro)

And the girl was waiting by the carved table,
a stream of hair flowed from her shoulder,
but in a silvery voice,
the scents of levkoi and hollyhock filled the room,
and a stream of hair flowed by the table. (Ivan Draš)

People and hollyhocks

The hollyhocks remind us to stand tall in this world. (Viola Shipman)

Already the phlox and the hollyhocks glisten, and I wander in the garden dreaming of verses clear as crystal. (Emile Verhaeren)

Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others are plain, honest and upright, like the broad faced sunflower and the hollyhock. (Henry Ward Beecher)

God’s grandest messages are not loudly self-assertive. His most fragrant flowers, unlike the hollyhocks and the sunflowers, do not challenge the attention of the careless wayfarer, but hide under the cool hedgerows and only betray themselves by their sweetness. Our dearest and deepest joys are not those which we have in the glare of publicity, but those which cluster round about us in the home. (Alfred Rowland)

Flowers and hollyhocks

The flowers, too, would have delighted you. Zinnias as tall as dahlias, dahlias as tall as hollyhocks, nasturtiums growing like grape vines, roses as big as peonies, geraniums and heliotropes small trees. (William Seymour Edwards)

Colorful flowers, like mallows, A wonderful bloom from the moss! It’s not common in nature, But fashion brings it out. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

The boundless, waving grass-plains stretch, thick-starr’d
With saffron and the yellow hollyhock
And flag-leaved iris-flowers. (Matthew Arnold)

…while the hollyhock,
The pink, and the carnation vie
With lupin and with lavender,
To decorate the fading year; (D.M. Moir)

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Hollyhocks features

Gypsies, stray cats and hollyhocks know something about the eternal that we no longer know. (Christian Bobin)

One hundred and fifty stars in single file
on this humid night that smells of marjoram,
in this splendid night that smells of mauve. (Francesco De Gregori)

Very young children in rags ate hollyhock seeds by the roadside. Their hands did not yet reach the branches of the mulberry tree. The ancients called fenugreek seeds the bread of God. They said that the mind grows from them. (Herta Müller)

All day in gray rain
hollyhocks follow the sun’s
invisible road. (Basho)

Old-fashioned and hollyhocks

As for marigolds, poppies, hollyhocks, and valorous sunflowers, we shall never have a garden without them, both for their own sake, and for the sake of old-fashioned folks, who used to love them. (Henry Ward Beecher)

… crossed cottages in the village, with old-fashioned hollyhocks, blue campanulas, and masses of phlox. (Alfred Guy Kingan L’Estrange)

Honest old hollyhocks, delicate petunias, gorgeous marigolds, sweet mignonette, and such things as are intensely American, and countryish… (Lee L. Powers)

Window and hollyhocks

Red and yellow hollyhocks-nuns swayed outside the open window. Together with them, a nasturtium flower peered into the room; a furry bee sat in it. I, frozen, watched her angrily back away and get out of a tight flower. (Konstantin Paustovsky)

Matvey went to the window and stood behind the frame, looking out into the garden, lightly sprinkled with sun. Tall stems of hollyhock, closely planted with purple and yellow flowers in the dew, swayed quietly before him… Between the ridges, bent over and showing red legs stained with earth, women rummaged, bowing their heads, tied with colorful scarves. Steeply arching their tanned backs, they moved as if on all fours and seemed to be plucking grass with their mouths, like sheep. (Maxim Gorky)

Weeds and hollyhocks

‘A weed is a plant out of place.’ Let me repeat that. ‘A weed is a plant out of place.’ I find a hollyhock in my cornfield, and it’s a weed. I find it in my yard, and it’s a flower. (Jim Thompson)

Against this harsh background, the wine-red and white-pink petals, covered with a coating of the finest fluff, seemed especially delicate. If this hollyhock were the work of human hands, it would irritate a true connoisseur of art, seeming to him unnecessarily cloying. But the hollyhock was alive and was considered solely as a weed that decided to bloom. (Elena Khaetskaya)

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Gardening and hollyhocks

From the perennial list I would select peonies, phlox, delphinium, iris, and hollyhocks. (Eben E. Rexford)

Snapdragon, wallflower, pansies, and hollyhocks are very easily grown from seed. They can be sown in June (wallflowers are best sown in April) in boxes, and thinned out and transplanted to permanent places as soon as they are large enough. They will blossom the following year. (Dorothy Canfield Fisher)

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Attitude to hollyhocks

But I insist that hollyhocks were brought to New England for the same reason they were taken to Old England, for the sake of beauty, for the satisfaction of seeing those crinkled silken petals spread their color in midsummer. (Hal Borland)

Do you like the scent of a hollyhock?
To each his own. I love a burning bridge. (William Matthews)

Tallness and hollyhocks

I limited myself to climbing the hill. The hollyhocks were monstrously tall—they reached up to my shoulders when I fought my way through them on horseback. (Vsevolod Ivanov)

On the spot where the mother of his mount had died, there now stood a hollyhock whose stem, of dizzying height, was lost well beyond the tops of the tallest trees. (Jacques Hoven)


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