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People and periwinkle

I should like to be a periwinkle,» said he, mysteriously, «on the top of a valley, and sing tooralloo-ralloo. (O. Henry)

It’s an odd thing, happiness. Some people take happiness from gold. Or black pearls. And some of us, far more fortunate, take their happiness from periwinkles. (Patricia A. McKillip)

I have never seen a periwinkle, but I did not bend down to look at it, and without this, due to myopia, I could never know what plant was in front of me. I only took a quick glance at it, after which about thirty years passed before I saw the periwinkle again and turned my attention to it. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

I shut the front door upon Christ and Einstein, and at the back door hold out a welcoming hand to little frogs and periwinkles. I believe nothing of my own that I have ever written, I cannot accept that the products of minds are subject-matter for beliefs. (Charles Fort)

Flowers and periwinkle

The periwinkle and the rhododendrons betoken a happy, tranquil life; but the foxglove and the daphne are omens of misfortunes and afflictions. (Frederic Shoberl)

Then, when the anemones disappeared, rare periwinkles and roses appeared, and suddenly — like an explosion! — The bird cherry blossomed. (Elizabeth von Arnim)

The saffrons give way to huge red peonies, yellow adonis, blue periwinkles and bluebells, sage and blue flax, and the entire steppe is covered with feathery feather grass and thyme. (Alexander Andreev)

I say
The white, blue and purple,
Are the most beautiful flowers;
Roses and Daffodils cannot compare… (Leslie Alexis)

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Women and periwinkle

Where I lived there was sand almost everywhere, coal grew on the trees, and periwinkles the size of tea trays bloomed there… (Edith Nesbit)

With these words, she pulled out a bouquet of periwinkles, pinned with a comb, from her braid and threw it at her feet. (Mayne Reid)

She plucked the white fluff of the periwinkles that clung to the balcony and blew it down into the space illuminated by the red light of torches held by four Lucerna slaves who had already taken their places at the entrances to the villa. (Ferenc Mora)

In April, under the branches
With chilly foliage, While looking for periwinkles I found your blue eyes. (Armand Silvestre)

Woods and periwinkle

When he was tired of walking, he lay down in the woods. The trees were half leafless, the sky blue with periwinkle. (Romain Rolland)

We were in the woods of Toulven, little Pierre and I, looking for flowers during the family council. We found plenty of them, pale yellow primroses, violet periwinkles, blue borage, and even pink campion, the first of spring. (Pierre Loti)

What flowerbeds could thus have been artificially established in the ornamental woods with periwinkles, primroses, squills, cyclamen, Solomon ‘s seals, galanthes, snowflies, shady saxifrage, etc… (Georges Plaisance)

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Poetry and periwinkle

Open any collection of Canadian verse and you are sure to encounter, usually at the end of the lines, the inevitable primroses and the no less fatal periwinkles. These two words are harmonious, convenient and complacent for rhyme. Unfortunately here again, we are dealing with plants foreign to our flora. (Joseph Louis Conrad Marie-Victorin)

It is, thanks to fresh gladioli,
The revenge that we poets take
From this dreadful January, so ugly; it is the revenge
That April takes against winter with the periwinkle; (Victor Hugo)

Frost and periwinkle

Periwinkle flower
Is early blue,
Periwinkle’s green
The Winter through. (Louise Driscoll)

The periwinkle blossomed and turned green,
spread out, spread out;
Yes, the pre-dawn frost
has reached the flowers. (Taras Shevchenko)

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City and periwinkle

Today as in the time of Pliny and Columella, the hyacinth flourishes in Wales, the periwinkle in Illyria, the daisy on the ruins of Numantia; while around them cities have changed their masters and their names, collided and smashed, disappeared into nothingness, their peaceful generations have crossed down the ages as fresh and smiling as on the days of battle. (Edgar Quinet)

Then, instead of a manor house in gray Livonia, I strove for the “red Ukraine”, under the shade of its poplars and cherries, to its periwinkles, to the Dnieper, to the shrines of Kiev, under the arch of the caves where Anthony, Nestor and Prince Nikola… (Nikolai Leskov)

Death and periwinkle

At the same moment, the apple flew away from Jičín and fell into Manka’s lap. At first the apple was as red as a cheek, but it gradually became paler and greener until it was like an evergreen.
«Things are bad with Rumcajs,» Manka was horrified. (Václav Čtvrtek)

My cross evergreen!
Who said you are a cemetery flower?
You have the most heavenly eyes — singing,
singing… (Ivan Draš)

Periwinkle features

So, apparently, one can hear the language of flowers, the sigh of a periwinkle, when the sickle of a scythe flashes above it. (Ernst Jünger)

Through primrose tufts, in that sweet bower, The periwinkle trailed its wreaths; And ’tis my faith that every flower Enjoys the air it breathes. (William Wordsworth)


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