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Spring and anemones

At that moment blossomed the tender anemone, the windflower, which every spring adorns the warm hillsides. (Florence Holbrook)

It is in the month of March that the wild anemone with trembling corollas tries to open. (Alfred de Musset)

Here the white-ray’d anemone is born. (William Allingham)

Snow has disappeared from the slopes into the ditches, And the St. Petersburg spring is full Of excitement, and anemones, And the first butterflies. (Vladimir Nabokov)

There was a bouquet of anemones on my table.
With bright colors, almost too loud,
the messengers of new life sang
their jubilant song of spring,
blue skies and sunny victories –
that was the morning. (Hermann Harry Schmitz)

Spring quotes

Myths and anemones

The latter, however, makes the anemone spring from the tears, as the rose from the blood of Adonis. (James George Frazer)

But in the grass near the slope, Where Adonis was killed, The petals of the flowers lit up, The anemone breathes. (Konstantin Balmont)

Awakened by a wonderful list Those nicknames and times The anemone Surrounds the present day With his eyes. (Boris Pasternak)

O beautiful white land,
olives and wild anemone and violet
mingled among the shale,
and purple wings
of little winter-butterflies
say, here Psyche, the soul, lies. (Hilda Doolittle)

People and anemones

How hollow to have no secrets left; you shake yourself and nothing rattles. You’re boneless as an anemone. (Andrew Sean Greer)

He is anemic (So to speak), an anemone. Heavenly, but through and false (Like everything that is here), a German dream. (Vladimir Narbut)

A bit of mist and light suffice for life to overpower nothingness. A bit of hope and time suffice for you to cross the mountain trails of myth; you were spared the fate of your ancestors. So borrow the wisdom of the anemones and say: Nothingness does not concern me, even if death besieges me. (Mahmoud Darwish)

They got up at sunrise the next morning, and went out into the forest in search of hepaticas and windflowers with which to decorate the three bedrooms. (Elizabeth Von Arnim)

Anemones features

There is a sweet little flower called the wood anemone, or wind-flower. (Ellen Eddy Shaw)

The little windflower, whose just opened eye Is blue as the spring heaven it gazes at. (William Cullen Bryant)

Of meadow-sweet and white anemone. (Oscar Wilde)

Usually they’re so meek, but these are cheeky little darlings. If you can’t tell by those delicate rosette faces, they’re related to ranunculus. So you know charm is in their genetic makeup. But did you know they represent anticipation? And it’s also said that anemones are protection plants that ward off evil and ill will. (Heather Webber)

Woods and anemones

Within the woods, Whose young and half transparent leaves scarce cast A shade, gray circles of anemones Danced on their stalks. (William Cullen Bryant)

How beautiful through April time and May The woods look, filled with wild anemone; And every little spinney now looks gay With flowers mid brushwood and the huge oak tree. (John Clare)

When I was little and good I walked in the dappled wood Where light white windflowers grew, And hyacinths heavy and blue. (Edith Nesbit)

They sprout light out of the forest night, Without a rich scent, without a blaze of colour, Under the big, old trees, Over the moss like flooding dreams. (Therese Dahn)

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Women and anemones

Florise appeared what a beautiful anemone would appear among marigolds. (Fénelon)

Her cheeks were white as windflowers, her eyes full of a swimming gloom. (Warwick Deeping)

Under their flowerlike skirts their white ankles and rosy heels moved as lightly as windflowers swaying in the grass. (Eleanor Farjeon)

Pearl Watson was like the rugged little anemone, the wind flower that lifts its head from the cheerless prairie. (Nellie L. McClung)

Gardening and anemones

The anemone and the columbine – Have grown in the garden – Where melancholy sleeps – Between love and disdain. (Guillaume Apollinaire)

There grew pied wind-flowers and violets, Daisies, those pearl’d Arcturi of the earth, The constellated flower that never sets; Faint oxlips; tender bluebells at whose birth… (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Anemones are quite an extravagance to buy, but one way to eke them out while still creating a dazzling display is to line them up in individual containers. Try using traditional milk bottles, mini jam jars, test tubes, or vintage shot glasses. (Willow Crossley)

Gardening quotes

Love and anemones

The Art of Love: knowing how to combine the temperament of a vampire with the discretion of an anemone. (Emile M. Cioran)

In trackless solitudes; nor ever will The lone anemone her lover find! (Charles Baudelaire)

Love is fiery hellish music that makes even the hearts of old people dance. These are daisies, which spread their petals wide at nightfall, this is an anemone that closes from the breath and dies from touch. Such is love. (Alexander Kuprin)

Wind and anemones

Anemone, so well Named of the wind, to which thou art all free. (George MacDonald)

And there’s the windflower chilly With all the winds at play… (A.E. Housman)

From the soft wing of vernal breezes shed, Anemones, auritulas, enriched With shining meal o’er all their velvet leaves. (James Thomson)

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Beauty and anemones

Anemones are ridiculously pretty, so wispy and fragile with their paint-box silk petals and frilly leaves. They come in all shades of pink, blue, crimson, purple, scarlet, and white. They are also amenable in arrangements and deceptively strong – you just need to be careful not to bash them about because their petals can tear or become stained by specks of pollen. (Willow Crossley)

What makes it smell so sweet? they wanted to know. Because everything, every little wild plum-blossom, every little tiny crocus and anemone and violet and every tree-bud and grass-blade is working to help make the prairie nice. (Bess Streeter Aldrich)

Meekness and anemones

The starry, fragile windflower, Poised above in airy grace, Virgin white, suffused with blushes, Shyly droops her lovely face. (Elaine Goodale)

Thou lookest up with meek, confiding eye Upon the clouded smile of April’s face, Unharmed though Winter stands uncertain by, Eyeing with jealous glance each opening grace. (Jones Very)

Fairies and anemones

The Anemone, or Wind-flower, is a recognised Fairy blossom. (Richard Folkard)

They must have come, because I see A single Wood Anemone, The flower that everybody knows The Fairies use to scent their clothes. (Fay Inchfawn)

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