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People and asters

The aster greets us as we pass With her faint smile. (Sarah Helen Whitman)

Life is colorful and people strive with all their might to make it monotonous, to bring in character: bleached asters! (Peter Hille)

Chide me not, laborious band! For the idle flowers I brought; Every aster in my hand Goes home loaded with a thought. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The aster has not wasted spring and summer because it has not blossomed. It has been all the time preparing for what is to follow, and in autumn it is the glory of the field, and only the frost lays it low. So there are many people who must live forty or fifty years, and have the crude sap of their natural dispositions changed and sweetened before the blossoming time can come; but their lives have not been wasted. (Henry Ward Beecher)

While picking asters ‘neath the Eastern fence,
My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests. (Tao Yuanming)

The red barberries are already ripening,
aging asters breathe weakly in the bed.
Those who are not rich now that summer is gone
will always wait and never own themselves. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Don’t be misled by critics
And as you are, give yourself completely.
If you don’t wear roses, you wear asters,
they will probably also find their place in the wreath. (Emanuel Geibel)

Love and asters

I end not far from my going forth By picking the faded blue Of the last remaining aster flower To carry again to you. (Robert Frost)

Let me remember you, voices of little insects,
Weeds in the moonlight, fields that are tangled with asters,
Let me remember, soon will the winter be on us,
Snow-hushed and heavy. (Sara Teasdale)

Put the fragrant mignonette on the table,
bring the last red asters
and let’s talk about love again
like we did in May. (Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg)

I won’t give you the asters
because the thought breaks my heart
that you’ll rip out all the leaves
when you say “Should I or shouldn’t I…?” (Jörn Pfennig)

The big garden never seemed so empty,
only the pale asters bloom anymore.
And my longing burns so brightly –
I know it now, I’ll never be happy
until I look you in the eyes again. –
Burn this letter! It’s so sore… (Ernst Goll)

Nature and asters

The goldenrod is on the hill, the aster by the brook, and the sunflower in the garden. (John Ludwig Hülshof)

Apple and the juicy pear follow the lily and the rose, and are followed in their turn, by the aster and the ivy–bloom. (Leo H. Grindon)

Wrapped in his sad-colored cloak, the Day, like a Puritan, standeth
Stern in the joyless fields, rebuking the lingering color,–
Dying hectic of leaves and the chilly blue of the asters,–
Hearing, perchance, the croak of a crow on the desolate tree-top. (Bayard Taylor)

The windflower and the violet, they perished long ago,
And the brier-rose and the orchis died amid the summer glow;
But on the hills the golden-rod, and the aster in the wood,
And the yellow sunflower by the brook, in autumn beauty stood,
Till fell the first from the clear cold heaven, as falls the plague on men,
And the brightness of their smile was gone, from upland glade and glen. (William C. Bryant)

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Death and asters

The bright colors of the carnations, larkspurs, asters and delphinium, mixed with the occasional white of a calla lily, looked more festive than mournful. They were all beautifully fresh and absolutely dying, a terrifying reminder of how easily we pass from one realm to the other. (Sara Steger)

Then she approached the tomb in her turn, took out from under her neckerchief a large bouquet of asters which she placed far away from the crowns of the family: then stood for a long time in the rain, not looking at anything, thinking of nothing, and weeping for lack of prayers. (André Gide)

Asters are already blooming in the garden,
the arrow of the sun hits weaker.
Flowers awaiting death
By the frost’s cleaver. (Detlev von Liliencron)

… meanwhile like pale children dance to death
around the dark edges of wells that are weathering,
blue asters leaning shivering in the wind. (Georg Trakl)

Flowers and asters

A river of red sages wound limply along the path, between banks of asters … (Colette)

She stooped down, and gathered the few flowers remaining, some asters, and her especial pride, some autumn violets. (Gustav Freytag)

Other flowers, devoid of fragrance, were distinguished by their lush beauty, such as, for example, the cold beauties of camellias, multi-colored azaleas, Chinese lilies, Dutch tulips, huge bright dahlias and heavy asters. (Alexander Kuprin)

I saw swallows fleeing
hastily from the cold,
the asters have already bloomed twice,
the lilacs and the poppies –
come back,
I love you very much! (Jörn Pfennig)

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Goldenrods and asters

The lands are lit with all the autumn blaze of golden-rod, and everywhere the purple asters nod and bend and wave and flit. (Helen Hunt)

Speaking October and our own purple East, the tall asters, darkening from lavender to the ultimate shadowy violet, join the goldenrod. (Marian Storm)

There are no flowers overhead, but a few belated asters and goldenrods under foot. (Julia Ellen Rogers)

Along the river’s summer walk,
The withered tufts of asters nod;
And trembles on its arid stalk
the hoar plum of the golden-rod. (John Greenleaf Whittier)

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Women and asters

I will cast My August days behind me with my May, Nor strive to drag them into Autumn’s place, Nor swear I hope when I do but remember. Now violet and rose have had their day, I’ll pluck the soberer asters with good grace And call September nothing but September. (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

My heart is a garden tired with autumn,
Heaped with bending asters and dahlias heavy and dark,
In the hazy sunshine, the garden remembers April,
The drench of rains and a snow-drop quick and clear as a spark; (Sara Teasdale)

I wish, and I wish that the spring would go faster,
Nor long summer bide so late;
And I could grow on like the foxglove and aster,
For some things are ill to wait. (Jean Ingelow)

Frost and asters

Oh if I could
pluck what you want!
Then I would have picked
I am a white aster, – with her
the first white hoarfrost. (Oshikochi no Mitsune)

On New Year’s Day
Withered asters freeze
in the garden in front. (Shiki)

The scarlet of the maples can shake me like a cry
Of bugles going by.
And my lonely spirit thrills
To see the frosty asters like a smoke upon the hills. (Bliss Carman)

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Autumn and asters

When the last late aster has faded, the last blue blossom of the gentian changed to brown, the green mosses still remain. (Frederick John Lazell)

Ah! come, ere August flames its heart away,
Ere, like a golden widow, autumn goes
Across the woodlands, sad with thoughts of May,
An aster in her bosom for a rose. (Richard Le Gallienne)

Asters fall in the gardens,
The slender maple under the window turns yellow,
And the cold fog in the fields
Whitens motionless all day long. (Ivan Bunin)

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Wood and asters

The woods are filled with purple lupine now, Small yellow asters, phlox, and cramoisies Of columbine and roses, vine and bough. (Edgar Lee Masters)

The palish asters along the wood,—
A lyric touch of the solitude; (Richard Hovey)

The Autumn wood the aster knows, The empty nest, the wind that grieves, The sunlight breaking thro’ the shade, The squirrel chattering overhead, The timid rabbits lighter tread Among the rustling leaves. (Dora Read Goodale)

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September and asters

September is a sweep of dusky, purple asters, a sumac branch swinging a fringe of scarlet leaves, and the bittersweet scene of wild grapes when I walk down the lane to the mailbox. (Jean Hersey)

That September pairing of purple and gold is lived reciprocity; its wisdom is that the beauty of one is illuminated by the radiance of the other. Science and art, matter and spirit, indigenous knowledge and Western science – can they be goldenrod and asters for each other? When I am in their presence, their beauty asks me for reciprocity, to be the complementary color, to make something beautiful in response. (Robin Wall Kimmerer)

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Garden and asters

In the garden, a few asters, the last flower of the year, with their feet in the dry leaves, opened their sad violet flowers to the sunless air. (Alphonse Karr)

Into the garden peace comes back with twilight,
Peace that since noon had left the purple phlox,
The heavy-headed asters, the late roses
And swaying hollyhocks. (Sara Teasdale)

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Dahlias and asters

Late-blooming dahlias and asters made spots of starry color in the green. (Inez Haynes Gillmore)

She looks out at the autumn’s yellowed leaves, at dahlias and asters which hang their heavy heads on broken stalks. (Selma Lagerlöf)

…flower garden we are especially reminded of Dickens’s love for flowers, the China-asters, single dahlias, and zinnias being of exceptional brightness. (William Richard Hughes)

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Bloom and asters

You know the roadside asters, purple and white, that bloom so plenteously all through the early autumn? (Jane Andrews)

But dahlias, peonies and asters bloomed magnificently with their cold, arrogant beauty, spreading an autumnal, grassy, sad smell in the sensitive air. (Alexander Kuprin)

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Wildflowers and asters

There were not many flowers, only wild asters on the hillside, and meadow saffron in the valleys, and under the beeches, ferns and ivy. (Parker Fillmore)

Climbed the mountain side and gathered a whole armful of beautiful yellow golden-rod and purple asters and red Indian pinks. (Elizabeth Harrison)

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