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People and blizzard

The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and it’s overturned the order of the soul. (Leonard Cohen)

I’m that neighborhood blizzard flooding these streets with snow. (Kool G Rap)

That’s what it’s like in my head all the time, constant snow, constant weather patterns of all sorts – blizzards, cyclones. (Elizabeth Wurtzel)

We had discovered an accursed country. We had found the Home of the Blizzard. (Douglas Mawson)

We faced blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, and of course dangerous snow conditions and vertiginous drops. That’s what you get when you’re working with fickle mother nature – you start out with a solid plan and it always changes, so you have to evolve and adapt. (Travis Rice)

In October we get older, We cool down from a passionate summer, And under a blanket, tired from work, We hide somewhere in our apartments. We make green tea, Instead of rum, tequila, sambuca, We watch old soap films, Warming cold hands. Sometimes we get colds, Outside the window it’s almost like a blizzard. In October, we are supposed to be bored, Remembering, without words, each other. (D. Vian)

Fear seemed to hover in the air like a blizzard of black snow. (James Dashner)

You too are my brother,
cutting wind in November,
no less you, biting frost,
and you, icy, driving blizzard,
old, prancing wastrel. (Carl Peter Fröhling)

Blizzard features

The blizzard doesn’t last forever; it just seems so. (Ray Bradbury)

Few things are as democratic as a snowstorm. (Bernard Williams)

But you know what this blizzard does. She spins the person. (Konstantin Korovin)

Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world. (Sarah Addison Allen)

The snow, which had fallen quietly at first, was now pelting against the windowpanes, driven by a wicked wind; the storm was rapidly assuming proportions of a blizzard. (Frances Parkinson Keyes)

Storm has set the heavens scowling,
Whirling gusty blizzards wild,
Now they are like beasts a-growling,
Now a-wailing like a child; (Alexander Pushkin)

Love and blizzard

If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard. (Kim van Breda)

I’d sleep outside naked in the blizzard,for you. (Ellen Hopkins)

Snow can pile up outside; it may hail, the storm may rage and whip the window with a loud noise: I will never complain, for I carry in my chest the image of the beloved and the joy of spring. (Heinrich Heine)

You want the guy who’ll get your medicine in the middle of the night, even in a blizzard, even after twenty years. You want the guy who shows you every day, shoveling the walk, carrying your groceries, shows you how much he loves you. It’s not about talking the talk. (Amy Bloom)

Snow and blizzard

Light snow is a harbinger of big snowstorms. (Haruki Murakami)

Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake. (Sara Raasch)

Heavy blizzards start as a gentle and persistent snow. (Mark Helprin)

Snow as fine and grainy as sugar covered the windows in and sifted off to the floor and did not melt. (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Cold and silence. Nothing quieter than snow. The sky screams to deliver it, a hundred banshees flying on the edge of the blizzard. But once the snow covers the ground, it hushes as still as my heart. (Laurie Halse Anderson)

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Attitude to blizzard

I have always loved blizzards, if only because of the driving experience – which is definitely an acquired taste. (Hunter S. Thompson)

In the hot summer, we always want winter to come and stay with us for at least one day. And this long-awaited winter seems so beautiful, sunny. In a word: “Frost and sun. A wonderful day. ..” And when winter comes, it is often completely different – continuous snowstorms, drifts and frosts. (Eduard Uspensky)

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (Sammy Cahn)

City and blizzard

The blizzard seemed to be dying down, and it was now possible to enjoy the sight of the buildings and embankments and bridges smothered in the diamond-dusted whiteness. (Jean-Christophe Valtat)

It snowed all week. Wheels and footsteps moved soundlessly on the street, as if the business of living continued secretly behind a pale but impenetrable curtain. In the falling quiet there was no sky or earth, only snow lifting in the wind, frosting the window glass, chilling the rooms, deadening and hushing the city. (Truman Capote)

The spirit of spicy March was in the lunar circle,
Sand crunched under the melted snow.
My city melted away in a wet blizzard,
Sobbed, in love, at someone’s feet. (Alexander Blok)

Spring and blizzard

Every year, after the snowstorms of the dead of winter, there comes a night of thaw when the tinkle of dripping water crosses the country, waking in its path creatures dozing for the night and others who have been sleeping for the beginning of winter. (Aldo Leopold)

Now the February blizzards have passed, the March storms have burst. Heavenly streams spilled, snow broke through, as if someone had pierced and blackened it with stone nails. Where the earth appeared. (Tatyana Tolstaya)

In February, far from spring,
because there, at its limit,
a field of such whiteness roams
that it darkens in the eyes of a blizzard. (Joseph Brodsky)

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Flowers and blizzard

Storms and snows carry away the flowers but they do not make the seeds disappear. (Kahlil Gibran)

A blizzard breaks into the white windows and knocks. And yesterday the cornflower still lived, they harvested rye. (Alexei Remizov)

Late February, and the air’s so balmy snowdrops and crocuses might be fooled into early blooming. Then, the inevitable blizzard will come, blighting our harbingers of spring, and the numbed yards will go back undercover. In Florida, it’s strawberry season- shortcake, waffles, berries and cream will be penciled on the coffeeshop menus. (Gail Mazur)

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Women and blizzard

Giordino…simply sighed in resignation. “Who else,” he asked no one in particular, “but Dirk Pitt could tramp off into a blizzard on an uninhabited backwater island in the Antarctic and discover a beautiful girl? (Clive Cussler)

The Winter Woman is as wild as a blizzard, as fresh as new snow. While some see her as cold, she has a fiery heart under that ice-queen exterior. She likes the stark simplicity of Japanese art and the daring complexity of Russian literature. She prefers sharp to flowing lines, brooding to pouting, and rock and roll to country and western. Her drink is vodka, her car is German, her analgesic is Advil. The Winter Woman likes her men weak and her coffee strong. She is prone to anemia, hysteria, and suicide. (Christopher Moore)

Writing and blizzard

It’s often hilarious to me that I’m writing about Tonga or some tropical place and there’s a blizzard outside and the cows are on their backs with their hooves in the air. (Tim Cahill)

I always thought everybody made up stories in their heads – never thought about actually writing them down on paper until I was snowed in with the kids in the blizzard of ’79 – 3 feet of snow. I live in a rural area and was stuck. No morning kindergarten – it was a nightmare. (Nora Roberts)

Trees and blizzard

Trees lose their leaves in blizzards like these. (Ashly Lorenzana)

You are my fallen maple, icy maple,
Why are you standing bending under a white blizzard?
Or what did you see? Or what did you hear?
As if you went out for a walk in the village. (Sergei Yesenin)

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Nature and blizzard

Blizzards, floods, volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes: They fascinate because they nakedly reveal that Mother Nature, afflicted with bipolar disorder, is as likely to snuff us as she is to succor us. (Dean Koontz)

A big blizzard proves there’s no global warming in the same way being out of milk proves there’s no such thing as cows. (Dana Gould)

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New York and blizzard

My favorite thing of all time is a New York City when there’s a blizzard. Everything gets really quiet, and everyone goes to the movies and the park. (Idina Menzel)

My favorite New York memory is that blizzard in ’96. I get chills thinking about it. It’s my favorite time here – call me crazy. I’m from Canada, and it’s very cold up there. (Shalom Harlow)

Books and blizzard

Thick novels are good in bad weather and snowstorms: the stronger the bad weather, the thicker the novel. (Karel Čapek)

There are winter books. Not those about winter, but those that make a cozy blizzard outside the window. (Nadeya Yasminska)

Religion and blizzard

A perfect example of the power of prayer is when a blizzard closes the schools on the day of a big exam. (Doug Larson)

For God took a handful of blizzard snow, blew on it and created the horse. (Elyne Mitchell)

Children and blizzard

Cleaning up with children around is like shoveling during a blizzard. (Margaret Culkin Banning)

Cleaning a house full of children is as effective as shoveling a driveway during a snowstorm. (Phyllis Diller)

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