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Food and cabbage

Be sure if you cook cabbage that it is cooked long enough, and has become thoroughly tender. (Jeannette Augustus Marks)

Strongly flavored vegetables, as cabbage, onions, etc., should be cooked in a generous quantity of water, and the water in which onions are cooked may be changed one or more times. (Edwin Giles Fulton)

The cabbage surpasses all other vegetables. If, at a banquet, you wish to dine a lot and enjoy your dinner, then eat as much cabbage as you wish, seasoned with vinegar, before dinner, and likewise after dinner eat some half-dozen leaves. It will make you feel as if you had not eaten, and you can drink as much as you like. (Cato the Younger)

I’d say I’m a good cook. I have a lot of German recipes that I can make — schnitzel, meatballs and things with cabbage. I love cabbage. (Heidi Klum)

Cabbage as a food has problems. It is easy to grow, a useful source of greenery for much of the year. Yet as a vegetable it has original sin, and needs improvement. It can smell foul in the pot, linger through the house with pertinacity, and ruin a meal with its wet flab. Cabbage also has a nasty history of being good for you. (Jane Grigson)

At the crossroads of Rue des Halles, the cabbages made mountains; the enormous white cabbages, tight and hard like balls of pale metal; kale, whose large leaves looked like bronze basins; the red cabbages, which the dawn changed into superb blossoms, wine-colored, with bruises of carmine and dark purple. (Émile Zola)

The table was set. Here I found
the old Germanic cuisine.
Greetings, my sauerkraut,
your smells are lovely! (Heinrich Heine)

People and cabbage

Curiosity is what separates us from the cabbages. It’s accelerative. The more we know, the more we want to know. (David McCullough)

Holy Men! Holy Cabbages! … What do they do but live and suck in sustenance and grow fat? (Arthur Conan Doyle)

It’s as simple as cabbage, it’s simple, you can do the same… Try. (Blaise Cendrars)

Make appointments everywhere, — In the fields, in the cabbages, — Kiss each other right away, — Oaths on the roller coaster. — Time flies, — Roll youth. (Louis Chedid)

Marriage smells of cabbage and cooked mutton, and towards the end of the week, of fat. (Joseph O’Connor)

Philipp had been educated at a more realistic school. Father Peter, the abbot of his first monastery, always said: Pray for miracles, but plant cabbages. (Ken Follett)

Here you are, man, you have cabbage
somewhere in your mustache, half-eaten cabbage soup;
Here you are, a woman, you have thick whitewash on you,
you look like an oyster from the shells of things. (Vladimir Mayakovsky)

Cabbage features

Cabbage: a familiar vegetable grown in kitchen gardens, which is about equal in size and wisdom to a man’s head. (Ambrose Bierce)

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education. (Mark Twain)

Cabbages, whose heads, tightly folded see and hear nothing of this world, dreaming only on the yellow and green magnificence that is hardening within them. (John Haines)

However greatly the whole of the tribe is esteemed among the moderns, by the ancients they were held in yet higher estimation. The Egyptians adored and raised altars to them, and the Greeks and Romans ascribed many of the most exalted virtues to them. Cato affirmed, that the cabbage cured all diseases, and declared, that it was to its use that the Romans were enabled to live in health and without the assistance of physicians for 600 years. (Isabella Mary Beeton)

Of all the cultivated plants in the world, cabbage [ Brassica oleracea L.], of the Brassicaceae family, is probably the vegetable species with the most significant polymorphism. (Philippe Marcheney and Laurence Bérard)

And the cabbage clenched
Its leaves tightly into fists,
And the forest was light and empty,
And the trees were tall. (Varlam Shalamov)

Flower garden and cabbage

I believe that there is only one utility in the world capable of tearing up a flower bed of tulips to plant cabbage there. (Theophile Gautier)

I have always thought a kitchen garden a more pleasant sight than the finest orangery. I love to see everything in perfection and am more pleased to survey my rows of coleworts and cabbages, with a thousand nameless pot herbs springing up in their full fragrancy and verdure than to see the tender plants of foreign countries. (Joseph Addison)

But however his sympathy with his old feelings might affect his liking for the foxgloves, the very truth was that he scorned all flowers together. They were but garnishings, childish toys, trifling ornaments for ladies’ chimney-shelves. It was towards his cauliflowers and peas and cabbage that his heart grew warm. His preference for the more useful growths was such that cabbages were found invading the flower-pots, and an outpost of savoys was once discovered in the centre of the lawn. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

This special feeling towards fruit, its glory and abundance, is I would say universal…. We respond to strawberry fields or cherry orchards with a delight that a cabbage patch or even an elegant vegetable garden cannot provoke. (Jane Grigson)

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Birth and cabbage

In the beginning was the Joke. And in fact, all stories deepen into fables. Everything invariably begins with stories. Genesis, the exposition of the World System: birth in a cabbage. (Paul Valéry)

Enough of acting the infant who has been told so often how he was found under a cabbage that in the end he remembers the exact spot in the garden and the kind of life he led there before joining the family circle. (Samuel Beckett)

This innocent! If he doesn’t believe that children are born in cabbages, that’s just fine. (Colette)

It is with such calembredaines that the priests imagine stealing the confidence of children at the age when, precisely, they begin to discern that they have not grown in cabbages. (Victor Méric)

Life and cabbage

Once this campaign is over, (…) I plant my cabbages; because, after all, what do I want? I have no ambition. (Eugène Sue)

I remember a time when a cabbage could sell itself by being a cabbage. Nowadays it’s no good being a cabbage – unless you have an agent and pay him a commission. Nothing is free anymore to sell itself or give itself away. These days, Countess, every cabbage has its pimp. (Jean Giraudoux)

The St. Aliquis folk are not at all vegetarians, but they cannot eat meat forever, and the poorer peasants seldom touch flesh save on important feast days. The cooks have at their disposal onions and garlic, cabbages and beets, carrots and artichokes, lentils and both long and broad beans, peas, turnips, lettuce, parsley, water cress—in short, nearly all the vegetables of a different age save the all-important potato…. Cabbages, too, are in request: there are Roman white cabbages, huge Easter cabbages, and especially the Senlis cabbages, renowned for their excellent odor. (William Stearns Davis)

Women and cabbage

However, I find a lot of distinction between women and cabbages; because of cabbages only the head is good, and of women it is that which is worth nothing. (Cyrano de Bergerac)

But always, to her, red and green cabbages were to be jade and burgundy, chrysoprase and prophyry. Life has no weapons against a woman like that. (Edna Ferber)

The German peasant-woman has labored out-of-doors for many generations…. If she prefers hoeing cabbages to spinning flax, who shall hinder her? If all women should prefer hoeing cabbages to spinning flax, or any variety of yarn, who shall hinder them? (J.G. Holland)

Gardening and cabbage

The cabbages, which grow in arid lands, are much sweeter than those which grow in the gardens of the Faubourgs. Because there is nothing that irritates a garden so much as watering it often. (Horace)

For early cabbage sow seed in the hotbed or in flats in the house and transplant to the open ground in May. Cabbage are not injured by light frosts and can go into the ground earlier than most other garden stuff. (Ida D. Bennett)

GMOs, let me laugh. The guys who work there devour phenomenal budgets to cross cabbage and radish. On arrival: a new plant, with cabbage roots and radish leaves. (Jean Yanne)

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Rabbit and cabbage

The hare’s thoughts are cabbage and fox. (Manfred Hinrich)

When Peter Rabbit reached Farmer Brown’s garden, he had no trouble in finding the new planting of cabbage. It was tender. It was good. My, how good it was! Peter started in to fill his little round stomach. He ate and ate and ate and ate! (Thornton W. Burgess)

But Peter Rabbit and Jumper the Hare sat down to enjoy the big head of cabbage, while close beside them sat Jerry Muskrat smacking his lips over his clams, they tasted so good. (Thornton W. Burgess)

Attitude to cabbage

I like to get where the cabbage is cooking and catch the scents. (Red Smith)

There is more nobility in a freshly picked cabbage than in a frozen lobster. (Guy Savoy)

— I don’t like cabbages.
He retorted, point for point:
— You are wrong, Miss Coco, it is under their leaves that the two things you prefer in the world are born: little boys still in dresses, and butter. (Jean Giraudoux)

Death and cabbage

I agree that we should work and prolong the functions of life as far as we can, and hope that Death may find me planting my cabbages, but indifferent to him and still more to the unfinished state of my garden. (Michel de Montaigne)

Kings and cabbages go back to compost, but good deeds stay green forever. (Rick DeMarinis)

You destroy the soul of a cabbage by making it die; but in killing a man you only change his domicile. (Cyrano de Bergerac)

Diet and cabbage

I did my famous cabbage soup diet, so I was able to do it. (Ellen Burstyn)

I did every diet: Atkins. Cabbage-soup diet. Dean Ornish. But I couldn’t live the rest of my life like a rabbit. (Mike Huckabee)

I have no truck with lettuce, cabbage, and similar chlorophyll. Any dietitian will tell you that a running foot of apple strudel contains four times the vitamins of a bushel of beans. (S.J. Perelman)

Rose and cabbage

The question of common sense is always: ‘what is it good for?’ — a question which would abolish the rose and be answered triumphantly by the cabbage. (James Russell Lowell)

At middle age the soul should be opening up like a rose, not closing up like a cabbage. (John Andrew Holmes)

An idealist is one who, on noticing that roses smell better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup. (H.L. Mencken)

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Moon and cabbage

In the night the cabbages catch at the moon, the leaves drip silver, the rows of cabbages are a series of little silver waterfalls in the moon. (Carl Sandburg)

The bright sky is empty, empty.
Like vigorous cabbage,
the moon is rolling.
And the nonsense of art
is visible through and through. (Georgy Ivanov)

Beauty and cabbage

No reflection, however, either upon cabbages or onions. The latter, we know, were worshipped by the Egyptians; and he must have a poor eye for beauty who has not observed how much of it there is in the form and colour which cabbages and plants of this genus exhibit through the various stages of their growth and decay. (William Wordsworth)

Brains, like cabbages, are beautiful-but in a different way. Cabbage heads are dumb and sterile, whereas brains are personal, intelligent and vibrant. (Carl Pfeiffer)

Soil and cabbage

It is useless to endeavor to grow cabbages on any but the best of soil. Plant corn on poor land, and it will mature and yield a small crop. Plant cabbages on similar soil, and you will get nothing but a few leaves for cattle. (J.H. Walden)

I wish I could preach a very loud sermon to all my farmer friends on the great value of liberal manuring to carry crops successfully through the effects of a severe drouth. (James John Howard Gregory)

Happiness and cabbage

Oh thrice and four times happy… those who plant cabbages. (Francois Rabelais)

Few and signally blessed are those whom Jupiter has destined to be cabbage-planters. For they’ve always one foot on the ground andthe other not far from it. Anyone is welcome to argue about felicity and supreme happiness. But the man who plants cabbages I now positively declare to be the happiest of mortals. (Francois Rabelais)

Vegetable garden and cabbage

Drunk cabbages shake their donkey’s ears and mounted onions bump into each other, breaking their balls swollen with seeds. (Jules Renard)

The cultivated patch behind each tenement is fenced in by bamboos, broken spars, and driftwood. With its few green cabbages and turnip-tops, each garden looks something like an aquarium with the water turned off. (Bret Harte)

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God and cabbage

This man, they say, was a cabbage planter; And here he became pope! (La Fontaine)

And finally, you would like God to make the sun, which is four hundred and thirty-four times larger than the earth, run just to pick our cabbages? (Umberto Eco)

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