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Chamomile tea

Good old-fashioned camomile tea, you know! (F. Marion Crawford)

I have to wake up and drink chamomile tea to slow down. (Janice Dickinson)

I love the rain. It calms me down, somehow, soothes my reckless heartbeats. It’s like chamomile tea for my soul. (Jodi Perkins)

You don’t put milk in chamomile tea – that’s disgusting behavior! That’s not right. (Laura Fraser)

Chamomile and gentian teas are excellent tonics taken either cold or hot. (Marion Harland)

Nowadays, people are so jeezled up. If they took some chamomile tea and spent more time rocking on the porch in the evening listening to the liquid song of the hermit thrush, they might enjoy life more. (Tasha Tudor)

Gram, too, came out with a dipperful of chamomile tea, of which she authoritatively exhorted us to imbibe a draught. (Charles Asbury Stephens)

Love and chamomile

The liaisons begin in champagne and end in chamomile. (Valery Larbaud)

Infatuation is easy to cure, if that is his problem. A little dandelion root, a sprig of hare-foot plant, a shaving of nutmeg, and a drop of moonrose nectar mixed into a cup of chamomile. True love is another story, I’m afraid. There is no cure for true love. (Carrie Anne Noble)

She realized that she was not loved for the simple reason that she was not lovely. She had never been a rose, and men did not pluck dog-fennel to wear. And the camomile could never become a marguerite by wishing to be one. (Rupert Hughes)

I am embraced by love,
I go straight across the field,
pushing the chamomile apart … (Takahama Kyoshi)

Groom, now ’tis meet thou hither pace,
With bride in genial bed to blend,
For sheenly shines her flowery face
Where the white chamomiles contend
With poppies blushing red. (Caius Valerius Catullus)

Medicine and chamomile

The chamomile has an ancient reputation for its medicinal properties as a stomachic and febrifuge.
(C.J.S. Thompson)

Debby’s sister-in-law brought a bundle of dried chamomile for the same purpose. (Susan Coolidge)

Oil of chamomile is reputed antispasmodic, tonic, and stomachic. (Richard Vine Tuson)

The Feverfew is one of the wild Chamomiles ( Pyrethrum Parthenium ), or Matricaria , so called because especially useful for motherhood. (William Thomas Fernie)

When my stomach is out of order or wants tone, nothing serves so effectually as a cup of chamomile tea, without sugar or milk. (Aaron Burr)

Flowers and chamomile

Round about it were roses and narcissus and amaranths and gilly-flowers and chamomiles and white lilies and violets, and other flowers of all kinds and colours. (Richard F. Burton)

Road turned away from the sea, and took the wild plain behind, which is completely overgrown with camomile, chrysanthemum and wild shrubs. (Bayard Taylor)

Closely related to camomile and yarrow are the artemisias, which include many species known as dusty miller, wormwood… (Eula Whitehouse)

I’ll tell the whole army of flowers,
I’ll quiet the violet,
loudly the rose, and louder to the
big-eyed chamomile. (Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg)

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People and chamomile

His brow was white as the chamomile flower. (Clements R. Markham)

Her eyes are like tea—yellow camomile tea. (Elizabeth Bibesco)

I rushed into the garden and trampled the chamomile bed. (Elizabeth Stoddard)

He abandoned his sumptuous mode of living and drank water made unsavoury by herbs, victimising himself probably with cups of camomile tea, and copious doses of senna. (Gilbert Abbott A’Beckett)

Fomentations and chamomile

Take and boil a quantity of chamomile, and apply the hot fomentations. (Benjamin Grant Jefferis)

Chamomiles are also employed in fomentations, their greatest use being to retain the heat of the application. (Sarah Josepha Buell Hale)

A decoction of chamomile flowers, hops, or conium, may be used for the fomentation instead of water. (S.P. Sackett)

Chamomile features

Chamomile are feathers from the wings of seraphim angels, thrown as an offering to the earth for each bird hunted in the sky. (Corina Abdulahm-Negura)

A chamomile runs out to the
roadside on time
– an inaccurate,
one-time, urgent
prophet. (Joseph Brodsky)

Youth and chamomile

If we can say of chamomile that the more it is trampled on , the more it grows , nevertheless the more youth it is wasted the faster it wears out. (William Shakespeare)

It is well known that now the girls – All the girls, even those of good family – Are rather, rather vodka than chamomile. (Alain Robbe-Grillet)

Bitter and chamomile

Among the most useful and generally employed bitters are—calumba, cascarilla, chamomiles, gentian, hops, orange peel, quassia, and wormwood. (Richard Vine Tuson)

Camomile tea is good for you when you lose your appetite,” said Nora; “but it’s awful bitter. (Amanda M. Douglas)

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