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People and chrysanthemums

To rejuvenate myself with the dew of chrysanthemums moistening my sleeve at the mistress of flowers the thousand years I will leave. (Murasaki Shikibu)

I’m in the prime of life that’s starting to smell like chrysanthemums. (Robert Lasus)

Why don’t you get a haircut? You look like a chrysanthemum. (P.G. Wodehouse)

He was a phenomenon of the plant world. Whimsical and bright flower. A chrysanthemum cannot spud and water itself… (Sergey Dovlatov)

I look for myself but find no one. I belong to the chrysanthemum hour of bright flowers placed in tall vases.I should make an ornament of my soul. (Fernando Pessoa)

Like the fires caught and fixed by a great colourist from the impermanence of the atmosphere and the sun, so that they should enter and adorn a human dwelling, they invited me, those chrysanthemums, to put away all my sorrows and to taste with a greedy rapture during that tea-time hour the all-too-fleeting pleasures of November, whose intimate and mysterious splendour they set ablaze all around me. (Marcel Proust)

Attitude to chrysanthemums

Among all the flowers, I do not like only chrysanthemum. After it crumbles, there will be no more flowers. (Yuan Ji)

The plants which stand next to dwarf trees in importance with the Chinese are certainly chrysanthemums, which they manage extremely well, perhaps better than they do any other plant. (Robert Fortune)

The chrysanthemum stands apart not only at times of flowering — it is very good in color, appearance, and aroma. Even if many flowers bloomed at this time, the chrysanthemum would still be the first. But at the end of autumn, she blooms alone — this is her time, and she is beautiful. (Kaibara Ekiken)

Chrysanthemums from gilded argosy Unload their gaudy senseless merchandise. (Oscar Wilde)

I’m touched
by this chrysanthemum
it weathered the typhoon. (Matsuo Basho)

Love and chrysanthemums

That was the day of the white chrysanthemums — I was almost afraid of its heavy splendor … And then, then, deep in the night, you came to take my soul. I was so afraid, and you came sweetly and quietly — I was just thinking of you in my dream. You came, and the night sounded softly like a fairy tale song… (Rainer Maria Rilke)

The dream of my longing love
Your eyes share with mine dumbly…
O white, o tender, live!
I’m afraid to pluck you, chrysanthemum. (Innokenty Annensky)

Chrysanthemums in the garden Have faded long ago, And love still lives In my sick heart. (Nikolai Kharito)

I dream of yet another love affair
I dream of putting on my petticoat
once more Saying: «I love you»
Once again losing my bearings
By stripping the leaves of the chrysanthemum
Which is the daisy of the dead. (Georges Brassens)

Autumn and chrysanthemums

The moon is there too —
chrysanthemums, yellow and white —
the end of autumn is near. (Shiki)

Even if in autumn they are sometimes allowed
to bloom later than all of them,
chrysanthemums in the garden, but none of the flowers dares
to argue with them with fragrance! (Kagawa Kageki)

The autumn breeze rises on the shore at Fukiage- and those white chrysanthemums are they flowers? or not? or only breakers on the beach? (Sugawara no Michizane)

Yellow and white chrysanthemums in a vase on the table by the window reminded people it was autumn. In the air floated the sweet smell of boiled fish left over from lunch. (Haruki Murakami)

Some brave chrysanthemums still stood in the country gardens, but they looked like bedraggled survivors of a battle, barely able to hold their tattered banners upright. October was at the gates and autumn was in full retreat. (Patricia Moyes)

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Gardening and chrysanthemums

Many colorful gardens are still missing the big final chord — the chrysanthemums. (Karl Foerster)

The chrysanthemum, a golden flower that enriches cemeteries and could do so much to bring our autumn gardens to life. (Patrick Mioulane)

Systematically plant chrysanthemums in your garden. This has two advantages: getting used to the inevitable cemetery, learning the spelling of a difficult word. (Denis Langlois)

And the garden? Are there still flowers? I wish there were still chrysanthemums on my return. If it’s frosty, make beautiful bouquets. (Claude Monet)

Besides the simple chrysanthemums which grow haphazardly, my mother had managed to obtain some sumptuous varieties which seemed to have been worked by some capricious and skilful hand: pure whites resembling swan’s tufts, brick reds with ligules folded up like immortals, fiery reds that blazed at the end of their stems, mauves, garnets, disheveled, disheveled yellows, full of a nonchalant softness. We kept them until winter approached. Then one morning, we found them burnt, roasted by an unexpected heavy frost. (Edouard Bled)

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Chrysanthemums features

Ah, chrysanthemums. Such serviceable flowers. (Muriel Spark)

A chrysanthemum by any other name would be easier to spell. (William J. Johnston)

In lantern-light My yellow Chrysanthemums Lost all their color. (Yosa Buson)

Autumn chrysanthemum, blooming in spite of hoarfrost, personifies peace of mind and stamina — qualities that are especially appreciated at the end of life. (Vsevolod Ovchinnikov)

Every year, in November, at the season that follows the hour of the dead, the crowning and majestic hours of autumn, I go to visit the chrysanthemums… They are indeed, the most universal, the most diverse of flowers. (Maurice Maeterlinck)

Chrysanthemums, my friend commented as we moved through our garden stalking flower-show blossoms with decapitating shears, are like lions. Kingly characters. I always expect them to spring. To turn on me with a growl and a roar. (Truman Capote)

Hoarfrost and chrysanthemums

In late autumn
Not a single flower compares
With a white chrysanthemum.
Give her your place,
Keep away from her , morning frost! (Saige)

Touched by hoarfrost
I would collect everything
for you…
If it were
In my strength and power… (Oshikochi no Mitsune)

Death and chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum died to atone for our sins in the garden. (Beryl Dov)

Me, All Saints Day, it gives me the blues. Another idiotic tradition, as if the dead were eating chrysanthemums on a fixed date. (Eve de Castro)

The berries of the brier rose Have lost their rounded pride: The bitter-sweet chrysanthemums Are drooping heavy-eyed… (Alice Cary)

I see them in the streets, in the brasseries, at the show… Many, noisy, mobile. And I start to imagine them shut down. I tell myself that it’s not possible that they all go there, in the big hole lined with chrysanthemums. (San Antonio)

Beauty and chrysanthemums

What can we retain from friable matter? Nothing, except beauty. So the cherry blossoms and the chrysanthemums and the full moon should be enough for us. (Czeslaw Milosz)

The new iron, machine life, the roar of cars, the gleam of electric lights, the grumbling of propellers — woke up the soul, which was suffocating in the catacombs of the old mind and entered the interweaving of the roads of heaven and earth. If all artists could see the crossroads of these celestial roads, if they embraced this monstrous run and interweaving of our bodies with clouds in the sky, then they would not paint chrysanthemums. (Kazimir Malevich)

Smell and chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemums’ astringent fragrance comes Each year to disguise the clanking mechanism Of machine within machine within machine. (Wallace Stevens)

… from the bright dancing hall to the night summer balcony , to the spacious semicircle above the fragrant garden of chrysanthemums, however, their smell, white, dry and bitter, is an autumn smell , it already foreshadows autumn , separation, oblivion… (Tatyana Tolstaya)

Silence and chrysanthemums

The silence of the chrysanthemums brought me back to life and to these November days, I have since dedicated an unalterable gratitude. (Bertrand Redonnet)

Silence — monk
Sips his morning tea. (Matsuo Bashō)

October and chrysanthemums

My chilly October gives its chrysanthemum (François Coppée)

Already into the last week of October! The dying fall holds only loneliness. In the garden the chrysanthemums bloom, beautiful, peaceful, as they did a year ago, but the autumn leaves, falling one by one, only make me sad. (Park Chung-Hee)

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Dahlias and chrysantemums

In the autumn rich dahlias and pungent-odored chrysanthemums ended the sweet procession and closed the season. (Thomas Nelson Page)

The dahlias are no longer in stem, and frost has withered the chrysanthemums, but the air smells divine, like old leaves and wet bark, and ripe apples. (Lisa Kleypas)

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Women and chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemum stems seemed too small and easy for her energy. (John Steinbeck)

Why are you poking a herring in my wife’s chest? Well, this is not a flower bed for you, but a chest, and this is not a chrysanthemum for you, but a herring! (Vladimir Mayakovsky)

Chrysanthemum petals

Chrysanthemum petals arch in their whiteness below the moon. (Hisajo Sugita)

… and soft, soft, like a petal of a royal chrysanthemum — the most beloved plant in Japan. (Lydia Charskaya)


It was a day as different from other days as dogs are from cats and both of them from chrysanthemums or tidal waves or scarlet fever. (John Steinbeck)

Who ever believed that General de Gaulle, being called to the bar, should content himself with inaugurating the chrysanthemums? (Charles de Gaulle)

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