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Love and clematis

The amorous clematis, stretching out their arms, adorned with white egrets. (Émile Zola)

Passed the hanging clematis vines and into a cavernous gap tucked away behind the thundering falls, I hold her close to me as we inch into the crevice, following her from behind to be sure that her step is careful as she makes her way into the cavity behind the falls. (Luccini Shurod)

‘Tis customary as we part
A trinket — to confer —
It helps to stimulate the faith
When Lovers be afar —
‘Tis various — as the various taste —
Clematis — journeying far —
Presents me with a single Curl
Of her Electric Hair — (Emily Dickinson)

If I had let my love for him alone
It might have grown into a beautiful sorrow —
Who knows? — filling my life with healing fragrance.
But I tortured it, I poisoned it,
I blinded its eyes, and it became hatred —
Deadly ivy instead of clematis. (Edgar Lee Masters)

Whose hopes are so low they are comfortable —
The humpback in his small, washed cottage
Under the spokes of the clematis.
Is there no great love, only tenderness? (Sylvia Plath)

Clematis features

Clematis is deservedly considered the king among vines. And this is not surprising — it is impossible to find another climbing plant that combines brightness, richness of flowering and at the same time fragility, sophistication and an endless variety of forms. (Valeria Ilyina)

Having finished with the hornets, he ran back into the forest, picked some grass, and, grinding it on the blade of an ax, applied it to my sore spots, and covered it on top with pieces of soft birch bark and tied it with rags. After about ten minutes the pain began to subside. I asked him to show me this herb. He again went into the forest and brought a plant, which turned out to be the Manchurian clematis (Clematis manshurica Rupr.). Dersu told me that this herb also helps against snake bites, and that this is the herb that dogs eat. (Vladimir Arsenyev)

Nothing forced French botanists to accept Linnaeus’ ridiculous nomenclature, whereas the popular nomenclature is admirably rich. For the single word clematis vitalba or clematis, in true French, viburnum, from the Latin viburnum, there are not less than a hundred names in the language and in the dialects; here are some of them, from which we could choose: aubevigne, white vine, vignolet, false vine, vitet, vioche, vicogne, viorne, vienne, vianne, viaune, liaune, liane, viene, vène, liarne, iorne, rampille, and very picturesque compound words: goat’s beard, God’s beard, hair of the Virgin, hair of the Good Lady, consolation of travelers. What is the point of the word clematis (which is not ugly)? (Rémy de Gourmont)

Clematis is a branch of peace,
the king of flowers of diversity,
shades and nuances of rhinestones,
and the heart conquers the mind,
and the look is brighter and brighter! (Ulexa von Lou)

Gardening and clematis

«In the spring, you prove the new shoots and see that something lower and denser always grows on the root. You must not let the sun shine on the root of the clematis. Do you understand?» (Paula Havaste)

Make sure that the clematis receive sufficient water and fertilizer in spring and summer. A sign of too little water is withered leaves on the underside of the plant. (Ton Hannink)

Be careful with watering: the main enemy of clematis is excess water, which leads to the development of a fungus and rotting of the plant. It is therefore recommended to water regularly, but a little at a time, and not directly on the plant, but at a distance of 50 cm. (Éliane de Bourmont, Claudine Lanneau)

Yet at Madame Saint-Alban’s, in the adjoining garden, the rare clematis — the one which showed purple veinlets under the white pulp of its flower, like weak blood running under a thin skin — opened a luminous cascade of six stars. points… (Colette)

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Art and clematis

But then, one bright morning, I walked out through woods of pine and birch. Foxgloves and wild clematis and briar roses were bursting from the earth. Birdsong shook the air. Swifts snipped at the sky. I knew then that I must publish a collection of my poems. Not only the tragic ones but new verse, about the glory of life, the joys of solitude, the majesty of nature. (Annabel Abbs)

Lawrence was as little morose as an open clematis flower, as little tortured or sinister, or hysterical as a humming bird. Gay, skilful, clever at everything, furious when he felt like it but never grieved or upset, intensely amusing, without sentimentality or affection, almost always right in his touch for the content of things or persons, he was at once the most harmonious and the most vital person I ever saw. (Catherine Carswell)

The lush sun of Matisse’s paintings,
imitating the imperishable palette,
clematis bloom serenely,
a tapestry fell on the fence. (Vladimir Belozersky)

Forest and clematis

The very abundant Hornbeam sometimes forms dark, almost impenetrable thickets with Clematis. (Gustave Malcuit)

Huge leafless clematis roped these piles of dead branches and fleshless trunks with white vines. (Jean Giono)

Clematis is the ruler and beauty of the local forests. He embraces you with his delicate scent as soon as your foot enters the canopy of the forest… He makes the oak, ash, and pear, which have long since faded, bloom for you with thick white flowers… You cannot distinguish him from the trees that he covers with his tenacious lashes; he climbs the highest peaks of the giants and dresses them up like young people for a wedding; its white brushes crawl along the trunk and hang from the branches in abundant and fragrant garlands; they spread from one tree to another in a flowering bridge and curly chains, filling entire bowls. (Evgeny Markov)

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People and clematis

In a month there will be purple stars on the clematis, and year after year the green night of its leaves will hold its purple stars. But we never get back our youth. (Oscar Wilde)

The wildest dreams of wild men, even, are not the less true, though they may not recommend themselves to the sense which is most common among Englishmen and Americans today. It is not every truth that recommends itself to the common sense. Nature has a place for the wild Clematis as well as for the cabbage. (Henry David Thoreau)

Will the sunflower turn to us, will the clematis
Stray down, bend to us; tendril and spray
Clutch and cling? (TS Eliot)

Flowers and clematis

Landscape of intense monotony. Clematis seeds — buttercups or adonids (before flowering)… (Andre Gide)

Still round the turrets of this antique tower
The bougainvillea hangs a crimson crown,
Wistaria-vines and clematis in flower,
Wreathing the lower surface further down,
Hide the old plaster in a very shower
Of motley blossoms like a broidered gown. (Alan Seeger)

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House and clematis

But the walls of the house are full of the thread of life,
contentment beats in the heart and in the soil:
autumn is a real party in the lonely yard. (Mats Traat)

A disused quarry, paved with rose plots, hung
With clematis, the barren womb whence sprung
The crow-stepped house itself, that now far seen
Stands, like a bather, to the neck in green. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Roses and clematis

A lovely cemetery, all cheerful, all sunny, all flowered with clematis and roses surrounds the church. (Gustave Fraipont)

Climbing roses and clematis are natural companions as both are climbers reaching for the sun. In its movement upwards the clematis needs to cling and the rose gives it ideal support. The two are alike in requiring the same growing conditions. Both require a rich soil. (John Howells)

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Women and clematis

Her divine clematis eyes (Paul Verlaine)

If I had grown up in that house I couldn’t have loved it more, couldn’t have been more familiar with the creak of the swing, or the pattern of the clematis vines on the trellis, or the velvety swell of land as it faded to gray on the horizon… The very colors of the place had seeped into my blood. (Donna Tartt)

Wild clematis

The wild clematis covered the stones with their flowering corollas, similar to silver spiders. (Myriam Harry)

A thousand roses, taking refuge at the top of the trees, bloomed out of reach, among wisteria with long drops of flowers and purple bignoniers, victorious enemies of the exhausted clematis… (Colette)

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Walls and clematis

The flowering clematis hangs from the arcades. (Alphonse de Lamartine)

The clematis was bright purple; the wall is bright white. Lily didn’t think it would be fair to change bright purple and sparkling white because she saw them that way… (Virginia Woolf)

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