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Cyclamen features

She has the image of a delicate and fragile flower, but she overcomes difficult living conditions, is smart with the rain and protects herself from the stings. (Shi Ginot)

According to legend, the cyclamen is the source of inspiration for King Solomon ‘s royal crown, which is why it was called Solomon’s tiara. When the sword of the Temple and the crown fell into captivity — the cyclamens bowed their heads to this day. (Uri Friedman Sapir)

The family [Primulaceae] offers… the genus Cyclamen, with an underground stem swollen into a tubercle, a curved floral peduncle, petals abruptly folded upwards… (Lucien Plantefol)

He assures that plants experience fear, pain, react to danger, and love music. Most flowers love the classics, preferably the eighteenth century. But some — for example, cyclamens — prefer rhythmic jazz. (Igor Efimov)

A cyclamen
that looks like a flight of butterflies,
frozen for a single, exquisite moment
in the white heart of Time… (Beverley Nichols)

Flowers and cyclamen

I threw all three pistols in the direction where Persian cyclamens, wallflowers and God knows what else were blooming. (Venedikt Erofeev)

A bouquet of purplish cyclamen. (Alphonse Daudet)

What flowerbeds could thus have been artificially established in the ornamental woods with periwinkles, primroses, squills, cyclamen, Solomon ‘s seals, galanthes, snowflies, shady saxifrage, etc… (G. Plaisance)

Long, pensive, slim-muzzled greyhound buds
Dreamy, not yet present,
Drawn out of earth
At his toes. (D.H. Lawrence)

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Stones and cyclamen

A very nice cyclamen grows under the rock. (Levin Kipnis)

The most beautiful flowers, especially admirable cyclamen, emerge in tufts from each crack in the rock. (Ernest Renan)

This beautiful and delicate flower erupts in winter in masses wherever there are rocks or large stones, between the Hermon and the Negev. The children ‘s song ‘Under the rock a very nice cyclamen grows to wonder’ is an accurate botanical description. (Sefi Ben-Yosef)

The only flower of the Kakavaberd is the alpine violet, a purple flower with a stem as red as the legs of a partridge. Alpine violet blooms under the ruins, near the stones. When the clouds descend on the gloomy walls of the castle, the violet bends its stem and bows its head on the stone heated by the sun. (Axel Bakunts)

Forest and cyclamen

I called these groves alpine cypress forests, because every year at a certain time, the undergrowth would blush with bright wine-red alpine cypress flowers, which seemed to grow more densely and luxuriantly here than anywhere else in the area. The chubby tubers crouched like oysters in the soil, each one had a tuft of dark green light-veined leaves and a bunch of beautiful flowers, which were assembled like bright red snowdrops. (Gerald Durrell)

The first spring flowers are peeking out between the rocks and spread a pink — purple carpet at the foot of the trees. This is a good opportunity to watch the beginning of the flowering. In the Keren Carmel forest there is a beautiful bloom of cyclamens and the sharp-eyed will already be able to see anemones and daffodils. A good opportunity to go out into nature, have a picnic and smell smells and colors of winter. (Ronit Sabirsky)

I reach a stile,
entrance to the woods
where a carpet
of frosted red cyclamen
bleeds down to a deep dark glen. (Eiken Laan)

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Love and cyclamen

There is no flower that is more erotic than the cyclamen. Make the slight effort, bend down to the level of the flower heads and look from below, at the fiery red circle of the lower part of the cyclamen. Take a look at the bright tab that stands out gently from the fragrant gloom wrapped in the red lip. Take a look and say for yourself if it is Not the height of eroticism. (Sefi Ben-Yosef)

Yet we let our hearts stay open wide
I bought some cyclamen and recalled you
Wandering through wildflowers by my side… (Katherine Braithwaite)

I made a strange promise
to you to always keep alive those red alpine flowers that you
once gave me, to always keep these flowers
alive and through them to always keep yourself alive. (Toomas Liiv)

Gardening and cyclamen

The most beautiful type of cyclamen and the most rewarding for bloom is Cyclamen persicum Mill. Persian cyclamen… On strong specimens that have already been in pots for many years, you can find more than 50 simultaneously blooming flowers. (Eduard Regel)

They need to be watered correctly, under no circumstances flooding the tuber itself. Place the cyclamen in a bucket of water so that the water level does not reach 5-10 mm to the top edge of the pot. (Vladimir Savelyev)

The indignity of it!-
With everything blooming above me,
Lilies, pale-pink cyclamen, roses,
Whole fields lovely and inviolate,-
Me down in the fetor of weeds,
Crawling on all fours,
Alive, in a slippery grave. (Theodore Roethke)

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Women and cyclamen

She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. With stars in her eyes and veils in her hair, with cyclamen and wild violets. (Virginia Woolf)

She imagined a basket with rich velvet cyclamens, with shiny dense leaves, and for the first time in her life she experienced the pride of wealth and contempt for poverty — for the thin yellow balls with a nasty smell. (Lyudmila Ulitskaya)

You are wearing a faded dress,
Lazily listening to “ Carmen ”…
I remember the crumpled libretto
And the sad smell of cyclamen… (Ilya Erenburg)

House and cyclamen

It was a day to be inside somewhere, cosseted and loved; by a warm fireside with the clatter of friendly cups and saucers, a sleepy cat licking his paws, a cyclamen in a pot on a windowsill putting forth new buds. (Daphne Du Maurier)

Our village was then like an overturned cyclamen; its flower buried underground and, turned towards the sky, the muddy hairs of its tuber. (Amin Maalouf)

Cyclamen looks out the window
at the snow,
where there is light and shadow. (Nikolay Ushakov)

Passion and cyclamen

It pleases, gentle and sunny cyclamen, it attracts desires that make you sweet and ashamed, it excites the blood. Do you understand, my sunshine, when it’s sweet and joyful and painful and you want to cry? Understand? — that’s what he is like. (Fyodor Sologub)

And I passionately want change,
So unconscious and so vague,
Like captivating cyclamens,
In whose fresh smell there is delight and pain. (Igor Severyanin)

Hyacinth and cyclamen

The evening pours the half-tones And favors the hymens Of speedwells, hyacinths, Of irises and cyclamens. (Renée Vivien)

Only laurel on the slopes of Tsinta,
and in the shady crevices of the walls,
a wet stem of hyacinth,
a bush of white cyclamen. (Maximilian Voloshin)

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Attitude to cyclamen

I really love cyclamens, their color is one of my favorites. It is very powerful and intense. (Vyacheslav Zaitsev)

This eerie flash of riot of colors in the middle of the poor rocky spring of the mountains. This sudden and vile victory of bad taste, this disgusting fringe and the shape of a flower turned outward in an epileptic fit, this massive purple and delicate border, a thick flash of blood and a liquid mass of pus… (Yuri Khanon)

People and cyclamen

Sleepers don’t have the same smell as people who are awake: if you wake them up suddenly, the cyclamen spreads throughout the room. (Paul Eluard)

But God built us —
like he planted cyclamens in the snow. (Elena Schwartz)

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