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People and daffodils

People are like flowers — four billion daffodils. (Ursula Zybura)

Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils. (Michaela DePrince)

Like daffodils in the early days of spring, my neurons were resprouting receptors as the winter of the illness ebbed. (Susannah Cahalan)

What I can do, I will do,
even if it’s as small as a daffodil. (Emily Dickinson)

I myself have noticed my growing resemblance to a daffodil. (Tamora Pierce)

I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills When all at once I saw a crowd A host of golden daffodils Beside the lake beneath the trees Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. (William Wordsworth)

I could hear you, talking to the daffodils and tulips, whispering to the fairies that lived inside their petals. Each separate flower had a different family inside it. (Lucy Christopher)

You do not feel like dancing and there are no daffodils, only walls, your bedroom door, and the quiet of the house, tucked asleep in the night’s thick cover. You wait for dawn.You wait for your dreams. (Anna West)

Deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth. (Philip Larkin)

Attitude to daffodils

One daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures, then one is too few. (William Wordsworth)

Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils. (Cyril Connolly)

O fateful flower beside the rill- The Daffodil, the daffodil! (Jean Ingelow)

I think if I were living in a utopian world, then it wouldn’t be political commentary; it would be about daffodils. (Emily Haines)

She did not look at the daffodils. They didn’t mean anything. She looked at the daffodils. She said, ‘Thank you for the daffodils’. (Hilda Doolittle)

You told me how you hate daffodils because they’re morbid. They stick around for a month, making everything lemon drop yellow, then die and get replaced by worse flowers. (Calista Lynne)

To sing is to praise God and the daffodils, and to praise God is to thank Him, in every note within my small range, and every color in the tones of my voice, with every look into the eyes of my audience, to thank Him. Thank you, God, for letting me be born, for giving me eyes to see the daffodils lean in the wind, all my brothers, all my sisters, for giving me ears to hear crying, legs to come running, hands to smooth damp hair, a voice to laugh with and to sing with…to sing to you and the daffodils. (Joan Baez)

Daffodils features

Daffodils, That come before the swallow dares, and take The winds of March with beauty. (William Shakespeare)

Daffodils are an optimistic flower, and foolproof. (Tasha Tudor)

The daffodils weren’t in soldierly rows. They bloomed in drifts and clumps. They must be wild. (Elizabeth Hoyt)

I need to tell you about the daffodils, Maggie. They are fragrant, beautiful and sour. Each has its own flavor and personality. (Simone Elkeles)

Yellow like the sun the daffodil. We see her all over the place in rockeries and flowerbeds. N…arcisse is sometimes called. How beautiful you are in your lace! A mini trumpet hides in your petals. I…impossible to imagine spring without your presence. Light and delicate, you sway in the wind Leaving behind this swaying hips so much grace And subtle essences, you the daffodil. (Guy Rancourt)

Spring and daffodils

Daffodils are yellow trumpets of spring. (Richard L. Ratliff)

I love spring flowers: daffodils and hyacinths are the ultimate flower for me. They are the essence of spring. (Kirsty Gallacher)

At the first birdsong, daffodils emerge from the dark soil of the winter’s dark night, opening their yellow splendor. Swaying gently on long stalks in the golden sunshine and in the sky-blue air, they herald spring. (Hedwig Maria Staffa)

I have seen the Lady April bringing
the daffodils,
Bringing the springing grass and the
soft warm April rain. (John Masefield)

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Narcissus and daffodils

Daffodil unhappy and pale —
To the handsome, preoccupied with themselves. (Pyotr Vyazemsky)

The pale, languidly drooping flowers of the narcissus were perhaps enough to inspire the creative imagination of the Greeks with the ingenious story told by Ovid. (Jean-Louis-Auguste Loiseleur-Deslongchamps)

Narcisse fell in love. For this crime the gods changed him into a flower. This flower gives migraine and its onion does not even make you cry. (Jean Cocteau)

I’ve met enough people who look in love with themselves in the mirror and think that daffodils are just flowers — there are more beautiful things. (Justus Vogt)

Flowers and daffodils

Other flowers must have foliage to set them off, but daffodils can stand by themselves in a bowl, and their green and yellow dress brings all spring into the room. A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up—whether or not the sun is shining outside. (A.A. Milne)

Dogwoods are great optimists. Daffodils wait and see, crouching firmly underground just in case spring doesn’t come this year, but dogwoods have faith. (Barbara Holland)

The cold goblin spring of the crocuses was past. The frail and chilly fairy spring of the daffodils was past.The springtime for mankind had arrived, and the blooms of the lilac bowers outside Redwine’s church hung flatly, heavy as Concord grapes. (Kurt Vonnegut)

Wealth and knowledge are roses and narcissus which cannot bloom together. (Sharid of Balkh)

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Death and daffodils

When the face of night is fair in the dewy downs
And the shining daffodil dies. (Alfred Tennyson)

What ye have been ye still shall be When we are dust the dust among, O yellow flowers! (Austin Dobson)

Fair daffodils, we weep to see You haste away so soon: As yet the early-rising sun Has not attained his noon. (Robert Herrick)

And on a small table, narcissi with very long stems were dying, like souls. (Octave Mirbeau)

Dance and daffodils

Then my heart with pleasure fills And dances with the daffodils. (William Wordsworth)

Life’s a dog and then you die? No, no. Life is a joyous dance through daffodils beneath cerulean blue skies and then, then what? I forget what happens next. (Edward Abbey)

All you need now is to stand at the window and let your rhythmical sense open and shut, open and shut, boldly and freely, until one thing melts in another, until the taxis are dancing with the daffodils, until a whole has been made from all these separate fragments. (Virginia Woolf)

Life and daffodils

in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow)… (E.E. Cummings)

You normally have to be bashed about a bit by life to see the point of daffodils, sunsets and uneventful nice days. (Alain de Botton)

Life is the greatest gift that could ever be conceived. .. A daffodil pushing up through the dark earth to the spring, knowing somehow deep in its roots that spring and light and sunshine will come, has more courage and more knowledge of the value of life than any human being I’ve met. (Madeleine L’Engle)

Rain and daffodils

A weeping grey sky descends on my umbrella—bright daffodils dance. (A.K. White)

It is not raining to me, It’s raining daffodils; In every dimpled drop I see Wild flowers on distant hills. (Robert Loveman)

In the ugly rainy weather the daffodils made sullen faces. Some of them were literally broken. (Waltraud Puzicha)

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Love and daffodils

The loveliest daffodils bloom in the eyes of those in love. (Manfred Poisel)

When they feel like kissing,
they like to call out «daffodils». (Willy Meurer)

Loving someone who loves you is narcissism. Loving someone who doesn’t love you — wow, that’s love. (Frederic Beigbeder)

Garden and daffodils

To this day I cannot see a bright daffodil, a proud gladiola, or a smooth eggplant without thinking of Papa. Like his plants and trees, I grew up as a part of his garden. (Leo Buscaglia)

They sat on the big veranda at Ingleside, enjoying the charm of the cat’s light, the sweetness of sleepy robins whistling among the twilit maples, and the dance of a gusty group of daffodils blowing against the old, mellow, red brick wall of the lawn. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

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Blackbird and daffodils

The violet is in the meadow. In the clearing, the daffodil; Under the tree in hope of family We hear the blackbird sing From April to May. (Pierre Menanteau)

“Listen, listen, spring is coming”,
daffodils ring softly,
and the blackbird sings
a song to us in its own way. (Christa Kluge)

Food and daffodils

If thou hast a loaf of bread, sell half and buy the flowers of the narcissus; for bread nourisheth the body, but the flowers of the narcissus the soul. (Oswald Crawfurd)

Maddie took the top of her egg off. The hot bright yolk was like summer sun breaking through cloud. The first daffodil in the snow. A gold sovereign wrapped in a white silk handkerchief. She dipped her spoon in it and licked it. (Elizabeth Wein)

Nature and daffodils

I never saw daffodils so beautiful. They grew among the mossy stones about and above them; some rested their heads upon these stones, as on a pillow, for weariness. (Dorothy Wordsworth)

You can hear the fountains laughing on their bed of pine cones, and a thousand childish rounds knotting along the paths. Already the daffodils in bloom are shivering in the hands of the wind. (Maurice Carême)

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Woman and daffodils

Ah, romance to me is spontaneity. It’s not diamond earrings; it’s a bunch of daffodils that’s freshly picked from the field. (Kate Winslet)

… her eyes, weary with tears, had an angelic sweetness: she looked like a tender narcissus who bends her languid head to the edge of a solitary water. (François-René de Chateaubriand)

Smell and daffodils

At noon the smell of narcissi and hyacinths flows back over the valley like a whirling vertigo. (Julien Gracq)

You have to do something. If you do something, you become somebody. Even a daffodil does something, has a profession. It gives off scent, professionally. (Stella Adler)

Art and daffodils

Poets are always Narcissus. (Friedrich Schlegel)

Picasso said that no one has to explain a daffodil. Good design is understandable to virtually everybody. You never have to ask why. (Hugh Newell Jacobsen)

Fun and daffodils

Gay as a daffodil. (Freddie Mercury)

I have laughed more than daffodils and cried more than June. (Sanober Khan)

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