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Gardening and delphinium

I have never seen Delphiniums poorly placed, they seem to grace every situation as to make inharmony impossible. (Louise Beebe Wilder)

No flower can dominate the garden like delphiniums do. (Karl Foerster)

A perennial delphinium easily multiplies by seed. (Robert Elger)

From the perennial list I would select peonies, phlox, delphinium, iris, and hollyhocks. (Eben E. Rexford)

Everywhere she looked, she saw the rewards of her careful planning and judicious pruning. The beds were a riot of glorious color, with sugary pink saucer-sized roses, ruffled yellow peonies, spiked purple delphinium. (Kristin Hannah)

This is the hour of our garden’s glory. No Delphinium muster, no spreading garlands of Roses, can equal the exquisite freshness, the fulness of life of this May world. With the Brooms, white and yellow; with the pink foam of the Floribunda trees, the incomparable gold and green of the Beech and Birch, one wants to put one’s arms round the little place and kiss it. (Agnes Sweetman Castle, Egerton Castle)

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People and delphinium

The splendor of a summer morning in the garden cannot be fully exploited without delphiniums! (Karl Foerster)

The Dormouse looked out, and he said with a sigh:
I suppose all these people know better than I.
It was silly, perhaps, but I did like the view
Of geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue). (A.A. Milne)

A single green sprouting thing
would restore me. ….
Then think of the tall delphinium,
swaying, or the bee when it comes
to the tongue of the burgundy lily. (Jane Kenyon)

Ceremony and delphinium

All the morning the gardeners were bringing flowers into the house, the last of the white lilac, and great lupins and delphiniums, five foot high, roses in hundreds, and every sort of lily. (Daphne du Maurier)

I’ve seen a lot of wedding flowers, but nothing like these. There are soft apricot roses with dusty-blue delphiniums, creamy-white peonies with miniature pink alliums. Waxy green orchids with deep purple irises. (Ella Griffin)

The bright colors of the carnations, larkspurs, asters and delphinium, mixed with the occasional white of a calla lily, looked more festive than mournful. They were all beautifully fresh and absolutely dying, a terrifying reminder of how easily we pass from one realm to the other. (Sara Steger)

Women and delphinium

As female hormones decrease, they’re replaced with an overwhelming urge to grow delphinium. (Lois Lowry)

As she went down through the parterres of flowers she was as straight as a delphinium and fresh-colored as a rose. Where the great trees clouded into the sky she looked as little as a floating petal; but when she stepped upon the sward, she seemed to grow tall like an upward soaring flame. (Anna McClure Sholl)

She stood now in her steep mountain garden bordered with phlox and larkspur and looked far out over the long and many ridges. (Mary Johnston)

Flowers and delphinium

Dusty hydrangeas pale as robins’ eggs. Delphiniums iridescent as butterfly wings. Cornflowers the hazy blue of the summer skies. (Ella Griffin)

Had not the Lord reached to pluck a bloom from
Along the border growth of heaven’s gardens to lift
A brightest blue delphinium
That would match his sky and found a metaphor
For a child of poetry? (Sally Eslinger)

Branches of spiraea bowed under sleeves of blossom, and delphinium shoots nudged the soil. (Rachel Joyce)

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Bloom and delphinium

Why do not our Delphiniums bloom twice? Every garden book and every catalogue cheers your heart by promising a handsome second bloom to the industrious clipper-off of seed-pods. But never a Delphinium has responded to our kind attentions in that direction. (Agnes Sweetman Castle, Egerton Castle)

And larkspurs, many-hued, shall drive
Gloom from the groves, where red leaves lie,
And Nature seems but half alive. (D.M. Moir)

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Larkspur and delphinium

The Larkspur, Lark’s-heels, or Delphinium (Dolphin flower) is one of those few old fashioned flowers which have been really improved in every way by the selection and hybridising of the florist. (Harry Roberts)

Larkspur blue conceals a pocket –
Hides her nectar there;
But only with cousin Delphinium
Her secret she readily shares. (Sam Kauffman)

Delphinium features

The plants that seem to be most commonly implicated in the poisoning of stock are the larkspur ( Delphinium). (Edwin Oakes Jordan)

The Delphinium is elaborately equipped with machinery for securing effective cross fertilisation by its bumble-bee visitors. The stamens ripen before the pistil, and are so placed that the bee cannot get at the honey without covering its head with pollen, which it then bears to another flower. (Harry Roberts)

Spring and delphinium

In spring it would be too sweet roses would be without thorns. Here are larks without feet, here are knights without spurs. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

It had never been such a beautiful May. Every day the sky shone a peerless blue, untouched by cloud. Already, the gardens were crammed with lupins, roses, delphiniums, honeysuckle, and lime clouds of lady’s mantle. (Rachel Joyce)

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