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Edelweiss features

Fuzzy blossom is the colour of bad cigar ashes. (Mark Twain)

Edelweiss, solar moon-colored flower. (Sylvain Tesson)

He told me that he was looking for the same edelweiss that grows on the top of our Jungfrau. This flower will bring happiness to the one who picks it and to the homeland of this hero. (Vladimir Jabotinsky)

There is a flower known to botanists, one of the same genus with our summer plant called ‘Life-Everlasting’, a Gnaphalium like that, which grows on the most inaccessible cliffs of the Tyrolese mountains, where the chamois dare hardly venture, and which the hunter, tempted by its beauty and by his love (for it is immensely valued by the Swiss maidens), climbmivas the cliffs to gather, and is sometimes found dead at the foot, with the flower in his hand. It is called by botanists the Gnaphalium leontopodium, but by the Swiss EDELWEISS, which signifies NOBLE PURITY. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Stars and edelweiss

How to tell what kind of flowers edelweiss is? It’s difficult. Generally speaking, they look like little stars, wrapped up to their necks in white fur so as not to freeze from the touch of ice. (Konstantin Paustovsky)

Shimmering in the dim, cheerful distance,
above the firn treacherous ice,
the radiant, dazzling stars sprout,
entwined with light – the edelweiss. (Johanna Destouches)

She is wrapped in noble, velvety soft pile
according to royal custom.
Pearls emerge
from the star’s fluffy center. (Ingo Baumgartner)

The Edelweiss grew on that rocky steep
The brave child-feet had climbed too fast and far
And so had come to her this blessed sleep
The blessed waking beneath the morning star. (Mary Lowe Dickinson)

People and edelweiss

Something delicious can emerge from a hard childhood, from a lot of one’s own suffering, if that’s what a person is made of; the true humor that, like the edelweiss, does not thrive in rich soil, but between rough rocks. (Paul Keller)

Yes, the Capricorn is a beast of solitude. Slow, steady, and persevering. Lives on several levels at once. Thinks in circles. Fascinated by death. Ever climbing, climbing. In search of the edelweiss, presumably. Or could it be immortelle? (Henry Miller)

On the open platform of the last carriage stood Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov in white trousers and smoking a cigar. Edelweiss fell quietly on his head, once again adorned with shiny aluminum gray hair. Ippolit Matveevich was driving to Eden. (Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov)

I look at the earth from a blue height.
I love edelweiss, unearthly flowers… (Konstantin Balmont)

Culture and edelweiss

This waltz was the music of the softly falling snow on the regal new buildings of the Ringstrasse. It was the spring tulips covering the lawns and arcades in front of the Schönbrunn Palace. It was the indomitable, majestic peaks of the Alps, the red-cheeked goatherds plucking wild edelweiss from the summits. (Allison Pataki)

It would be more fruitful for philosophy if it ceased to be a craft and no longer appeared in everyday life, represented by professors. This is a plant that, like the alpine rose and edelweiss, thrives only in free mountain air, but degenerates with artificial cultivation. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

The edelweiss was more than a plant, it was a fashion. Everyone wore some kind of talisman: badges and pins with edelweiss and gentian, or airplanes and tanks, or various types of weapons. (Herta Müller)

Love and edelweiss

The edelweiss is an expression of love, you know. Proof of unusual daring, my father used to say. That’s how you proved you loved a girl. You ventured to the most dangerous mountain-tops to find an edelweiss to give her. (Jillian Cantor)

Far, like you, from the roses and the garden bed, where the storms rage, where the snowy air blows; By the crystal, by the eternal ice: There love turns into edelweiss! (Josephine von Knorr)

Image of mountain love You are, Edelweiss! Draw our spirit from the world’s hustle and bustle into your circle, and our chest will breathe more freely. Look! The veil of worry gives way to the joy of the mountains. (Johannes Brassel)

Death and edelweiss

And there are only two of us, and we go further and further into the depths of the mountains, like those who die in search of edelweiss… (Ivan Bunin)

What a charm for the soul to see among the bare rocks, among the eternal snows at the edge of a cold, dead glacier, a tiny velvety flower – edelweiss. He lives alone in this kingdom of icy death. (Nadezhda Teffi)

The entire mountain firmament is covered with snow,
but don’t rush and hope –
don’t believe that snow is death –
edelweiss will sprout under it. (Semyon Kirsanov)

Mountains and edelweiss

In a picturesque little châlet high up in the mountains, covered with snow and edelweiss (which is a flower that grows in the Alps, and you are not allowed to pick it). (P.G. Wodehouse)

the starry edelweiss,
white on the outside and gray on the inside,
went to the rocky walls,
to the round green mountains
where the clouds roll
on the grass
like huge, wanton rams. (Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska)

Ice and edelweiss

A guide brought us some edelweiss, the pale glacier flowers. (Guy de Maupassant)

High on the Alpine foreheads
In peopleless heights,
On gorges and firns
Deep behind deep snow
In their sanctuary
Of rock crystal and ice,
There the alpine flower blooms,
The chaste edelweiss… (Ernst von Wildenbruch)

Flowers and edelweiss

Within certain limits the ground grows greener as one ascends, and we passed upwards among primulas, asters, a large blue myosotis, gentians, potentillas, and great sheets of edelweiss. (Isabella Bird)

Flowers bloom for us everywhere. Files bloom in the junk, brisanthemums bloom at meetings, daisies in sects, neuroses at the psychiatrist, marigolds at the registry office, edelweiss at the elite school and beer tulips at the regulars’ table. (Erhard Horst Bellermann)

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Switzerland and edelweiss

Edelweiss, the Alpine child, cannot be picked at the fence. (Friedrich Wilhelm Weber)

Your home, little flower,
called Edelweiss,
is a little Eden,
beautiful Switzerland. (Friederike Kempner)

Rose and edelweiss

Every weave, every bloom, even the glow of the alpine roses and the edelweiss of the flowers is rooted in shed blood. (Jakob Christoph Heer)

This is how man’s fate is determined: only the highest courage will win the highest price, the alpine rose blooms on the abyss, and the edelweiss is hard in death. (Felix Dahn)

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