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Foxgloves features

A young foxglove, like a star, in the centre. (Dorothy Wordsworth)

A foxglove with its purple fingers grows solitary. (F.L.S. John Watson)

The periwinkle and the rhododendrons betoken a happy, tranquil life; but the foxglove and the daphne are omens of misfortunes and afflictions. (Frederic Shoberl)

Wild foxglove greatly suffices for the needs of medicine; one cultivates it in the pleasure gardens, one multiplies it by seeds sown towards the end of the winter and which one transplants in June; the plant then requires no care and reseeds itself. (Dictame Cazin)

Foxgloves have persisted so well in the wild because their very fine seed can remain viable even when the weather is too hot for germination. Months later, seedlings will appear when the temperature drops. (Robin Lane Fox)

Flowers and foxgloves

Bring orchis, bring the foxglove spire… (Alfred Tennyson)

The shepherd’s rose and the stately foxgloves were more full of color and scent. (Amelia E. Barr)

The ground was a perfectly beautiful carpet of flowers—wild hyacinths, purple foxgloves, pretty, pale strawberry blossoms all grew there. (Charlotte M. Brame)

The columbine and iris bowed down to make way for bolder sprays of red valerian, and a mingled profusion of clustered Canterbury bells and sweet william, pale blues and pinks intertwined, danced at the feet of more stately spears of deep-purple foxglove and monkshood. (Susanna Kearsley)

Blooming witch hazel
A foxglove of spring
in the middle of winter. (Katharina Britzen)

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Gardening and foxgloves

When are we to possess a really good perennial foxglove I wonder? (Emily Lawless)

The foxgloves and the gorse I planted on my way. (Stella Benson)

I sow foxglove seed in boxes of damp soil in the next two weeks and reckon to have them flowering next year. (Robin Lane Fox)

Foxgloves, white, spotted and pale lilac, are the pride of the garden. (Helena Rutherfurd Ely)

In no time the perennial borders were thick with rosy-pink foxglove and cream-colored lilies, each of which hung like a pendant, collecting dew on its satiny petals. (Alice Hoffman)

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Bells and foxgloves

The foxglove cluster dappled bells… (Alfred Tennyson)

The foxglove, with it’s stately bells Of purple, shall adorn thy dells. (David Macbeth Moir)

Alice thought the supposedly toxic plant seemed perfectly harmless. The flowers resembled bell-shaped slippers, grouped in satisfying lines that hung from the main stalk as though weighted from their centers. (Karma Brown)

Through quaint obliquities I might pursue
These cravings; when the foxglove, one by one
Upwards through every stage of the tall stem
Had shed beside the public way its bells… (William Wordsworth)

Medicine and foxgloves

Found in the lovely purple bells of the foxglove plant and the gorgeous, velvety black wings of the monarch butterfly, digoxin is probably the most beautiful medication there ever was. (Margot Berwin)

Digitalis in the drug store is foxglove in the garden; but who ever thinks of gathering its leaves and finding a market for them? (Mary Rogers Miller)

The scope of herbal medicine ranges from mild-acting plant medicines such as chamomile and peppermint, to very potent ones such as foxglove (from which the drug digitalis is derived). In between these two poles lies a wide spectrum of plant medicine with significant medical applications. (Donald Brown)

Bees and foxgloves

I tell you, every single thing that’s happened fits like a bee in a foxglove. (Richard Adams)

«Blunderer!» retorted that lady in her contralto voice, which boomed like the buzz of a bee in a fox glove bell. (Fergus Hume)

He might have been likened to a bee, that indeed loved clover before all else, yet did not disdain a foxglove or purple lupin upon occasion. So he walked beside Sally and contemplated her proportions with pleasure, watched her throat work and the rosy light leap to her cheek as he praised her. (Eden Phillpotts)

Travel and foxgloves

What a glare it seemed when we emerged again from fairyland, out among the arbutus and the foxgloves on the green hillside, overlooking the dazzling sea! (Gertrude Forde)

And beneath them is the dainty, dancing harebell, the jocund foxglove, the sweet blooming heather, and many a starry mountain flower. (William T. Palmer)

Travel along the precipice’s base;
Cheering its naked waste of scattered stone,
By lichens grey, and scanty moss, o’ergrown;
Where scarce the foxglove peeps, or thistle’s beard; (William Wordsworth)

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Women and foxgloves

She reminded him of a drooping foxglove. (Israel Zangwill)

I wish, and I wish that the spring would go faster,
Nor long summer bide so late;
And I could grow on like the foxglove and aster,
For some things are ill to wait. (Jean Ingelow)

A life-sized girl in the front and then the large foxgloves and wild roses, and strawberries on the ground. (Marion Harry Spielmann)

Poison and foxgloves

For example, we now know foxglove to be very poisonous and would not suggest children use the blossoms for fairy caps. (Lina Beard)

10 grams of dry leaves and 40 grams of fresh leaves are lethal to humans. Poisoning, rare, and most often due to non-compliance with therapeutic doses, results in digestive disorders (abdominal pain, vomiting), nervous (dilation of the pupil with vision disorders, dizziness, migraine, prostration or convulsions, delirium), cardiac (slow pulse, drop in blood pressure). The patient is very weak (the slightest effort can cause fatal syncope) and must be kept in a state of absolute immobility. (Pierre Lieutaghi)

Fairies and foxgloves

He spoke to the tall, pink foxgloves and told them that foxgloves were favorites of fairies all over the world. (Katherine Creighton)

I should not have been surprised at any time to have seen those small people peeping out of the wild foxgloves, which are their favorite hiding-places. So poetical is the air of these regions that mermaids, fairies, and giants seem quite natural to it. (Rose Hawthorne Lathrop)

Brooks and foxgloves

And to halt at the chattering brook, in a tall green fern at the brink
Where the harebell grows, and the gorse, and the foxgloves purple and white; (John Masefield)

The grass in the meadow was browned and crackling; all the foxgloves hung their bells with weariness; and the waters were shrunken in their beds. (John Buchan)

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Forest and foxgloves

The wood was full of foxgloves, spires of pink dappled bells, and of purple columbine. (Sabine Baring-Gould)

Huge bluebells; purple, long-stemmed foxgloves; a whole forest full of wild blooms brimming over with heady sap. (Alphonse Daudet)

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Attitude to foxgloves

My favourite plant is the foxglove. I think they are a perfect balance between being a garden plant and a wild plant, as at home in woodland as they are in a city. (Clive Anderson)

Even before I ever set foot in England, how I longed to behold my first cowslip, my first foxglove! (Grant Allen)

Wildflowers and foxgloves

Always find it hard to grasp the fact that orchids are weeds in their native homes, just like foxgloves and dandelions with us. (Frederick Boyle)

Wild astors, gentian, foxgloves, everlasting flowers shading from yellow to darkest brown! (Alexandra Agusta Guttman Lockwine)

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Places and foxgloves

A few belated foxglove stems added to the old-time enchantment of the place. (Leslie Moore)

Here the bracken grew waist-high, and you might see as many foxgloves in ten minutes as you would find in London in ten years. (Barry Pain)

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