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Women and geraniums

A woman is first a dandelion in a field, then a rose in a flower garden, then a geranium on a windowsill. (Ashot Nadanyan)

I like to keep myself wrapped in layers of sleep and wait for the geraniums. (Ursula Hegi)

Let me sit in a flowerpot, The spiders won’t notice. My heart is a stopped geranium. (Sylvia Plath)

Geraniums have been in my life for 40 years. (Carole Bamford)

She remained leaning on the edge, between two pots of geraniums, dressed in her bathrobe, which was loose around her. (Gustave Flaubert)

Oh, I like things to have handles even if they are only geraniums. It makes them seem more like people. How do you know but that it hurts a geranium’s feelings just to be called a geranium and nothing else? You wouldn’t like to be called nothing but a woman all the time. (L.M. Montgomery)

La Varrenne never got the plant wrong, but she seldom got its name right. She said ‘amourous’ for ‘amurosis’ (and thus the ancient narcotic was turned into an aphrodisiac), and like the rest of the village she called geraniums ‘geramions.’ (Colette)

Make scented geranium cream-Leaves steamed in cream, cream cheese and sugar. When cool-Eat with berries or poached peaches. (Sara Midda)

People and geraniums

Relax. The geraniums will do just fine. (Joan Lee Faust)

If their IQ’s where five points lower they’d be geraniums. (Bobby Bowden)

If I do live again I would like to be as a flower no soul but perfectly beautiful. Perhaps for my sins I shall be made a red geranium! (Oscar Wilde)

The enemy sometimes disguises himself as a geranium, but there is no mistaking it, for while the geranium is at our windows, the enemy is at our doors. (Pierre Desproges)

Long experience has taught me that people who do not like geraniums have something morally unsound about them. Sooner or later you will find them out; you will discover that they drink, or steal books, or speak sharply to cats. Never trust a man or a woman who is not passionately devoted to geraniums. (Beverley Nichols)

And if you tell the big people, “I saw a very beautiful house with red bricks, with geraniums in the windows and pigeons on the roof…” they will not be able to imagine the house. Rather, you have to say: “I saw a house that is worth a hundred thousand francs.” Then they immediately scream: “Oh, how beautiful!” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Attitude to geranium

Everything is handsome about the geranium not excepting its name. (Leigh Hunt)

Red geraniums were invented to show that even a flower could be hideous. (William Morris)

Don’t waste hate on pink geranium. (Elizabeth Goudge)

They didn’t like the same flowers. Bénoche preferred geranium, which hunts ants; Pazy hated it because it smells like sardines. (Jean Giraudoux)

Well, I love geraniums, and anybody who does not love geraniums must obviously be a depraved and loathsome person. (Beverley Nichols)

Science, or para-science, tells us that geraniums bloom better if they are spoken to. But a kind word every now and then is really quite enough. Too much attention, like too much feeding, and weeding and hoeing, inhibits and embarrasses them. (Victoria Glendinning)

Flower garden and geraniums

The pots were clay, in the shape of backless elephants; instead of a back they had a depression filled with earth; in one elephant grew the most wonderful leeks, and in the other – blooming geraniums. The first elephant served as a vegetable garden for the old people, the second as a flower garden. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Fair, rich confusion is all the aim of an old-fashioned flower garden, and the greater the confusion, the richer. You want to come upon mignonnette in unexpected places, and to find sprays of heliotrope in close consultation with your roses, and geraniums sporting their uniforms like gay recruits off duty. (Anna Bartlett Warner)

The years when gardening consisted only of beds of Coleus, Geraniums, Verbenas and bedding plants have passed away, like the black walnut period of furniture. And even as the mahogany of our grandfathers is now brought forth from garrets and unused rooms, and antiquity shops and farm-houses are searched for the good old-time furniture, so we are learning to take the old gardens for our models, and the old-fashioned flowers to fill our borders. (Helena Ely)

The roses bloom at Malmaison. And not only roses. Tulips, myrtles, geraniums, camelias, rhododendrons, dahlias, double hyacinths. All the year through, under glass, under the sky, flowers bud, expand, die, and give way to others, always others. (Amy Lowell)

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Death and geraniums

In an album, – Dying fossil – A geranium – Picked on the Islands. (Jules Laforgue)

She can only hope to keep a few consumptive geraniums languishing through the summer months, to die in October, and show the desolating view of rows of pots containing blackened and dusty stems. (Louisa Johnson)

And through the spaces of the dark Midnight shakes the memory As a madman shakes a dead geranium. (T.S. Eliot)

Yesterday the cold rain knocked on the windows all night, and at dawn the gillyflower bloomed, the geranium faded, and the garden woke up in silver. (Konstantin Ldov)

Gardening and geraniums

Such geraniums! It does not become us poor mortals to be vain�but, really, my geraniums! (Mary Mitford)

Quite poor soil will grow sweet alyssum, California poppies, coreopsis and geraniums, while rich soil is needed for asters, larkspur, zinnias and marigolds. (Olive Hyde Foster)

You can obtain new plants from geranium, verbena, nasturtium and many other flowering plants, by cutting and planting slips or parts of the stems from them. (Charles Landon Goodrich)

If you take cuttings of scarlet geraniums or common verbenas, and pot them in moist soil, they bud out apace into new plants like their parents. (Grant Allen)

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Windows and geraniums

At each window we see, under the muslin curtains, fuchsias or geraniums grown in pots with touching solicitude. (Jules Leclercq)

Lucile had known other sorrows, watched her gardens hung on the windows blossom: geraniums, white ivy, petunias, impatiens, hanging verbena, aubelias, gerberas, conifers… (Delphine de Vigan)

But ours is all life
geranium plants in sunny windows
tucked alongside banks of the Rio Pueblo
capturing the light
and staying healthy
physical attraction of two acrobats. (Brian D’Ambrosio)

Pelargoniums and geraniums

However, the plant that we grow in pots, or as an annual, and that we commonly call geranium is not a true Geranium. It’s a pelargonium. (Mélinda Wilson)

The Hortus Gandavensis, published in 1817 in Ghent, by the head gardener Mussche, contains only 21 names of Geranium species, all grown in the ground. It is here that we find for the first time, Geranium separated from Pelargonium. (Jean de Jonghe)

He cured pelargonium plant tumors, a type of cancer. Don’t shrug your shoulders! Pelargonium is not, as you think, a plant that only grows in the laboratories of these gentlemen: it is simply geranium. (Georges Bernanos)

Men and geraniums

Men are like that. They’re like geraniums. When they look as if they’re ready to be tossed into the bin they revive. (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

In my garden I spend my days, in my library I spend my nights. My interests are divided between my geraniums and my books. With the flower I am in the present; with the book I am in the past. (Alexander Smith)

She demanded, “Give up your life of idolatry and become a doctor.” I declined. “I have my geraniums to look after. (Nick Bantock)

Geraniums features

There be many kindes of Cranes-bil, whereof two were known to Dioscorides, one with the knobbly root, the other with the Mallow leafe. (John Gerard)

Round – leaved Geranium. This Geranium is useless in meadows, but not entirely in pastures; Sheep, horses and sometimes cows eat it, but pigs don’t want it. (Pierre-Joseph Buc’hoz)

The Red Label also exists, but only dahlias, geraniums and rose bushes can benefit from it. (Anne-Sophie Novel)

Flowers and geraniums

A flower is a single geranium blooming in a tin can on a murky city fire-escape… (Jean Hersey)

Fuschias, petunias, nasturtiums, and geraniums were abundant. (Lee L. Powers)

The flowers, too, would have delighted you. Zinnias as tall as dahlias, dahlias as tall as hollyhocks, nasturtiums growing like grape vines, roses as big as peonies, geraniums and heliotropes small trees. (William Seymour Edwards)

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House and geraniums

Geraniums on balconies: to hide that nothing is happening inside. (Sylvain Tesson)

This grandiose entrance is condemned, despite the magnificent geraniums which grow in the two vases, and which swing their marbled leaves and their purple flowers in the wind… (Alexandre Dumas père)

Huge containers of red and pink geraniums were placed on each step and window boxes full of pink and lavender flowers lined the porch railings. (J.A. Whiting)

Nature and geraniums

Such a morning it is when love leans through geranium windows and calls with a cockerel’s tongue. When red-haired girls scamper like roses over the rain-green grass, and the sun drips honey. (Laurie Lee)

Happy bells of eighteen-ninety,
Bursting from your freestone tower!
Recalling laurel, shrubs and privet,
Red geraniums in flower. (John Betjeman)

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Babbitry and geraniums

Once upon a time, some stupid person called geranium a symbol of babbitry. Apparently he was a very rational person. Well, how can a flower be a symbol of babbitry? (Victor Rozov)

If you enter, you will be showered with geraniums; It’s only because of the geranium that the rooms are so warm, and cozy, and greenhouse-like. <…> They claim that the most bourgeois flower is the geranium! What nonsense!.. (Sergey Sergeev-Tsensky)

Wildflowers and geraniums

At the feet of hikers, small mountain flowers color the panorama: the blue of gentians, the pink of geraniums, the white of asphodels, the yellow of trolls. (Julien Thèves)

They then crossed fields of speedwells with purple clusters, fields of geranium and pelargonium over which fiery flames seemed to run, the red, the pink, the incandescent white of a brazier, which the slightest breath of the wind constantly revived. (Émile Zola)

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Art and geraniums

Creative comedy is like growing geraniums in a mine field. (Jerry Stiller)

And, perhaps, art, like a geranium,
And a song, like that little yellow bird,
Bring a little happiness, a tribute to dreams,
To a life where there is despondency, poverty and habit. (Amari)

Scent and geraniums

The geranium, the zinnia, the begonia distilled in the flattest air the aromas of Champagne. (Jean Giraudoux)

Within the piazza was filled with rare tropical plants. The beautiful oleander, magnificent rose and sweet-scented geranium, here united their fragrance, while the scarlet verbenum and brilliant heliotrope added beauty to the scene. (Mary J. Holmes)

Ficus and geraniums

There are vulgar insects: Bugs; there are vulgar plants: Geranium and Ficus… (Sasha Cherny)

The geraniums turn pale with their accustomed color,
and the ficus trees wither in home greenhouses. (Pavel Vasiliev)

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