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Gardening and gerberas

As long as you don’t give them too much water and you take the time to regularly trim spent blooms and damaged leaves, your gerbera daisies will put on a lovely show during spring, summer, and fall. (Mary Gormandy White)

These plants are from South Africa and are relatively new to many home gardeners. African daisies have the familiar center disk of the daisy family, but theirs are dark metallic. The brightly colored petals come in various shades of white, pink, yellow, blue and purple. (Gary R. Bachman)

Fill your office with plants and flowers. Spider plants and plants with hairy leaves absorb air pollutants (such as formaldehyde), produce oxygen, and add color to ease you eyes. Chrysanthemums, azaleas, and Gerbera daisies are similarly helpful. (Lewis Harrison)

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People and gerberas

Whatever the age of a man, he can reduce it by several years by putting a brightly colored flower in his buttonhole. (Mark Twain)

My exit from the window is a little like a foal being born. It’s a graceless and gangly drop, directly onto my mother’s gerbera bed. I emerge quickly and pretend it didn’t hurt. (Craig Silvey)

I have few friends
Among my few friends Miss Jôgasaki
Liked bright, easy to understand
Flowers like gerberas
She had no dark side… (Masayo Koike)

Gerberas features

Gerberas have many fine qualities. (C.C. Hillary)

Gerbera, African Daisies, resemble rainbows, clear pastel shades, long colorful rays, beauty to the eye… (Amanda Sullivan)

Gerbera growers, packers, shippers, and consumers all prefer cut gerbera flowers with longer vase life. Hybridization breeding and continual selection have resulted in much improvement in gerbera vase life (Zhanao Deng, Krishna Bhattarai)

Attitude to gerberas

We absolutely love these perfect, perky flowers and think they make a wonderful addition to a variety of styled arrangements. From their diverse color options to their low maintenance care, it is no wonder these are a florist favorite. Gerbera daisies symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love. (Derian Banzhaf)

I didn’t like gerberas before,
now I hate them at all!
What to do? Such an autumn: it is very cold
in a wet jacket made of thin suede. (Lyubov Gudkova)

Fragrance and gerberas

Why don’t gerberas smell?
a very stylish, funny flower,
maybe because
no one could understand them? (Gassan Ibn Khuliyev)

Varied hues of Gerberas, though sans fragrance,
Make up for lack of it by their sheer elegance.
How theystand tall and proud on thin green stalks.
And beckon from far with a broad smile as I walk. (Mamta Agarwal)

Flowers and gerberas

Lucile had known other sorrows, watched her gardens hung on the windows blossom: geraniums, white ivy, petunias, impatiens, hanging verbena, aubelias, gerberas, conifers… (Delphine de Vigan)

Time stands still trapped in the nature
of my garden bursting with baby-pink peony,
golden gerbera and purple hyacinth like dainty ladies
to be watered and kept. (Sherese Gooden)

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Happiness and gerberas

In a silver vase on the bedside table, I saw a gerbera — a flower of happiness. (Robin Sharma)

Gerberas Daisies are vibrantly coloured and symbolise purity and innocence. They embrace our lives with happiness and gorgeous hues, and so they symbolise joy, beauty and cheerfulness. (Shivangi Singh)

Among the topics of gerbera quotes, I would highlight happiness, fragrance, gardening.

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