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Flowers and gladiolus

The rose is flirtatious;
The bloody gladiolus
But the lily is white
For the great feast. (Charles Cros)

It is, thanks to fresh gladioli,
The revenge that we poets take
From this dreadful January, so ugly; it is the revenge
That April takes against winter with the periwinkle; (Victor Hugo)

The tawny gladiolus, with the swans with their fine necks,
And this divine laurel Exiled souls Vermilion
like the pure toe of the seraph
Reddened by the modesty of dawns trampled on… (Stephane Mallarme)

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Death and gladiolus

A bleeding hole in the forehead, the fairy Hopes
Of long withered gladioli and of dead lilies crowned,
To the charming sound of the horn will no longer awaken. (Jean Lorraine)

His feet in the gladioli, he sleeps. Smiling as
a sick child would smile, he takes a nap:
Nature, rock him warmly: he is cold. (Arthur Rimbaud)

Before a sepulcher laughs
Under any climate, his ancestor,
To bear this name: Pulchérie!
Hidden by the too large gladiolus. (Stephane Mallarme)

This evening, your sick flesh has inert languor;
Between your feverish fingers die your beautiful gladioli;
This evening, the storm broods, and the smell of lime trees
Makes your half-open lips turn pale at times. (Albert Samain)

People and gladiolus

Respect, O Traveler, if you fear my wrath,
This humble roof of braided rushes and gladiolus.
There, among his children, lives a robust ancestor;
He is the master of the closed and the clear source. (Jose Maria De Heredia)

The civilization of the hearth, of the bread bin, of the family wine and of the short furrow, oozed everywhere. Vegetable gardens of thirty square meters were cared for like tapestries in cross — stitch; we had alternated lines of gladioli and rows of broad beans. The trees, and especially those that bring nothing but shade, like the plane tree, had the frank beauty of beings who are loved. we felt they had their place – and not the last – in the affection of a humanity capable of enjoying. And not by principle: by experience. (Jean Giono)

Nature and gladiolus

It’s from the springs, from the islands,
From the beech and the gladiolus
That this heap of idylls comes out
Of which Tityre is the ancestor. (Victor Hugo)

Then, when the edges of the water can no longer be distinguished,
At a time when every form is a confused spectrum,
Where the horizon turns brown, streaked with a long red line,
While not a reed, not a gladiolus move… (Rene Francois Sully Prudhomme)

Mars red gladiolus. (Henri Cole)

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Woman and gladiolus

She was so delicately white, gladiolus white, with her tapered arms, her almost no hips, her flat stomach and her ever — moving small breasts. (Jean Lorrain)

My wife with sandstone and asbestos buttocks My wife with swan ‘s back buttocks My wife with spring buttocks With gladiolus sex. (André Breton)

Don’t be a wilted gladiolus,
bowing your head all the way down,
don’t say in a low voice
that it’s all because of me. (Leonid Martynov)

Gardening and gladiolus

The day was fading in a pink of nautilus, creamed strawberries and gladioli. (Jean Echenoz)

Evening. A bulky body moves along a narrow, half-boxed alley with rows of fuchsias and garden geraniums, like a dreadnought in a shallow village canal. The right sleeve of the jacket, stained with chalk, as well as the voice itself, betrays the occupation — «Rose and gladiolus can be watered less often than dalia and hyacinths, once or twice a week.» And he gives me figures from «Advice to an amateur gardener» and a line from Virgil. The earth absorbs water at an unexpected rate, and he closes his eyes. (Joseph Brodsky)

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