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Goldenrods features

This golden rod is a flower, and it will always remain a flower. (Howard Roger Garis)

I never seen but one good compass plant, an’ that was the prairie Golden Rod. (Ernest Thompson Seton)

Most of the goldenrods are widely distributed in North America; the tall goldenrod is abundant in dry soil from Maine to Nebraska and Texas. (Eula Whitehouse)

In competent hands, the Golden Rod is said to point to hidden springs of water, as well as to hidden treasures of gold and silver. (Richard Folkard)

If we examine the leaves of a goldenrod, we find that they are large below and diminish in size toward the top. (Norman Taylor)

The facility with which insects are enabled to collect both pollen and nectar makes the goldenrods exceedingly popular restaurants. (Neltje Blanchan)

The grass in the back field was almost waist high, and now there was goldenrod, that late-summer gossip which comes to tattle on autumn every year. But there was no autumn in the air today; the sun was still all August, although calendar August was almost two weeks gone. (Stephen King)

Asters and goldenrods

The lands are lit with all the autumn blaze of golden-rod, and everywhere the purple asters nod and bend and wave and flit. (Helen Hunt)

Speaking October and our own purple East, the tall asters, darkening from lavender to the ultimate shadowy violet, join the goldenrod. (Marian Storm)

In one hand he carried a bunch of early goldenrod and smoke-blue asters. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

There are no flowers overhead, but a few belated asters and goldenrods under foot. (Julia Ellen Rogers)

That September pairing of purple and gold is lived reciprocity; its wisdom is that the beauty of one is illuminated by the radiance of the other. Science and art, matter and spirit, indigenous knowledge and Western science – can they be goldenrod and asters for each other? When I am in their presence, their beauty asks me for reciprocity, to be the complementary color, to make something beautiful in response. (Robin Wall Kimmerer)

Along the river’s summer walk,
The withered tufts of asters nod;
And trembles on its arid stalk
the hoar plum of the golden-rod. (John Greenleaf Whittier)

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Autumn and goldenrods

I said it would be autumn soon,” she said, “for there is the first goldenrod of the season. (Amy Ella Blanchard)

Wild asters and golden rod colored the roadside, and the stillness of Indian summer pervaded the whole country. (Katherine Stokes)

September is a golden month of mellow sunlight and still clear days. … Small creatures in the grass, as if realizing their days are numbered, cram the night air with sound. Everywhere goldenrod is full out. (Jean Hersey)

Even the goldenrod has fallen to rust, and the stars of the aster are already tarnished. (Richard Le Gallienne)

The sparkling fields of dewy grass,
Woodpaths and roadsides decked with flowers,
Starred asters and the goldenrod,
Date Autumn’s hours. (Elizabeth Stoddard)

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Frost and goldenrods

Lastly the goldenrod, the aster and the gentian, tell us it is evening time, and night and frost are close at hand. (Martha Everts Holden)

And don’t you hear the goldenrod whispering goodbye, the everlasting being crowned with the first tuffets of snow? (Mary Oliver)

It was so late in the season that every other flower by the roadside had been killed by frost; even the goldenrod was more sere than yellow. (Samuel T. Pickard)

June has no flowers so quaint, pathetic, and austere as the trembling weeds of November. What does the goldenrod, white with age, care for frost? All winter it will shake out seeds unthriftily upon the snow, standing with a calm brotherhood who have gone beyond dependence on the day. (Marian Storm)

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Flowers and goldenrods

The goldenrod is on the hill, the aster by the brook, and the sunflower in the garden. (John Ludwig Hülshof)

The fall flowers were in full bloom: verbena, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, and a late-blooming rose. (Vanessa Diffenbaugh)

There you will see the mountain-heather with pink, purple, or dainty white bells, the goldenrod, and gentians blue as the sky. (Ella M. Sexton)

Fat bouquets of sunflowers, goldenrod, and black-eyed Susans stuffed into mason jars were surrounded by tiny pumpkins and crab apples. (Louise Miller)

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God and goldenrods

And all over upland and lowland
The charm of the goldenrod —
Some of us call it Autumn,
And others call it God. (William Herbert Carruth)

Fold me from sunshine and from song,
Fold me from sorrow and from wrong:
Through gleaming gates of Goldenrod
I’ll pass into the rest of God. (Mary Clemmer)

Because its myriad glimmering plumes Like a great army’s stir and wave; Because its golden billows blooms, The poor man’s barren walks to lave: Because its sun-shaped blossoms show How souls receive the light of God, And unto earth give back that glow I thank him for the Goldenrod. (Lucy Larcom)

Allergy and goldenrods

We blame Walt Disney for goldenrod’s undeserved bad name. Despite Sneezy’s pronouncement, plants such as goldenrod with heavy, insect-carried pollen rarely cause allergic reaction. (Janet Macunovich)

May, there I was, knee deep in weeds—including some hay fever–inducing goldenrod. (Carol J. Perry)

Three days later, Madame Fontineau overhears that the German garrison commander is allergic to goldenrod. Madame Carré, the florist, tucks great fistfuls of it into an arrangement headed for the château. (Anthony Doerr)

People and goldenrods

Still the Goldenrod of the roadside clod Is of all, the best! (Simeon Tucker Clark)

Sometimes I am goldenrod crowding a field.
Leaves fall from my branches
but I try to hold on. (Nate Pritts)

And yonder on our spacious bed
Fashioned for love and sleep
The Autumn goldenrod lies dead,
The maple-leaves lie deep. (Marjorie Allen Seiffert)

Mountains and goldenrods

They are mighty waving goldenrods, ever in tune, singing and writing wind-music all their long century lives. (John Muir)

Graceful, tossing plume of glowing gold,
Waving lonely on the rocky ledge;
Leaning seaward, lovely to behold,
Clinging to the high cliff’s ragged edge. (Celia Thaxter)

Nature and goldenrods

The goldenrod is yellow, The corn is turning brown, The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down. (Helen Hunt Jackson)

You can see the goldenrod, that most tenacious and pernicious and beauteous of all New England flora, bowing away from the wind like a great and silent congregation. (Stephen King)

The stream was embroidered with a thousand grasses, dying daisies, paling goldenrod, berry bushes, and wild-rose thorn. (Harold MacGrath)

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Shine and goldenrods

I know the lands are lit, with all the autumn blaze of Goldenrod. (Helen Hunt Jackson)

And in the evening, everywhere
Along the roadside, up and down,
I see the golden torches flare
Like lighted street-lamps in the town. (Frank Demster Sherman)

Sumac and goldenrods

The goldenrod and sumac were opening, but the summer flowers looked old and tired, as though they needed new gowns and freshening up a bit. (Irene Elliott Benson)

Maples on the Cat Rock Hills blazed red and gold, colors repeated even more strongly by a riot of sumach and goldenrod against the gray wall of the little burying ground. (Anya Seton)

Gardening and goldenrods

The old orchard wore its holiday attire. Goldenrod and asters fringed the mossy walls. (Louisa May Alcott)

European gardeners object to planting goldenrods, complaining that they so quickly impoverish a rich bed that neighboring plants starve. (Neltje Blanchan)

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