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Scotland and heather

How grand are the mountains of bonnie auld Scotland,
Her torrents’ wild waters, sun-jewel’d and gloaming;
How rosy the breath of each moorland and heath,
How lovely her lakes, and her valleys how blooming. (G. Bennett)

I have trod merry England and dwelt on its charms;
I have wandered through Erin, the gem of the sea;
But the Highlands alone the true Scottish heart warms,
Her heather is blooming, her eagles are free. (Andrew Park)

I can heedless look on the siller sea,
I may tentless muse on the flow’ry lea;
But my heart wi’ a nameless rapture thrills,
When I gaze on the cliffs o’ my heather hills. (John Ballantine)

If you ever go to Scotland
on a summer day,
you’ll fall in love with Heather
Heather’s blooming along the bay. (Heather Burns)

From the bonny bells of heather,
They brew a drink Langsyn
Was sweeter far than honey
Was stronger far than wine. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Nature and heather

The grass on the rock, the flower of the heath, the thistle with its beard are the chief adornments of his landscape. (Ossian)

Evening was approaching, the sun was setting, the sky was magnificent. I looked at the hills at the end of the plain, which an immense purple heather half covered like a bishop’s hackle. (Victor Hugo)

The crisp heather, the thick rushes, the yellow of the buttercups, the black bog waters. (Donn Byrne)

How many sorts of trees there are—oak, and birch and nuts, and mountain-ash, and holly and furze, and heather. (Charles Kingsley)

There he stands in the foul weather,
The foolish, fond Old Year,
Crowned with wild flowers and with heather,
Like weak, despised Lear. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

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People and heather

My idea of a holiday was following my family up the hill with my pekinese, who would skip over the heather in front of me. (Rupert Everett)

They lay on their heathery beds and listened to all the sounds of the night.They heard the little grunt of a hedgehog going by. They saw the flicker of bats overhead.They smelt the drifting scent of honeysuckle, and the delicious smell of wild thyme crushed under their bodies. (Enid Blyton)

I love your hills and I love your dales, And I love your flocks a-bleating; but oh, on the heather to lie together, With both our hearts a-beating! (John Keats)

Musical cherub, soar, singing away!
Then when the gloaming comes,
Low in the heather blooms
Sweet will thy welcome and bed of love be! (James Hogg)

Girls and heather

When she’s lying on the heather, this girl has character! (Frederic Dard)

I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free… Why am I so changed? I’m sure I should be myself were I once among the heather on those hills. (Emily Bronte)

I never saw a moor, I never saw the sea; Yet know I how the heather looks, And what a wave must be. I never spoke with God, Nor visited in Heaven; Yet certain am I of the spot, As if a chart were given. (Emily Dickinson)

For ever hang thy dreamy spell
Round mountain star and heather bell,
And do not pass away
From sparkling frost, or wreathed snow,
And whisper when the wild winds blow,
Or rippling waters play. (Anne Bronte)

Art and heather

It is not in Paris, it is not in America that we must look, everything is eternally the same. Change, indeed, but it is in the heather that we must look. (Vincent Van Gogh)

He who, in front of a painting representing a heather landscape, does not hear the vague music of the buzzing of bees, does not know how to see, just as he who for whom the music does not evoke any vision, does not know how to hear. (Albert Schweitzer)

The tree which rustles and the heather which grows are for me the grand history, that which will not change. If I speak well their language, I shall have spoken well the language of all times. (Théodore Rousseau)

His genius needed the streets, as a bee needs the summer flowers, and languished when long separated from them. Others have needed the wild heather, or the murmur of the ocean, or the sound of autumn winds that strip great forest-trees. (Philip Gilbert Hamerton)

Death and heather

And when I arrive, I will place on your grave, — A bouquet of green holly and heather in flower. (Victor Hugo)

The heather with its dead bells that crumble and fall into dust as soon as our fingers touch them. (Maurice Genevoix)

The linnet in the rocky dells, The moor-lark in the air The bee among the heather bells That hide my lady fair. (Emily Bronte)

I picked this sprig of heather — Autumn is dead remember it — We will no longer see each other on earth — Smell of time sprig of heather — And remember that I am waiting for you. — There is a poem to write about the bird that has only one wing. (Guillaume Apollinaire)

Attitude to heather

Trust not the moss, nor the heather, nor the rock. (Selma Lagerlöf)

Poor child of Brittany, the wastes of Weissenstadt pleased me: the heathers are my nest and my harvests; their flower of poverty and solitude is the only one that has not faded in the buttonhole of my coat. (François-René de Chateaubriand)

The stern heather, impassive, like an old man , stands at the head. (Alexey Remizov)

I think that the ominous plant “heather” comes from the squealing… (Andrey Bely)

Freedom and heather

Yes, and the heather,» said Winnie, «doesn’t it get into you and make you feel free? (Flora Louisa Shaw)

My sister Emily loved the moors. Flowers brighter than the rose bloomed in the blackest of the heath for her; out of a sullen hollow in a livid hillside her mind could make an Eden. She found in the bleak solitude many and dear delights; and not the least and best-loved was – liberty. (Charlotte Bronte)

Slipping off her horse she lay down on her back, and at once everything was lost except the sky. Over her body, supported above solid earth by the warm, soft heather, the wind skimmed without sound or touch. Her spirit became one with that calm unimaginable freedom. Transported beyond her own contentment, she no longer even knew whether she was joyful. (John Galsworthy)

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Wind and heather

The chapels of which I have just spoken are always solitary, isolated in moors , among rocks or in completely deserted wastelands. The wind running over the heather , moaning in the broom, caused me wild terrors. (Ernest Renan)

On the infinitely long heather, — Here is the horning wind of November; — On the heath, infinitely, — Here is the wind — Which tears and dismembers — In heavy breaths beating the villages: — Here is the wind, — The wild wind of November. (Emile Verhaeren)

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Snow and heather

Small heathers, rosy and white, peeped out timidly above the lingering snow, and seemed to smile at the little heat they received. (Jules Verne)

If you don’t believe it,
I can show you
a bright rug of heather
right on the snow. (Agnia Barto)

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Broom and heather

On the hill, which is too rough to be cultivated, grow great fields of heather, studded with the golden blossoms of broom-plant. (Charles Herbert Sylvester)

Nor it isn’t fields nor mountains, it’s just miles and miles and miles of wild land that nothing grows on but heather and gorse and broom, and nothing lives on but wild ponies and sheep. (Frances Hodgson Burnett)

Gardening and heather

Magnificent varieties with different colors of flowers and leaves, skillfully combined with conifers and grasses, make the heather the most beautiful part of the garden. (Maya Alexandrova)

Heath paths should be made by either planting or sowing. The common ling (Calluna vulgaris) makes the best turf. (Ernest Thomas Cook)

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Flowers and heather

And beneath them is the dainty, dancing harebell, the jocund foxglove, the sweet blooming heather, and many a starry mountain flower. (W.T. Palmer)

Pink heather, — true, genuine, actual pink heather, such as Donald had not seen for many a year. (Helen Hunt Jackson)

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Fragrance and heather

A fragrant and flowery heather, buzzing with a thousand noises in the heat. (Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve)

He had passed through acres of yellowing gorse, of purple heather and mossy turf, fragrant with the aromatic perfume of sun-baked herbiage. (E. Phillips Oppenheim)

Mountains and heather

Up into the fragrant heather and grey rocks; miles of moor and sky and solitude. (Florence L. Barclay)

A faint watery moonlight illuminated the path among the heather, a wan and spectral radiance, which gave the mountain-pass a strange, unearthly aspect. (Guy Thorne)

Bloom and heather

O help me to gather some rare white heather, Sweet Morning, show me the way! (Radclyffe Hall)

The sunlight was streaming on the purple heather, which was spread like a carpet on both sides of the road. (O.F. Walton)

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Flame and heather

The heather’s in a blaze already. (William MacLeod Raine)

In golden flame the prairie heather. (John Hay)

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