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Poison and hellebores

Hellebore, which is a violent poison for us, nevertheless fattens goats and quails. (Lucretius)

The eminently active or poisonous properties of opium, cinchona and the juices of hellebore have long been known. (Marcellin Berthelot)

I would rather take hellebore than spend a conversation with a good, little man. (Edward Dahlberg)

And for mathematical science, he that doubts their certainty hath need of a dose of hellebore. (Joseph Glanvill)

Add powdered moonstone, stir three times counter-clockwise, allow to simmer for seven minutes then add two drops of syrup of hellebore. (J.K. Rowling)

There are many flowering herbaceous plants growing in the Ussuri taiga. First of all, the poisonous wild hellebore (Yeratrum album. L.) with rough, pointed, flattened leaves and white flowers catches the eye… (Vladimir Arsenyev)

As for Lucrezia [Borgia], there wasn’t even a rumor in her own day that the strawberries at her Wednesday luncheons were dipped in sugar of lead and the other dishes tastefully sprayed with antimony, hellebore, corrosive sublimate, and deadly nightshade, all popular Renaissance flavors. (Will Cuppy)

The tables were cast down and the floor strewn and splashed with costly essences and earths spilt from shattered phials and jars and caskets: aphroselmia, shell of gold, saffron of gold, asem, amianth, stypteria of Melos, confounded with mandragora, vinum ardens, sal armoniack, devouring aqua regia, little pools and scattered globules of quicksilver, poisonous decoctions of toadstools and of yewberries, monkshood, thorn-apple, wolf’s bane and black hellebore, quintessences of dragon’s blood and serpent’s bile… (Eric Rücker Eddison)

Winter and hellebores

Strange plant that enjoys turning winter and the world upside down and blooming bright green for months from fresh, dark green bushes. (Karl Foerster)

Stinging cheeks, and frozen nose
Chilled now to the core,
To my surprise, I saw a flower,
A little Hellebore.
A pretty bloom of dusky pink
Peeped up from the snow,
I thought what a dainty flower,
To pick such a time to grow. (Gary Smith)

In the silent world
that winter holds,
she lifts her white head alone;
She goes there herself and disappears
Before the spring comes and finds her,
but she announced it
when no one believed in him. (Johannes Trojan)

the sleigh runs merrily along paths covered in deep snow,
in the late year in the twilight season,
in the weeks of Advent,
when the young deer
looks for herbs and mosses out of the snow, the white Christmas
rose continues to bloom, undried in the frost. (Hermann Lingg)

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Flowers and hellebores

She murmured their names under her breath as much to reassure herself as anything else… brilliant orange strelitzia — birds of paradise — purple aster, a deep magenta bougainvillea, hellebores, camellia, pelargonium and delicate viola in the shade there… the familiar words a salve to her sorrow. (Kayte Nunn)

The daffodil in spring, the autumn in chrysanthemum, The rose of always, the pale tuberose, The sage in full summer, the hellebore in winter. (Louise de Vilmorin)

Artemisia bear the colourful foliage
Bluebells carpet a magical sight
Coreopsis and cherries blossom
Daffodils are seen in jovial mood
Eranthis buds as the snow melts,
Forsythia screams it’s spring time,
Grape hyacinths trumpet arrival
Hellebore shows surprising resilience… (Dr. Upma A. Sharma)

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Roses and hellebores

A rose blooms at Christmas time — outside in the ice and snow — and when it freezes and snows on a winter night — that doesn’t hurt the rose. (Kurt Herta)

A rose by another other name… is pretty amazing when it’s blooming in the middle of winter. Sometimes called the Christmas rose, Lenten rose, and/or winter rose, they are all hellebores and they are just what we need in the grey days of winter and early spring. While other plants are sleeping, the hellebores are blooming. (Ingrid Hoff)

Only one family thrived comfortably in the cold, the hellebores. These swarmed along the paths; certain species, such as Christmas roses, were in full bloom and their purplish-pink flowers, the sickly shade of a scar, a closing wound, clearly evoked the idea of a dangerous plant, sweating juices poisonous… (Joris-Karl Huysmans)

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Health and hellebores

There were antihypochondriacal medications, namely: black hellebore, centipede, liverwort. (Remy de Gourmont)

A dog which is infested with fleas should be treated either with crushed cumin mixed in water with the same quantity of hellebore and smeared on, or else with the juice of the snake-like cucumber, or if these are unobtainable, with stale oil-lees poured over the whole body. (Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella)

My gossip, you must purge
With four grains of hellebore. (Jean de La Fontaine)

Attitude to hellebores

It’s the season of the year that they bloom that got to me first. The general pluckiness of a plant that’s blooming with snow on the ground made me say, ‘I love you.’ (David Culp)

I love hellebores because they are delicate, refined flowers. Winter firsts! The five round petals of their corolla offer a simplicity of great elegance. (Éric Chauvin)

I am often asked what is my favorite flower and while I love, love, love hydrangea, garden roses, sweet peas, peonies, hyacinth etc, I have to say the hellebore wins hands down. And I really can’t say why. It is something visceral. (Josef Reiter)

Madness and hellebores

Then my face burns, and whoever sees me says to himself that my reason needs hellebore. (André Chénier)

Antiquity recommended hellebore to treat madness, while hemlock, made famous by the death of Socrates, is a plant characterized by very high toxicity. (Michel de Montaigne)

Hippocrates believed that the frequent use of hellebore could cure and even soften the exaggerated excitement of the cerebral system. (Alexandre Dumas)

Gardening and hellebores

These evergreen perennials grow to 28-45cm (11-18”) in height; so, make sure to plant them somewhere you can see them during the wet cold months, like a pot on the patio, near the front door or at the front of a garden bed. They are also shade tolerant, so a great option for under deciduous trees/shrubs. (Ingrid Hoff)

For all you gardener’s, hellebores prefer to grow in shady spots, like borders of the garden. They pair well with other shade-lovers like ferns and hostas. Give hellebores slightly moist, well-drained soil with organic matter. These strong growers can tolerate drought and are deer and snail resistant. (Josef Reiter)

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Women and hellebores

Art thou so deeply read in nature and her large philosophy, and I am yet to teach thee that deadliest hellebore or the vomit of a toad are qualified poison to the malice of a woman? (Eric Rücker Eddison)

I liked the dress so much that I wove myself a crown of hellebores and danced through the night streets, I stared at myself in puddles, convinced that so long as I didn’t smile, I might even be pretty. I know it doesn’t look like that anymore, but I can no longer picture myself in anything else. (Holly Black)

Smell and hellebores

While folk soften expect smelly flowers, the only part of the plant that is fetid are the leaves, which leave an unpleasant odor on your hands if you fondle your Hellebores [only Helleborus foetidus] too much. (Tony Avent)

Stinking dope, — deathly hellebore, —
Flowers of poison, rapacity, and darkness… (Konstantin Balmont)

Hellebores features

Most published material about them [hellebores] is half-baked, misleading, inaccurate twaddle — cannibalized and anecdotal. (Will McLewin)

The Hellebore (Helleborus), with greenish flowers hiding horn-shaped petals between large sepals. (Lucien Plantefol)

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