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Magnolias features

It is the flower that promises
The perpetuity of youth. (Mirela Stancu)

They are of thick, waxen texture, and have that heavy, rich fragrance that characterizes the magnolia and the cape jasmine of the South. (Eben Eugene Rexford)

The flower of the magnolia which withers the whiteness of porcelain at the slightest touch. (Georges Courteline – Boubouroche)

The large-leaved cucumber tree exceeds all other magnolias in the size of its leaves and flowers. (Julia Ellen Rogers)

Each magnolia has a fairly strong fragrance and a particular flavor that is revealed in the sugar syrup. (Alice Caron Lambert, Jacques Denarnaud)

In one corner stood a huge summer-flowering magnolia, a tower of dark foliage, splashed here and there with milk-white blossoms. (Ethel Lillian Voynich)

Have you ever looked at the bud of a magnolia flower? It’s a tight little pod that stays closed up for a long time on the end of its branch until one day, out of nowhere, it finally bursts open into this gigantic, gorgeous, fragrant flower that’s ten times bigger than the bud itself. It’s impossible to imagine that such a big beautiful thing could pop out of that tiny little bud. But it does. (Joanna Gaines)

Hundreds of magnolias, magnolias as before. (Étienne Roda-Gil)

Love and magnolias

I want to be yours as a magnolia belongs to spring. (Alexandra Vasiliu)

Your breath has the warmth of magnolia flowers, Your tongue is a horse that does not listen to you. (Pierre Perret)

My wife has departed alone. Only I am left. Like a lone magnolia blossom bending to the wind. Where can I appeal. The sadness of a broken heart. (Park Chung-hee)

In banana-lemon Singapore, in the storm,
Ringing with wrists and rings,
Tropical blue magnolia,
You love me. (Alexander Vertinsky)

How proud he is, magnolia,
how proud he is.
But with us is love
and the blue color
of beautiful seas,
beautiful mountains.
Oh magnolia, how I want to be with you! (Bella Akhmadulina)

Flowers and magnolias

There is no lily-bloom without the sustaining stalk, nor magnolia grandiflora without the sturdy and stately tree. (Joseph Cross)

Spring flowers are the large white magnolia or the yulan with the peony. (J.F. Blacker)

Distinguished for their floral beauties, were the cordia, the oleander, and South-Sea rose, the grand magnolia, and the perfumed Persian lilac. (Mayne Reid)

Huge magnolia flowers, saying goodbye to the sun, showed off their beautiful corollas. (Alexander Herzen)

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Fragrance and magnolias

Fragrant o’er all the western groves The tall magnolia towers unshaded. (Maria Gowen Brooks)

The rich magnolia,
High priestess of the flowers, whose censer fills
The air. (Mrs. Sigourney)

Faint was the air with the odorous breath of magnolia blossoms,
And with the heat of noon; and numberless sylvan islands,
Fragrant and thickly embowered with blossoming hedges of roses,
Near to whose shores they glided along, invited to slumber. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

People and magnolias

I am convinced that most people do not grow up… our real selves, the children inside, are still innocent and shy as magnolias. (Maya Angelou)

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans. When that’s where you left your heart. The moonlight on the bayou a creole tune that fills the air. I dream about magnolias in bloom and I’m wishin’ I was there. (Louis Armstrong)

He lifted his bare foot
onto the branch. — Don’t get upset! —
Magnolia foliage — a tray,
Flowers on it — a service. (Valentin Kataev)

Death and magnolias

The Magnolia grandiflora is one of those shrubs the baneful emanations from which have procured for them an ill name. (Richard Folkard)

The individual man is transitory, but the pulse of life and of growth goes on after he is gone, buried under a wreath of magnolia leaves. (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings)

Our loss put six feet under ground
Is measured by the magnolia’s root;
Our gain’s the intellectual sound
Of death’s feet round a weedy tomb. (Allen Tate)

Nature and magnolias

Everything was peaceful—the blue sky, the waving corn-fields, the magnolia, the songs of the homing birds. (William Blair Morton Ferguson)

Its source is overshadowed by several gigantic magnolias which, though numberless centuries old, have been kept as fresh as violets. (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

The magnolias have bloomed.
Ripe horse chestnut.
The first fall rain… (Dakotsu Iida)

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Attitude to magnolias

For me, the magnolia is the queen of flowering trees. I think she is unsurpassed in her loveliness and majesty. (Michael W. Smith)

I’ve always loved magnolia trees and their blooms — there’s something so beautiful about a magnolia blossom. It demands attention, and you can’t help but love those big, creamy petals and that fragrant smell. (Joanna Gaines)

I am always in awe of the magnolia. She is so stately and elegant, yet so simple and understated. (Patti LaBelle)

Garden and magnolias

How beautiful the house was with its magnolia trees lining the drive, their branches outstretched as if they were beckoning him inside. (Ellen Read)

Nearer to the house were magnolia and banana trees growing side by side with pines and firs. (Frank Norris)

Inside plum trees stood in a row, flowers lifted their pale throats to the moon and stars, a magnolia held its tight-closed buds like white candles in its green hands. (Marisa De Los Santos)

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Women and magnolias

You saw a fluttering fan before her face and magnolia blooms and sleepy lakes under the moonlight when she walked. (Zora Neale Hurston)

I see thee trace To hills with high magnolia overgrown, And joy to breathe the groves, romantic and alone. (Thomas Campbell)

Her journey, when completed, will bring her under a tree—a grand magnolia, monarch of the forest surrounding. (Mayne Reid)

Forest and magnolias

I first observed groves of the most beautiful of all the trees of the wood—the great Southern Magnolia, or Green Bay. (Charles Ball)

The groves or woods are composed chiefly of oaks, intermixed with Magnolias, which attain a very large size. (William Griffith)

In front of this cottage, spared from the forest, are three great stately magnolias, such trees as you never saw. (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

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Moon and magnolias

Amber-belted through the night Drifts the alabaster moon, Like a big magnolia white On the fragrant heart of June. (Madison Julius Cawein)

Brian leaned against the trunk of a great magnolia tree, whose glossy green leaves and great creamy blossoms looked fantastic in the moonlight. (Fergus Hume)

A warm August moon, growing, gently swayed the shadow of the magnolia on the floor and the white bed shed a blue light. (Colette)

Bloom and magnolias

Well, here, magnolia blooms… excuse me, but is this a plant? (Aleksandr Kuprin)

She was sitting on the window-ledge looking out into the old garden where a magnolia tree was in full bloom. (Harriet Theresa Comstock)

When before, had he seen a magnolia tree in bloom?—with its dense shade, its dark green shining foliage, and its snow-white blossoms. (Mary Newton Stanard)

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South and magnolias

The beautiful, passionate, ruined South, the land of magnolias and music, of roses and romance… living on the memory of crushing defeats. (Oscar Wilde)

Books of natural history make the most cheerful winter reading. I read in Audubon with a thrill of delight, when the snow covers the ground, of the magnolia, and the Florida keys, and their warm sea breezes; of the fence-rail, and the cotton-tree, and the migrations of the rice-bird; of the breaking up of winter in Labrador, and the melting of the snow on the forks of the Missouri; and owe an accession of health to these reminiscences of luxuriant nature. (Henry David Thoreau)

Life and magnolias

Life is simply a mix of mayhem and magnolias, so embrace this gentle riot and gather flowers along the way. (Kat Savage)

I sent ’em on a field trip
To the outskirts of Mongolia,
And gave ’em an overnight assignment
To grow a twenty-foot purple magnolia. (Shel Silverstein)

Petals and magnolias

And lets the great magnolias fling Their languid petals in his lap. (Richard Hovey)

Me, it scratches my heart, the magnolia flowers in the squares. I look at them every evening, when I come home from high school, and each evening, their large pale petals sting my eyes a little. (Pauline Delabroy-Allard)

Palm trees and magnolias

The magnolia has no other rival than the palm tree, which sways its fans of greenery beside it. (Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand)

All that the good Lord has created, From the superb magnolias To the palm trees with long sheaves. (Amédée Pommier)

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