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Gardening and nasturtiums

This garden was supposed to be “kept up,” so some flaring yellow nasturtiums and other inexpensive flowers filled the little beds round. (Christabel Rose Coleridge)

He is digging up the earth in his green boxes, and carefully sowing the seeds of the scarlet nasturtium, convolvulus, and sweet-pea. (Émile Souvestre)

So they selected nasturtiums, poppies, marigolds, and morning glories from Pat’s box, and all went to work at the planting. (Carolyn Wells)

You can obtain new plants from geranium, verbena, nasturtium and many other flowering plants, by cutting and planting slips or parts of the stems from them. (Charles Landon Goodrich)

My garden withers every day; It is crumpled, broken and empty, Though Nasturtium still blooms magnificently in it, a fiery bush … (Apollo Maykov)

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Love and nasturtiums

The nasturtium is not what you think. This seemingly uneventful little flower in our gardens hides a burning love. The one to whom it is offered, in a bouquet, receives the most torrid of declarations of love. (Nicole Parrot)

Before leaving, he wrote her a tender and sweet letter and put it in an envelope along with dried nasturtium. But he did not send it, fearing that the letter would fall into the hands of an angry husband. (Mikhail Zoshchenko)

O, you are the great door-post of this house,
And I, the red nasturtium, climbing up. (William Butler Yeats)

Day-torch, Flame-flower, cool-hot Beauty,
I cannot see, I cannot hear your fluty
Voice lure your loving swain,
But I know one other to whom you are in beauty
Born in vain;
Hair like the setting sun,
Her eyes a rising star… (Anne Spencer)

Flowers and nasturtiums

Beside the house blue larkspur, nasturtium, and sweet-peas are blooming. (Honoré de Balzac)

Mignonette, vervain, nasturtiums are still blooming in the garden, and a magnificent bouquet of them flaunts on my table. (Pyotr Tchaikovsky)

One recognizes also the scarlet nasturtium and beds of soft blue violets intermingling with fragrant jonquils. (Maturin Murray Ballou)

Red and yellow mallow nuns swayed outside the open window. Together with them, a nasturtium flower peered into the room; a furry bee sat in it. I, frozen, watched her angrily back away and get out of a tight flower. (Konstantin Paustovsky)

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Food and nasturtiums

Someone at last remarked: «Why, George has eaten all the nasturtiums!” (Ambrose Bierce)

… fragrant oleander is disgustingly bitter, and the bitterness of nasturtium is pleasant to the taste. (Alexander Sheller-Mikhailov)

François’ grouse were plunged into the kettle. These, seasoned with wild onions, nasturtium, and prairie-turnips—which Lucien had gathered along the route,—made a dish that was far from unpalatable. (Mayne Reid)

Walls and nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are not really climbers. (Eben E. Rexford)

The nasturtium flower embroiders the sacred walls with its purple figures. (François René Chateaubriand)

And over the wall, like a trail of fire,
The red nasturtium climbs high and higher. (Julia C.R. Dorr)

Poetry and nasturtiums

Everything is a poem, from a letter to a scraggly nasturtium. (Eleanor H. Porter)

Notwithstanding the glowing and sunny beauty of this well-known flower, it has, I believe, been almost overlooked by those immortal bestowers of immortality, the poets : yet it deserves their attention, no less from the elegance of its foliage, than from the brilliancy of its blossoms, and a certain originality, as it were, in its whole character. Many agreeable things might be said about it, with an allusion, by the way, to the very poetical discovery of Linnaeus’s daughter. Singular leaves, fire-coloured flowers, a lady, sparks of light, and an evening, — what might not a poet make of all these? (Elizabeth Kent)

Life and nasturtiums

Now see the nasturtiums. The leaves are like tiny green parasols blown inside-out and the flowers are terrifically garish. In every village we pass through, see how they are everywhere, how they fill every gap in every wall, every crack in every path. The nasturtiums have it figured out, how survival’s just a matter of filling in the gaps between sun up and sun down. (Sara Baume)

What does it matter that I die before taking shape — The sacred face if it is to be reborn one day — Let’s dance, oh my child, let’s dance the nasturtium — My homeland is the end of misery and love. (Louis Aragon)

Nasturtiums features

Nasturtiums, who colored you, you wonderful, glowing things? You must have been fashioned out of summer sunsets. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

One foot here, one foot there,
Here comes the nasturtium.
A foot here, a foot there,
Here the nasturtium blooms.
Nasturtium here, Nasturtium there,
Here and there. (Robert Desnos)

Fairy tales and nasturtiums

«Christopher Robin gave me a mastershalum seed, and I planted it, and I’m going to have mastershalums all over the front door.» «I thought they were called nasturtiums,» said Piglet timidly. «No,» said Pooh. «Not these. These are called mastershalums. (A.A. Milne)

The nasturtium, All pungent leaved and acrid of perfume, Hangs up its goblin bonnet, fairy-brought From Gnomeland. (Madison Cawein)

Summer and nasturtiums

Nasturtium —Another common summer flower that makes a very pretty plant in the house. (Frederick Frye Rockwell)

She returned for a moment and saw yellow-red flowers in a cozy corner. The nasturtiums are blooming. Because summer has faded. (Konstantin Balmont)

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