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Women and oleander

She was born on the banks of Lake Genazareth, in a land of shade and sun, invaded by oleanders. (Pierre Louÿs)

Oleanders have attractive flowers, they decorate nature beautifully, but they are poisonous; and a woman is an oleander; it’s all right to watch her once in a while, but then you must walk away without touching her; if you ever try to taste her even once, you’ll head for hell! (Mehmet Murat Ildan)

Sense wiles are comparable to the evergreen oleander, fragrant with its multicolored flowers: every part of the plant is poisonous. (Paramahansa Yogananda)

A girl on a balcony near the cathedral dropped a red oleander and another smiled, but Kit did not turn his head. (Harold Bindloss)

There, beautiful in the whiteness of pale chlorosis, And trusting to the evening the redness of confessions, The virgins of Lesbos go under the oleander To crouch in the sand and chat two by two. (Théodore de Banville)

Heart beat and her breath came quick as she passed through the little garden, sweet with roses and oleander and orange blossoms. (Susan Warner)

Poison and oleander

“The bitter is indeed to come,” said the countess; “and such bitter that colocynth is sweet and oleander toothsome in comparison. (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

I wondered why it had to be so poisonous. Oleanders could live through anything, they could stand heat, drought, neglect, and put out thousands of waxy blooms. So what did they need poison for? Couldn’t they just be bitter?… Maybe it wasn’t a source of poison, but just another victim. (Janet Fitch)

Thank you for your bounty, Oleander, Prince of Poisons, I think. Thank you for all that Mr. Pratt has already received, and all that my father is receiving still, as the poison twists like bramble in his gut, burns within his brain, presses like a boulder upon his heart. (Maryrose Wood)

But the tiniest taste, of Oleander can be,
The last thing you taste, for it is deadly.
Beauty can deceive, so stay far away,
To admire Oleander, on some other day. (Juan Olivarez)

People and oleander

The palm tree and the oleander are my favorite trees; the sight of the palm tree and the oleander causes me astonishing joy and cheerfulness. It seems to me that one cannot be unhappy in their shadow. (Théophile Gautier)

That one is the very spring of my life; it is my azure heaven, my hope, my courage, my strength, my star; it is all that one cannot tell, but it is that which you will divine. It is the oleander, the rose-bay tree, a lovely form adored beneath it, the twilight hour, a revery! (Honoré de Balzac)

The plants that your parents cared for are a living link between you and them. The very perishability of the plant makes it dearer … So when we lost our old oleander, I felt in a minor way that sort of helplessness we all feel in the presence of death. (Cornelius Weygandt)

He began to wander under the impalpable shade of the orange and lemon trees, then he came out of the woods, he plunged into the labyrinth of tamarisks and oleanders, a little stooped, with his wig bought in Paris… (Dominique Fernandez)

Legends and oleander

Perfumed air, brilliant hues
Cause me to wonder and to muse
What ship brought thee from afar?
What voice named thee oleander? (Elizabeth Head)

In keeping with the Mediterranean origin of the oleander,one legend has it that oleander in Greek mythology means romance and charm. A beautiful Greek maiden was wooed by Leander who swam the Hellespont every night to see his beloved. One night he was drowned in a Tempest.Wild waves dashed his body against sharp rocks and left him lifeless on the white sands. Here his lover found him as she walked the shores calling “Oh Leander, Oh Leander.”The beautiful flower was clutched in his hand. She removed it and kept it has a symbol of their love. Magically it continued to grow and from this symbol of everlasting love came the beautiful and abundant oleander. (Edith Box)

One legend says that in ancient times a volcano awoke in the Mediterranean. People and animals fled from the hot lava and rockfall, but their escape route was blocked by a large lake. A young man, the son of the gods named Oleander, decided to drink the lake to save people. Weighed down by the water, he himself could not budge. In memory of his feat, a beautiful flowering shrub growing near water in river valleys and on the sea coast was named oleander. (Igor Aprilsky)

Gardening and oleander

Oleander—A beautiful old-time favorite, with fragrant blossoms of red, pink, yellow or white. Give a very rich soil and plenty of water when growing. Rest after flowering. Cuttings are rather hard, but will root with care. (Frederick Frye Rockwell)

Note that emerged rheophytes are also found in open environments in temperate zones. Many species of willows and oleanders are good examples. (Patrick Blanc)

The Santa Anas blew in hot from the desert, shriveling the last of the spring grass into whiskers of pale straw. Only the oleanders thrived, their delicate poisonous blooms, their dagger green leaves. (Janet Fitch)

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House and oleander

Beside the farm house door stood a tall, white oleander, planted in a large, green-painted wooden tub. (Edith May Bertels Thomas)

Have you heard the old adage advising to always grow oleanders at your back door? (Terry Goodkind)

The actual wings of the properties, mostly built in a U-shape towards the south, stretched out around small but charming gardens in which oleanders and palm trees thrived and delicate fountains surrounded by borders: sun-drenched, silk-wallpapered bedchambers on the upper floors, magnificent salons on the ground floor paneled with exotic wood and dining rooms, sometimes terraced outside, in which, as Baldini had said, people actually ate from porcelain plates with golden cutlery. (Patrick Süskind)

Plants and oleander

At each step of the rock tufts of dwarf oaks, boxwoods and oleanders grew. (François-René de Chateaubriand)

The banks are thickly clothed with the oleander and plane-tree, the wild olive and almond, and many flowering-shrubs of great variety and elegance…. (Michael Russell)

Overhanging shrubs crowd the deep dells and precipitous cliffs, and amongst them grow the oleander, myrtle, arbutus, juniper, and mastic. (Franz von Löher)

Night and oleander

The oleander on the wall
Grows crimson in the dawning light,
Though the grey shadows of the night
Lie yet on Florence like a pall. (Oscar Wilde)

Through Southern heavens above are rolled
A million feverish stars, that burst,
Like gems, from out the caskets old
Of night, with fires that throb and thirst:
An oleander, showering gold,
The heav’n seems, star-immersed. (Madison Cawein)

Fragrance and oleander

The lily and rose-tree, the oleander and mulberry, each made its contribution of sweet odors, while their misty shadows quivered upon the surface of the water as the two moved gently by. (Henry Wood)

Within the piazza was filled with rare tropical plants. The beautiful oleander, magnificent rose and sweet-scented geranium, here united their fragrance… (Mary J. Holmes)

Bloom and oleander

A little further on, and what is this with large pink flowers in such abundance?—the oleander in full flower. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

We continued to climb the narrow road between solid fences on both sides. Here and there flowers peeped out among the greenery, but not many. And it’s winter, says the consul. It’s a good winter: the oleander is in bloom! (Ivan Goncharov)

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Tamarisk and oleander

Beneath rare forest trees, amidst which the graceful oleander and wild tamarisk flourished with all their native strength, produced a grateful shade. (Frederic Harrison)

To the list of shrubs which most struck us, I may also add the brilliant flowering oleander, and the tamarisk. (Thomas Forester)

Flowers and oleander

Here and there the ground was covered with flowers of richest shades and sweetest fragrance, and great branches with clustering blossoms of crimson oleander and myrtle lay around. (Richard Short)

Distinguished for their floral beauties, were the cordia, the oleander, and South-Sea rose, the grand magnolia, and the perfumed Persian lilac. (Mayne Reid)

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