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Food and peas

For a hungry man, green peas are more shiny than gleaming pearls. (Mehmet Murat Ildan)

Peas are like little green gems – they bring color and flavor to any dish. (Jamie Oliver)

When I’m desperate for spring produce but nothing has hit the farmstand yet, frozen green peas are a godsend. (Claire Saffitz)

I love fresh vegetables and we always include them in our meals. I don’t force my kids to eat asparagus, but they do eat peas, broccoli, and carrots. (Alison Sweeney)

Rice and peas fit into that category of dishes where two ordinary foods, combined together, ignite a pleasure far beyond the capacity of either of its parts alone. Like rhubarb and strawberries, apple pie and cheese, roast pork and sage, the two tastes and textures meld together into the sort of subtle transcendental oneness that we once fantasized would be our experience when we finally found the ideal mate. (John Thorne)

Nothing rekindles my spirits, gives comfort to my heart and mind, more than a visit to Mississippi… and to be regaled as I often have been, with a platter of fried chicken, field peas, collard greens, fresh corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes with French dressing… and to top it all off with a wedge of freshly baked pecan pie. (Craig Claiborne)

Peas are, without a doubt, the best of all the vegetables that are eaten in Paris and it is above all their presence that makes the month of June, where they are in all their goodness, really dear to gourmands. They are used as an accompaniment in a large number of starters, and singularly raise the price of the meats and birds that are cooked with them. (Grimod de La Reynière)

People and peas

He has something of the joy of germinating the pea in him. (Emil Baschnonga)

Being pretty on the inside means you don’t hit your brother and you eat all your peas — that’s what my grandma taught me. (Lord Chesterfield)

All I wanted was to be a pea of being inside the green pod of time. (Billy Collins)

Civilisation makes us all as alike as peas in a pod, and it is the very uncouth — uncivilised, if you will — element which individualises nations. (Alec-Tweedie)

The chapter of peas is still going on; the impatience to eat it, the pleasure of having eaten it and the joy of eating it again are the three points that our princes have been discussing for four days. (Françoise d’Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon)

Ripe peas! They pounced,
Like locusts on the strip:
Peas, as a pretty girl,
Whoever passes, will pluck! (Nikolay Nekrasov)

Six peas once went on a journey
Because nobody wanted to eat them
A person who only wanted to count them
To torment themselves and others. (Juergen Wagner)

Vegetable garden and peas

They sowed the duller vegetables first, and a pleasant feeling of righteous fatigue stole over them as they addressed themselves to the peas. (E.M. Forster)

The sower may mistake and sow his peas crookedly; the peas make no mistake, but come up and show his line. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The peas, rising on props in light garlands, formed long pavilions, some kind of narrow, mysterious lanes, where tiny half-asleep robins chirped. (George Sand)

A little croft we owned—a plot of corn,
A garden stored with peas, and mint, and thyme,
And flowers for posies, oft on Sunday morn
Plucked while the church bells rang their earliest chime. (William Wordsworth)

It’s better to grow peas in your own front yard than a pumpkin in someone else’s field. (Pavel Kosorin)

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Life and peas

We live vy simply — but with all the essentials of life well understood & well provided for — hot baths, cold champagne, new peas, and old brandy. (Winston S. Churchill)

What you discover about life’s shell game is that it’s hardest to follow the pea when you’re the pea. (Robert Breault)

I no longer care under which shell the pea of immortality might be found. (Robert Sheckley)

Lives are snowflakes — unique in detail, forming patterns we have seen before, but as like one another as peas in a pod (and have you ever looked at peas in a pod? I mean, really looked at them? There’s not a chance you’d mistake one for another, after a minute’s close inspection.) (Neil Gaiman)

Peas features

How lucious lies the pea within the pod. (Emily Dickinson)

Peas are the perfect symbol of simplicity and nourishment. (John Thorne)

The use of the pea in the Fertile Crescent is attested by archaeological data dating back to 8000 BC. J.-C. (M. Brink & G. Belay)

We are convinced that the feature of peas and all legumes that distinguishes them from cereals — the ability to assimilate free nitrogen of the atmosphere — is due to the ability of their roots to become infected with known soil bacteria. (Kliment Timiryazev)

Pea soup

There must be a way to get more of these in me faster, thought the inventor of pea soup as he sat eating peas. (Dana Gould)

Memory overshadows the present and dims the future into something thicker than its usual pea soup. (Vladimir Nabokov)

I wish my songs
That were small peas:
I’m cooking a pea soup,
It should be delicious. (Heinrich Heine)

Attitude to peas

Peas baffled me. I could not understand why grown-ups would take things that tasted so good raw, and then put them in tins, and make them revolting. (Neil Gaiman)

I think peas are really nasty. I liked them when I was younger, but I guess when you get older you have different taste buds. (Rico Rodriguez)

If you don’t like peas,it is probably because you have not had them fresh.It is the difference between reading a great book and reading the summary on the back. (Lemony Snicket)

Princess and pea

Then they recognized that she was a real princess since, through the twenty mattresses and twenty eiderdown comforters, she had smelled of peas. Such sensitive skin could only be that of a true princess. (Hans Christian Andersen)

What torture when upon her return home she lay upon not a single pea, alleviated by comfortable mattresses, but upon a whole sack of undisguised peas! (Ossip Schubin)

If you’ve sat on the pea long enough as a princess, you’ll eventually be satisfied with a frog! (Thomas S. Lutter)

Pigeons and peas

Pigeon: Should only be eaten with peas. (Gustave Flaubert)

Dumber than a pigeon: an expired can of peas. (Jose Artur)

The partridge likes peas, but not those that come with it in the pan. (Henry David Thoreau)

Men and peas

A man must have something to cling to. Without that he is as a pea vine sprawling in search of a trellis…. I was all asprawl, clinging to Beauty, which is a very restless trellis. (E.B. White)

I used to visit and revisit it a dozen times a day, and stand in deep contemplation over my vegetable progeny with a love that nobody could share or conceive of who had never taken part in the process of creation. It was one of the most bewitching sights in the world to observe a hill of beans thrusting aside the soil, or a rose of early peas just peeping forth sufficiently to trace a line of delicate green. (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Rabbits and peas

— Peas and beans are also bliss! one of the rabbits recalled, with such anxiety in his voice, as if, if he did not remind him of this in time, such fine delicacies would go out of use by rabbits. (Fazil Iskander)

I’m obsessed with broccoli, carrots, celery, string beans, snap peas, black kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage — I could go on! They used to call me ‘rabbit’ when I was a kid. (Lisa Edelstein)

Pea puree

The food? Hey, always barley soup, and pea purée on Sundays. (Paul Verlaine)

Ripe and dry peas are one of the vegetables that provide the most delicate puree, & the least coarse food. (Denis Diderot & Jean Le Rond d’Alembert)

Carrots and peas

Peas went with carrots as infallibly as ham went with eggs. For years I thought carrots and peas grew on the same vine. (Peg Bracken)

Jenny and I were like peas and carrots. (Winston Groom)

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If happiness resided in the pleasures of the body, we would proclaim oxen happy when they find peas to eat. (Heraclitus)

But that real things and persons are never quite identical is not merely a philosophical doctrine but a practical fact. The «two peas» of one saying are never so much «alike» as the «two blades of grass» of another are unlike. (George Saintsbury)

The loves of comedians are like boxes of peas in supermarkets: in promotions during a period displayed on the facade of stores or on the cover of magazines. (Philippe Bouvard)

When the peas or the leeks boil in the pot which is put out of the fire, then know that there is no witch in the house. (Jacques Lacarrière)

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