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Phloxes features

Phlox flowers symbolize harmony, compatibility, unity, partnership, agreement, and united hearts and souls. (Andrew Gaumond)

Phloxes are a surprisingly diverse bunch of plants for a single genus. Some are tall, fragrant, sun-loving perennials, while others have leaves that look like moss and grow close to the ground. (Brian Barth)

The old, paternal Phlox, standing amid the clusters, lavishes the loud laughter of his jolly, easygoing colours. (Maurice Maeterlinck)

If you feel sad today, Primula will quench your sorrows. Phlox will fill you with secret power, And the sunflower will illuminate you with the sun! (Tatyana Lavrova)

The Phloxes are easily propagated, either from rooted layers or cuttings. (John George Wood)

Phloxes grown in rather shady places will, in damp weather, fall victims to mildew on the leaves. (Helena Rutherfurd Ely)

Scarlet phloxes, purple phloxes , superb, raising cattails of flowers as the wind swept. (Émile Zola)

Garden and phloxes

The tall-growing hardy phlox should be in all gardens. (William Constantine Egan)

In the rear of the house is the garden, famous for its phloxes, the scene of many walks and family confidences. (Charles Sumner Olcott)

Another most desirable plant for the perennial border is Phlox (from the Greek flame ). (Sarah Warner Brooks)

The gardens were full of sweet-williams, pale phloxes, and tall hollyhocks. (Francis Brett Young)

Into the garden peace comes back with twilight,
Peace that since noon had left the purple phlox,
The heavy-headed asters, the late roses
And swaying hollyhocks. (Sara Teasdale)

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Nature and phloxes

The mild faces of violets and pansies, the gaudy blotches of phlox, stood out like nature. (Will Lillibridge)

Over the low fence, the blue phlox, that dainty carpeting of the May woods, shut its starry flowers, and lay close to the ground. (John Horace McFarland)

Heaven-invading hills are drowned
In wide moving waves of mist,
Phlox before my door are wound
In dripping wreaths of amethyst. (Sara Teasdale)

The aquilegia sprinkled on the rocks
A scarlet rain; the yellow violet
Sat in the chariot of its leaves, the phlox
Held spikes of purple flame in meadows wet,
And all the streams with vernal-scented reed
Were fringed, and streaky bellow of miskodeed. (Bayard Taylor)

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Attitude to phloxes

The phlox! Time now to attend to that! (Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris)

My white phlox is really the most distinguished thing in my garden. (Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris)

A few absent-minded praises were given to the phloxes and the begonias. (Humphry Ward)

It was a mass of the bright-coloured heads of the annual phlox which excited my admiration. (Maud Maryon)

Woman and phloxes

She stood now in her steep mountain garden bordered with phlox and larkspur and looked far out over the long and many ridges. (Mary Johnston)

Her Michaelmas daisies and perennial phloxes—flowers of her anxious care—were in full bloom. (Arthur Quiller-Couch)

The tinkle of a wind chime stirred from over a window. Purple and white phlox cascaded cheerfully over the top of a nearby stone wall. Sunlight sifted through the weave of her straw hat, casting freckles of light on her nose and cheeks that shifted, out of focus, as she walked. (Caragh M. O’Brien)

Fragrance and phloxes

My whole life, I’ve been enchanted by the unique and irresistible aroma of phlox, and many other aromatic plants. I encourage you to try them as well. (Scott Woodbury)

Henri raised his head and inhaled the sweet smell of phlox (Simone de Beauvoir)

Summer and life would really be poorer without this fragrance-giving companion of fifteen summer weeks, it really has an old-fashioned summer fragrance, a fragrance that wants to make us feel at home on earth. (Karl Foerster)

Summer and phloxes

A garden without phlox is not just a mere mistake, but a sin against summer. (Karl Foerster)

The scent (of the phlox) moves through the evening in regular waves, alternating with warmer or cooler air — summer is celebrating its wedding! (Hermann Fuchs)

Two other races of garden hybrids are of extreme importance in late summer, the Pentstemons and Phloxes, the latter being among the most valuable of border plants. (Harry Roberts)

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Flowers and phloxes

Purple phlox, dahlias, and lilacs are the favorite out-door flowers. (Helen Hunt Jackson)

For beauty and usefulness Peonies rank with Phloxes. (Helena Rutherfurd Ely)

In the other beds of phlox and petunias and hollyhocks gayly inclosed a broad, open grass-plot. (Edward Prime-Stevenson)

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Spring and phloxes

This year, violets and lily of the valley are everywhere, while phloxes are about to release their shocking pink scent. Oh, my dear, if you had come here this spring, you would have seen how bleeding hearts thrive. (Madelon Sprengnether)

When May, with cowslip-braided locks,
Walks through the land in green attire.
And burns in meadow-grass the phlox
His torch of purple fire:
And when the punctual May arrives,
With cowslip-garland on her brow,
We know what once she gave our lives,
And cannot give us now! (Bayard Taylor)

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Autumn and phloxes

He smelled the scents of autumn, phlox and moist old vegetation and corn in sheaf. (David Herbert Lawrence)

It is a sad moment when the first phlox appears. It is the amber light indicating the end of the great burst of early summer and suggesting that we must now start looking forward to autumn. Not that I have any objection to autumn as a season, full of its own beauty; but I just cannot bear to see another summer go, and I recoil from what the first hint of autumn means. (Vita Sackville-West)

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Bees and phloxes

And in the phlox, the courteous bees, Are paying duty calls. (Grant Martin Overton)

Where the maples were a quiver
In the pleasant June-time breeze;
And where droned among the phloxes
Half a hundred golden bees. (Leslie Clare Manchester)

Old-fashioned and phloxes

… crossed cottages in the village, with old-fashioned hollyhocks, blue campanulas, and masses of phlox. (Alfred Guy Kingan L’Estrange)

Did a lover of flowers covet a new phlox or dahlia or other old-fashioned flower, Granny Hogendobler was ready to give of her stock. (Anna Balmer Myers)

Sky and phloxes

Braziers blaze, and the sky is thick with sea spray and incense. The ground beneath us is moon-blooming phlox. (Holly Black)

Clouds over the weeping phlox, Enveloping the distance, overdid. Flower beds are like cold tiles. The city coughs up school and coke. (Boris Pasternak)

Colors and phloxes

…cultivators claim that the most brilliant colors are obtained by crossing annual with perennial phloxes. (Neltje Blanchan)

I like this salmon-coloured phlox. (Compton MacKenzie)


Already the phlox and the hollyhocks glisten, and I wander in the garden dreaming of verses clear as crystal. (Emile Verhaeren)

Phloxes turn white; you will not go down into your own garden. To inhale their painfully sweet smell. God is that which is unable to stop the rockfall, Glitters in drops, lives in rustling and specks. (Alexander Kushner)

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