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Women and plums

She decides to make a list of the things that make her happy. She writes ‘plum-blossom’ at the top of a piece of paper. Then she stares at the paper, unable to think of anything else. Eventually it begins to get dark. (Neil Gaiman)

“She loved rhubarb pie. … She loved plums.» «Plums. Greengage plums?» «Yes, greengage plums.” (Melanie Gideon)

Then she made up her mind to have some cherries, which she «did not like,» then some plums, then some little cakes. Then she said, «I have had enough,» and sat back in her corner. (Guy de Maupassant)

I wanted to bathe in plum juice, rediscover my body and adorn it in kiwi circles. (Aimee Bender)

The opinion I have of the generality of women—who appear to me as children to whom I would rather give a sugar plum than my time, forms a barrier against matrimony which I rejoice in. (John Keats)

A blooming plum—round and ripe—aha! A parfect goddess! Let me parish if London could boast a finer! Such a shape! Such a neck! (Jeffery Farnol)

There’s something vaguely erotic about watching a woman eat a banana while cupping two plums. (Dana Gould)

You, pretty girl, wine-flushed,
Your rosy face is rosier still.
How long may the peach and plum trees flower
By the green-painted house? (Li Po)

Food and plums

Being pitless is progress for the plum, but from the point of view of those who eat it. (Paul-Jean Toulet)

First a layer of fine granulated sugar, then the plums and so on until the jar is filled. (Thomas Jefferson Ritter)

She begins in the morning, when she wakes, with two little green wild plums pickled in vinegar and rolled in powdered sugar. (Pierre Loti)

I dined upon a bird, and radishes from the garden, and homemade plum jam. (Shirley Jackson)

He leads you to the tree, artistically picks this exquisite plum; he opens it, gives you half, and takes the other: “What flesh! he said; do you taste this? is this divine? This is what you won’t find anywhere else.” (Jean de La Bruyere)

The tea proceeded pleasantly, notwithstanding that the cake, being a little burnt, tasted on the outside like the latter plums in snapdragon. (Thomas Hardy)

I grew up surrounded by generously yielding plum trees, and as a family we were constantly on the hunt for inspired ways to use up the lovely plums before age got the better of them. (Rachel Khoo)

While he forth from the closet brought a heap
Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and gourd;
With jellies soother than the creamy curd,
And lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon; (John Keats)

Plum blossom

When the old plum tree blooms, the entire world blooms. (Dogen)

This spring day My heart begins to rejoice, Because the plums are blooming! (Kobayashi Issa)

When you see plum blossoms or hear the sound of a small stone hitting bamboo, that is a letter from the world of emptiness. (Shunryu Suzuki)

We complain and complain, but we have lived and seen the blossom -apple, pear, cherry, plum, almond blossom — in the sun; and the best among us cannot pretend they deserve — or could contrive — anything better. (J.B. Priestley)

Celebrating the advent of cherry blossoms is a religious custom of Japan… In a general sense, flowers and trees figure largely in the life of the Japanese nation, which suggests the deep-rooted growth Shintoism has taken. In January, when it is cold, even plum and other trees blossom, which proves a source of joy to the people. (Samuel Murray)

Red plum — I collect
the fallen petals
from the mat… (Masaoka Shiki)

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People and plums

You cannot evoke great spirits and eat plums at the same time. (George William Russell)

Plums and friends, you have to taste them right down to the pit, before knowing if they are good. And then it’s too late. (Paul-Jean Toulet)

Promises that you make to yourself are often like the Japanese plum tree — they bear no fruit. (Francis Marion)

What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree? (Logan Pearsall Smith)

If I saw a flowering bud on this plum tree and said it’s a plum, would I have lied? Not at all, I would have simply preceded the truth by a season. (Amin Maalouf)

I quietly like a lot of the stuff that I do. But I think you’d look like a bit of a plum if you started to think you were really good — or certainly if you started to say you were really good. You don’t want to jinx it. (Tim Key)

Gardening and plums

Gardening is one of the rewards of middle age, when one is ready for an impersonal passion, a passion that demands patience, acute awareness of a world outside oneself, and the power to keep on growing through all the times of drought, through the cold snows, towards those moments of pure joy when all failures are forgotten and the plum tree flowers. (May Sarton)

Sometimes, as is the case of peach and plum trees, which are often dwarfed, the plants are thrown into a flowering states, and then, as they flower freely year after year, they have little inclination to make vigorous growth. (Robert Fortune)

There are so many species of plums in cultivation, and the varieties of the same species are often so different in constitution and habit, that it is difficult to give advice concerning their propagation. All the species grow readily from fresh, well-ripened seeds. (Liberty Hyde Bailey)

Planting is a matter of supreme importance, but the rules for pears and plums are very much the same. Especial care must be taken if the soil is heavy and loaded with moisture. Put the trees on arrival in a trench (see before), and wait until the ground is fit and the soil as fine as possible so that the roots may run freely through it. (Edward Bartrum)

A step ladder or a Heathman’s combined ladder is best for gathering as plum wood is often brittle. Look over the trees several times and gather gradually. Fruit for home use should not be gathered until it is ripe, but for market it should not be quite ripe. Early morning when the fruit is cool is the best time. (Edward Bartrum)

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Fruits and plums

It’s always the plums who compare apples to oranges. (Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger)

Plums are a good substitute for gooseberries. (Yotam Ottolenghi)

Fruits each in its season, are the cheapest, most elegant and wholesome dessert you can offer your family or friends, at luncheon or tea. Pastry and plum-pudding should be prohibited by law, from the beginning of June until the end of September. (Mary Virginia Terhune)

It was a very hot morning in August, when little Floy stopped to look in at a city fruiterer’s window. There were bright golden apples, nice juicy pears, plump bunches of grapes, luscious plums and peaches, and mammoth melons. (Fanny Fern)

Love and plums

He must understand that if he is the world’s finest plum and someone he loves does not like plums, he has the choice of becoming a banana. But he must be warned that if he chooses to become a banana, he will be a second rate banana. But he can always be the best plum. (Leo Buscaglia)

Love then unstinted love did sip,
And cherries pluck’d fresh from the lip,
On cheeks and roses free he fed;
Lasses, like Autumne plums, did drop,
And lads indifferently did drop
A flower and a maiden-head. (Richard Lovelace)

I know my breasts, small as plums,
would win no blue ribbons.
But in your hands they tremble and fill
with song like plump, white birds. (Cecilia Llompart)

Cold and plums

Even if the winter cold is still in the corners,
the plum trees will soon be in bloom. (Yosa Buson)

Without bitterest cold that penetrates to the very bone, how can plum blossoms send forth their fragrance all over the world? (Matsuo Basho)

Sprigs of plum by the corner of the wall
Are blooming alone in the cold;
If not for the subtle fragrance drifting over
Who could tell this from snow on the boughs. (Wang Anshi)

Life and plums

Life’s a pudding full of plums. (W.S. Gilbert)

It usually happened that some one of the gay balls yielded a prize each Saturday afternoon. Sometimes only a big sugar plum, but oftener something pretty and useful. (Mary Finley Leonard)

When strawberries go begging, and the sleek
Blue plums lie open to the blackbird’s beak,
We shall live well
we shall live very well. (Elinor Wylie)

Orchard and plums

But the crowning glory in the near landscape were the fruit trees. The cherry boughs grew white every day, and were closely followed by the plum and pear and the pink-hued peach blossoms. (Edward Payson Roe)

Only cherries, plums and some varieties of apple trees were blooming, but the entire garden was buried in smoke, and only near the nurseries Kovrin breathed deeply. (Anton Chekhov)

Inside plum trees stood in a row, flowers lifted their pale throats to the moon and stars, a magnolia held its tight-closed buds like white candles in its green hands. (Marisa De Los Santos)

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Plum pudding

As a rule they bluff their way through life, pulling plums out of life’s pudding by hook or by crook. (Epifanio de los Santos)

An efficiency-regime cannot be run without a few heroes stuck about it to carry off the dullness — much as plums have to be put into bad pudding to make it palatable. (E.M. Forster)

Christmas and plums

Of all the meals that represented British culture, perhaps none captured the imagination more than the Christmas pudding. It was the Victorians who firmly fixed the traditional plum pudding as a festive dish. (Kwasi Kwarteng)

When Christmas comes in July I often serve plum pudding pie with hot coffee or tea of chai; while air conditioning’s on high. (Paterson Mooney)

Moon and plums

Moon, plum blossoms, this, that, and the day goes. (Kobayashi Issa)

How much more beautiful is the moon, Slanting down the gauffered branches of a plum-tree; The moon Wavering across a bed of tulips; The moon, Still, Upon your face. You shine, Beloved, You and the moon. But which is the reflection? (Amy Lowell)

Art and plums

When you paint Spring, do not paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots — just paint Spring. (Dogen)

Madame de la Sablière called La Fontaine a fablier, who naturally carried fables, like a plum tree of plums. (Voltaire)

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