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Women and poinsettias

Her cheeks matched the poinsettia, or Christmas flower, and her eyes were as blue as the sapphires in the jewel shops. (Margaret Penrose)

Mrs. Daw was a flaming poinsettia, Mrs. Wallingford a rose, and the twain were as antagonistic as were their hues of cheek. (George Randolph Chester)

To-night she wore a poinsettia, whose peculiarly vivid red brought out the warm browns of her skin and hair. (Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton)

It was a shipboard story, and the heroine was charming so long as she wore her heavy ulster. But along toward evening she blossomed forth in a yellow gown, with a scarlet poinsettia at her throat. I quit her cold. Nobody ever wore a scarlet poinsettia; or if they did, they couldn’t wear it on a yellow gown. Or if they did wear it with a yellow gown, they didn’t wear it at the throat. Scarlet poinsettias aren’t worn, anyhow. To this day I don’t know whether the heroine married the hero or jumped overboard. (Edna Ferber)

The girl reflected back from the window in front of me has poinsettias growing out of her belly and head. She’s the shape of a breakfast-link sausage standing on broomstick legs, her arms made from twigs, her face blurred with an eraser. I know that this is me, but it’s not me, not really. I don’t know what I look like.I can’t remember how to look. (Laurie Halse Anderson)

Christmas and poinsettias

Look, the world is everywhere: satellites, end tables, the pink and white poinsettias outside the church; reunions and degrees. All those radiant asterisks . . . Soon it will all make sense. (Terrance Hayes)

The only thrill that the present Christmas Day produced came in the shape of a pot of flaming poinsettias bearing the card of Ned Stillman. (Charles Caldwell Dobie)

Riotous little bells swung from the doorways; sprigs of holly and gorgeous poinsettias framed the cheap pictures; bright candles in cheerful red shades burned on the table. (Hildegard G. Frey)

Christmas giving to the flower lover is a matter of delight, for if you stop to think you will know what the recipient will be sure to appreciate. Cut flowers always afford joy, from an inexpensive bunch of carnations to the choicest American Beauties. The Christmas blooming plants, however, last much longer, and the rich scarlet berries of the ardesia will survive the holiday season by several months. Poinsettia has been steadily increasing in popularity, and can be surrounded by ferns that will live on indefinitely. (Olive Hyde Foster)

Poinsettia features

A symbol of hope and goodwill, the poinsettia is a wonderful plant to have in your home during the holidays. (Eden Alexander)

Some familiar commercial products are obtained from members of the spurge family; e.g., rubber, tapioca, and castor oil. In horticulture, the cactus-like spurges and the Christmas poinsettia are well-known favorites. (Eula Whitehouse)

So beautiful, yet poisonous is the poinsettia.
Protecting herself from us with a vendetta.
We put it out as a center-piece decoration.
Withering away and weakening, during our celebration. (Chris Matt)

Nature and poinsettias

Jagged cacti shot up among the bulbous rocks and everywhere the scarlet poinsettia set the hills aglow with patches of brilliant colour. (Mae M. Franking)

Indeed, Kampala, a city of extraordinary beauty, full of flowers, palm trees, mango trees and poinsettias, is extends over seven gentle, green hills, part of which descends directly into the lake. (Ryszard Kapuściński)

One glance, too, under the boughs of the great Cotton-tree at the gate, at the still sleeping sea, with one tall coolie ship at anchor, seen above green cane-fields and coolie gardens, gay with yellow Croton and purple Dracæna, and crimson Poinsettia, and the grand leaves of the grandest of all plants, the Banana, food of paradise. (Charles Kingsley)

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Flowers and poinsettias

Poinsettias, vivid in their tintings, stood unabashed with the modest lily of the valley and the shrinking violet. The California poppy, lover of both hill and lowland, drooped its head and half folded its petals, diffident in the presence of the grandees of the floral kingdom. (John Augustine Cull)

Each little garden flames with red poinsettia, purple convolvulus, and yellow daisies. (Emily Richings)

Lovely gardens, full of purple bougainvillea, orange bignonia, and scarlet poinsettias. (Annie Brassey)

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Stars and poinsettias

And onward, as bells off San Salvador
Salute the crocus lustres of the stars,
In these poinsettia meadows of her tides, –
Adagios of islands, O my Prodigal,
Complete the dark confessions her veins spell. (Hart Crane)

I love to see you
and only you this time…
as you spread all over your leaf-liked petals
like the very bright numerous stars
you’d fallen down magically from the sky
your flaming red on top of green
so alluring –
I am so mesmerized. (Len Gasun)

Religion and poinsettias

My heart is poinsettia red,
You have filled it with Your own dear blood,
My love in return to all others spread,
None do You exclude, tho you could. (Sunlite Wanter)

The poinsettia shape reminds us of the Star of Bethlehem
Which led the wise men to a manger with gifts for Him,
And the brilliant red of the Christmas flower symbolizes
The shed blood of Jesus Christ which every Christian prizes. (L Milton Hankins)

Gardening and poinsettias

Cuttings of growing shoots, of two or three buds each, handled upon a cutting bench or in a frame. Many propagators prefer to let the cuttings lie exposed two or three days before setting them. (Liberty Hyde Bailey)

Conversely, the red plant itself burns a brighter red when set off by the green than when it grows among its peers. In the bed I always reserved for poinsettia seedlings, there was little to distinguish one plant from its neighbours. My poinsettia did not turn scarlet until I planted it in new surroundings. Colour is not something one has, colour is bestowed on one by others. (Arthur Japin)

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Poinsett and poinsettias

Mrs. Poinsett who had been the wife of Joel Roberts Poinsett, the well-known statesman and Secretary of War under Van Buren… The beautiful Christmas flower, the poinsettia, was named in compliment to Mr. Poinsett. (Marian Gouverneur)

Nice little boxes they have at the ten-cent stores, all covered with poinsettia flowers, to put presents in. Wonder when poinsettia began to be used as a Christmas decoration and why? Everyone in ten-cent store calls them “poinsettias,” but named after J. R. Poinsett. (Christopher Morley)

Love and poinsettias

Hibiscus flowers are cups of fire,
(Love me, my lover, life will not stay)
The bright poinsettia shakes in the wind,
A scarlet leaf is blowing away. (Sara Teasdale)

the young bloom of the poinsettia offspring reminds me of the simplicity of your kisses
i daydream under the aging night’s stars all lost in thoughts of you (Marty King)

Christmas tree and poinsettias

The organ was playing when the girls entered. The chapel was decorated with holly and poinsettias. In the corner a mammoth Christmas tree with the traditional white star at the top sent out a fragrance of spruce and Christmas cheer. (Clair Blank)

A lighted Christmas tree with the gayest of colors stood outside under the stars, where a little more snow was adding itself to the more artificial burdens of the tree. Within were gay holly and mistletoe and bright poinsettia plants in bloom. (Harriet Pyne Grove)

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People and poinsettias

In the late morning the boys brought in great loads of poinsettia, from which they fashioned brilliant rosettes and garlands for the church. (Frederick Starr)

Pink Poinsettia
my favorite color
lifts my mood
with every holiday glance. (James Marshall Goff)

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