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Attitude to roller skating

I love to roller skate. (Jane Krakowski)

I like to roller skate. I have been roller skating since I was eight. (Mackenzie Foy)

I’m very bad at anything that requires balance, like surfing, rollerblading, walking. (Gerard Arthur Way)

Women and roller skating

Being from Detroit, I often went to the roller skating rink. I can skate backwards, forwards, and even twirl on skates, LOL! (Kenya Moore)

Equality for women does not exist. They are rabbits on which we would have put roller skates. The skates roll but they are still rabbits. (Serge Gainsbourg)

Sadness and roller skating

A boy told me if he roller-skated fast enough his loneliness couldn’t catch up to him, the best reason I ever heard for trying to be a champion. (Naomi Shihab Nye)

Embarking on sadness is like sliding on roller skates down a slope: impossible to predict how long the descent will last, but we know perfectly well that everything will stop suddenly. (Lucia Etxebarria)

Art and roller skating

Acting is like roller skating. Once you know how to do it, it is neither stimulating nor exciting. (George Sanders)

Any writer who believes in the ‘lucky creative accident’ in writing is pushing elephants on roller skates up greased ramps. (Leonard Bishop)

Ice-skating and roller skating

Roller-skating and ice-skating are two different things – I found that out the hard way. (Todd Bridges)

Hockey on roller skates is like MMA in a bounce house: the elements are there, but the medium makes the whole thing ridiculous. (David Walton)

Quotes about ice skating

Animals and roller skating

It’s better to step on an awake turtle than on a sleeping roller skate. (Francois Cavanna)

Perhaps he would even manage to teach a cat the fine art of drumming and a lion the noble sport of roller skating. (Queneau)

Mountain and roller skating

He really is terribly heavy going. Like running up hill in roller skates. (Alan Ayckbourn)

Doing time is like climbing a mountain wearing roller skates. (John Dean)


Politics is like roller skating. You go partly where you want to go, and partly where the damn things take you. (Henry F. Ashurst)

Minor keys and drugs don’t make a roller skate jam. (Prince)

The first inventor of rollers, actually mentioned in historical documents, is the Belgian Joseph Merlin. In 1760, it was he who came up with the idea of attaching a metal frame with two pairs of wheels to his boots. He appeared in them at one of the magnificent balls in London, which made a splash. The rollers did not have very good handling, and Joseph did not know how to ride them very well, so in the end he drove into a huge mirror and miraculously survived. (Evgeny Dementiev)

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