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Skateboarding features

All skateboarding is putting ideas into action. (Marc Johnson)

Skateboarding is poetry of motion. (Stevie Williams)

I feel like skateboarding is as much of a sport as a lifestyle, and an art form, so there’s so much that that transcends in terms of music, fashion, and entertainment. (Tony Hawk)

Skateboarding is more than riding a board. It’s is more than riding a board. It’s a style that has its own fashion look, music, magazines, and language. (Jana Voelke Studelska)

In skateboarding, you’re never bigger than the streets. (Rob Dyrdek)

Skateboarding is forever, and things like college and girls only ruin an endlessly savored adolescence. (Roger Ebert)

The hardest thing about skateboarding is consistency: The slightest flick of your foot or gust of wind can send your board flying, so it’s really anybody’s game out there. (Shaun White)

Skateboarding, like graffiti, will never be tamed. No matter how much they monetize it, no matter how big it gets, no matter how many companies are putting millions and millions of dollars into marketing it, it’s always going to be some Mexican kid on a corner in Echo Park that changes the rules of the game. (Jeffrey Deitch)

Skateboarding is truly an American sport, as it began in the 1950s in California. (Matt Doeden)

The idea of skateboarding dates back to the early 1900s. People attached roller-skate wheels to wooden planks. They connected scooter like handles to the front of the boards. (Eric Preszler)

Every skateboard maneuver in an empty swimming pool or ramp starts with a drop-in. (Konstantin Butz)

Most skateboarding tricks begin with an ollie. Skaters step hard on the board’s tail. The board then pops into the air. (Matt Doeden)

Many skateboarders prefer to buy a blank board so they can put their own graphics on it. (Edward Willett)

Girls and skateboarding

Some girls can skate, but I personally believe that skateboarding is not for girls at all. Not one bit. (Nyjah Huston)

When I was a kid, everywhere I went people said I should be a model, but I was more into skateboarding. (Daria Werbowy)

I had a really lovely upbringing. I did a lot of skateboarding down country lanes. (Ellie Bamber)

There are few girls in skateboarding, and most of them have very little investment in it, even among those who participate in competitions. And the boys seem to have so much competition that everyone gives 100%. (Ksenia Maricheva)

With her sporty physique, her caustic character and her torn jeans, Fred tells herself that she might wait a long time for her first kiss. So, enough of the fairy tales, Fred prefers to stay herself and ignite the asphalt on her skateboard… (Jo Witek)

Life and skateboarding

Life is a lot like skateboarding. (Lil Wayne)

I live to ride, and ride to live. (Ryan Sheckler)

Skateboarding has taught me two things – that symbolise a meaning of life. How to keep a balance and how to pick yourself up when you’ve fallen. (Nikki Rowe)

My whole life has been the skate life. I don’t really remember doing anything besides skateboarding. (Ryan Sheckler)

Skateboarding is a lifestyle. If I weren’t a professional skateboarder, I’d be skating every day. (Ryan Sheckler)

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people say “there’s something missing in my life”. None of these people have been skateboarders. (Lucas Klein)

Skateboarding is the best thing that ever happened to me. But it ruined my life. (Mike Leslie)


Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder. Not being able to stop skateboarding makes you a skateboarder. (Lance Mountain)

Skateboarding has given me everything I have and created who I am. (Rob Dyrdek)

Skateboarders are the surfers of urban landscapes, with the shimmer of the sea replaced by pieces of metal or glass on the floor. (Alain Bremond-Torrent)

I think that’s one of the best things about skateboarding. We’re all competitors out there, but no one dislikes each other. (Nyjah Huston)

One thing about a skater, they never quit, so a skater to sum it up is awesome. (Lil Wayne)

Sports and skateboarding

I never got into skateboarding to be number one. (Tony Hawk)

Skateboarding has nothing to do with competition or sport. It has to do with trying to stay as immature as you can for the rest of your life. (Lance Mountain)

Skateboarding is so much more than a sport. (Lilia Sukhankova)

There’s definitely a lot of people out there in the industry who feel that skateboarding shouldn’t be a competitive sport. Or be a sport in general at all. Those are the people who want to keep skateboarding at the core side of things. But me personally, I love seeing the sport of skateboarding grow in general. It’s just going to naturally happen. (Nyjah Huston)

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Olympics and skateboarding

The Olympic Games need skateboarding more than we need them. (Tony Hawk)

Skateboarding is more popular than many of the sports that are in the Summer Olympics. (Tony Hawk)

I’m stoked that the Olympics finally put skateboarding in there. I was always a little confused about why it wasn’t in there in the first place considering that snowboarding and other similar sports were in the Olympics. (Nyjah Huston)

People really criticize professional athletes going into the Olympics. People don’t like change. A bunch of people don’t like the Olympics now because we’ve added skateboarding… We’re modernizing the sport. (Larry Ellison)

Snowboarding and skateboarding

I like to snowboard on a skateboard on concrete. (Eiki Helgason)

Snowboarding is skateboarding without the wheels, just on the snow. It’s the same thing. Just that one is on hard ground with the wheels. The other is on snow. You just have to know how to maneuver your board and do things you want to do. (Gza)

I personally think skateboarding is harder because it has so many moving parts. With snowboarding, your feet are strapped to your board. (Shaun White)

Usually, the thing that signifies that I’m done with the winter is that I start skateboarding. (Shaun White)

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Hip-hop and skateboarding

I was into skateboarding, so through skating I kind of got into hip hop by discovering it through skate videos. (Frank Dukes)

A lot of hip-hop sounds the same… same thing with skateboarding. But if you see someone coming out here doing some tricks no one’s done before that’s really cool. (Nyjah Huston)

Skateboarding is a part of hip-hop culture. I think it’s the fifth element of hip hop — emceeing, deejaying, b-boying, graffiti, and skateboarding. Skateboarders live and die on the streets. It’s expression. It’s everything that hip hop is. (Yelawolf)

Attitude to skateboarding

I fell in love with skateboarding because it was individual; there were no teams or captains, there was nothing to perfect or style to be measured. (Rodney Mullen)

I love skateboarding, but it makes me the worst psychopathic maniac. (Mike Taylor)

So much of my life and my style and sensibility are influenced by skateboarding. It’s counter-culture and skateboarding is my introduction to counter-culture. (Vic Mensa)

I grew up skateboarding, but I don’t even do that anymore. (Tom DeLonge)

Competitions and skateboarding

Contests militated against progression because they forced me into a pattern of consistency. (Rodney Mullen)

As skateboarding evolved, it evolved away from competition. Having a best-trick contest doesn’t work. (Rob Dyrdek)

They’ll try to apply the rules of the day to the game — where you can’t touch your board, or you can’t step off your board, etc. And I want nothing to do with it. It’s like a game from a different planet or something, and it’s hard for me to relate to anybody who would think of skateboarding in such a narrow way. (Mike Vallely)

Surfing and skateboarding

For me, skateboarding started in 1965, so by the time the Dogtown era came around I’d already been skatin’ for 10 years. When I started it was clay wheels and mostly home made decks. We were just trying to copy surfing. Everything about skateboarding had to do with surfing. It was all about fun and a way to surf when the waves were shitty. (Jay Adams)

My life path has been a blessing and a great learning experience. Skateboarding is my passion and I don’t see that changing. When I’m not skating, I love to surf. I’m open to the new experiences and opportunities. (Ryan Sheckler)

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Age and skateboarding

I won’t quit skateboarding until I am physically unable. (Tony Hawk)

You did not quit skateboarding because you got old. You got old because you quit skateboarding. (Jay Adams)

How to fool yourself into feeling younger: When you go to restaurants, always check a coat and a skateboard. (Joan Rivers)

Seniors’ Skateboarding: Four Decks and No Skateboards. (Philippe Bouvard)

Danger and skateboarding

I like skateboarding because it’s backyard danger. You don’t need to go on an alpine holiday to get thrills. (Grayson Perry)

If skateboarding ever gets too scary for you, then you were never meant to skate in the first place. (Jake Phelps)

You can’t be careful on a skateboard. (Stephen King)

Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly. (Bam Margera)

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Business and skateboarding

Having sponsors that aren’t skate companies is very commonplace now. (Tony Hawk)

Tony Hawk is a famous skateboarder who built a huge business of video games, DVDs, skateboard gear, clothing and skateboard tours. (Jana Voelke Studelska)

As I get older in my skateboarding career, I would like to get more into the business side of things — starting my own company or investing. (Nyjah Huston)

People and skateboarding

It’s a strange phenomenon how this piece of wood, wheels and a turning system has made so many people so happy. (Chris Cole)

If you skateboard, you can’t be afraid to have people laugh at you. (Mark Gonzales)

Skateboarders are envied by people because they just glide so free. Any time something moves like water, they’ll make a dam. Every time something moves in nature, they want to stop it. (Mark Gonzales)

Graffiti and skateboarding

One of the interesting things about skateboarding and graffiti is that skateboarding exists in the documentation of an act. (Jeffrey Deitch)

Skateboarding, like graffiti, will never be tamed. No matter how much they monetize it, no matter how big it gets, no matter how many companies are putting millions and millions of dollars into marketing it, it’s always going to be some Mexican kid on a corner in Echo Park that changes the rules of the game. (Jeffrey Deitch)

Kids and skateboarding

Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway. (Ryan Sheckler)

In 2002, in this country, there was an observation that for the first time in America, more kids were actively pursuing skateboarding than baseball. (Stephen Baldwin)

When I was a kid, I always wanted to live in California because I liked skateboarding. (Demetri Martin)

Fun and skateboarding

Skateboarding is training, but I don’t think of it as training — it’s fun. (Shaun White)

I was a real skateboarder — not a gifted skateboarder. I represented that skateboarding was fun to do by being terrible at it. (Lance Mountain)

I mean, really, skateboarding is just going out and having fun with your friends and filming cool tricks and challenging yourself and just really just having a good time. That’s what skateboarding really is. (Nyjah Huston)

New and skateboarding

Think about how much skateboarding opens your eyes to see the world differently. (Jon Humphries)

I can’t wait to wake up and try something new. I can’t sleep at night because I want to try something new. (Rodney Mullen)

Negativism and skateboarding

L’image du skateur qui dégrade nous collait à la peau. (Léo Pottié)

Many people think that skateboarding is vandalism. (Nikita Voronin)

Mind and skateboarding

Skateboarding is a meditation. (Rodney Mullen)

Skateboarding is a way to let your body control the mind. (Shaun White)


I love the fact that there is now a skate park in almost every city, but it will always have a rebellious/underground edge to it because it is based on individuality. (Tony Hawk)

Learning a [skateboard] trick is kind of like a puzzle; you have to keep trying, and trying, and trying, and adapting and changing, and adapting and changing, and finally it works. (Rob Dyrdek)

No one can tell me what to do on my skateboard. My skateboard is my safe spot. I can learn tricks, I can have fun, I can do whatever I want on my skateboard. (Ryan Sheckler)

Restaurants are adapting to today’s lifestyles . A trendy bar has recently offered valet parking for customers arriving by skateboard. (Marc Escayrol)

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