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People and spruce

My mind is lovely as a spruce, and I and those that love me make it mine. (Michael McClure)

If you took a blue spruce tree and planted it in the desert, it would obviously perish. How do we forget that we too are living systems, and each of us have unique environments, needs, and conditions within which we flourish or wither? (Dawna Markova)

The late moon, which still shines decently at night, fades before the rising sun; the love madness of old age disappears in the presence of passionate youth; The spruce, which appears fresh and strong in winter, looks browned and discolored in spring, next to brightly greening birch. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

The big white house glowed on the hill above them, tranquil in the afternoon light, the big red spruce behind it a looming but benign presence; not for the first time, he felt that the tree was somehow guarding the house — and in his present fragile mental state, found that notion a comfort. (Diana Gabaldon)

Carpentry and spruce

How old does the spruce tree have to be to be used as a mast? How old? It has to be high enough and strong enough. (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

Spruce is cheaper than pine or whitewood, and can be used for economy, but is prone to warp and twist and should be thoroughly nailed. (Charles Gardner Wheeler)

Ash is very good (white ash the best); spruce, light and strong. Oak, strong but heavy. (Charles Gardner Wheeler)

And a dead spruce six to ten inches in diameter makes excellent logs for building an open camp or a cabin. The smaller dry spruces make better roof timbers than do green ones. But they must be taken while standing. (Henry Abbott)

Women and spruce

The old spruces and firs look lovely as ever, and I was delighted, as I always used to be, with every step of the way. (Charles Edward Stowe)

She was vividly effective against the background of deep green spruces and white birch in her bright pink dress and large drooping black hat. (Margaret Piper Chalmers)

The awesome silence of the place crept up on her. The spruce and pines, all still laden with snow, spread their limbs in a frozen ballet, breathing a ghostly incense from dark, arid chapels sheltered by their branches. (Graham Joyce)

Shadowed, cool, mossy, damp, this narrow gulch seemed the wildest place Ellen had ever seen. She could just see the sunset-flushed, gold-tipped spruces far above her. (Zane Grey)

Nature and spruce

The most primitive places left with us are the swamps, where the spruce still grows shaggy with usnea. (Henry David Thoreau)

The fringes of the big old spruce trees hung in clusters at the end of the swinging branches (Henri Pourrat)

In another landscape, a line of spruce in the distance would appear an inkblot, a punctuation to the endless grey sentence of the morning. (Kate Walbert)

The tall blue spruce trees surrounding the church stood like ancient prophets in white gowns and a peregrine falcon that had taken up residence in the belfry perched on a ledge keeping an eye out for wandering mice. (Kathleen Valentine)

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Fire and spruce

The flames had crept through the moss and communicated with several dry spruces, which were now blazing fiercely. (Arthur Ripley Thompson)

Pines and spruces take fire much more readily than oaks and maples, because of the resinous sap that circulates through them; moreover, the pines and spruces when heated give off an inflammable gas which, rising in front of a forest fire, adds to the heat and destructiveness, and the eagerness of the blaze. (Enos A. Mills)

The frequent forest fires, which have wrought so much destruction throughout the entire Canadian Rockies, have not as yet swept through this valley. The great spruces and balsams of this primeval forest indicate by their size… Some large tree stumps near the chalet show hundreds of rings, and one that I counted started to grow in the year 1492, when Columbus set forth to discover the western world. (Walter Dwight Wilcox)

Spruce features

One of the oldest trees on Earth, a spruce in Sweden, is more than 9,500 years old. (Peter Wohlleben)

The genus picea comprises eighteen species, seven of which belong to American forests. These include some of the most beautiful of coniferous trees. (Julia Ellen Rogers)

Most spruce trees have distinctly four-angled leaves, sharp-pointed and distributed spirally around the shoot, not two-ranked like fir leaves. They are all pyramidal trees with flowers and fruits of the coniferous type. The cones are always pendent and there is an annual crop. The wood is soft, not conspicuously resinous, straight-grained and valuable as lumber. (Julia Ellen Rogers)

Spruce cutting down

Fancy cutting down all those beautiful trees…to make pulp for those bloody newspapers, and calling it civilisation. (Winston Churchill)

He suffers terribly to see the big spruces and pines cut down and dragged to the shore. (Marshall Saunders)

In Yosemite, Mr. Muir told us about the great trees he used to saw into timber during his early years in the valley, showing us the site of his old mill, and bragging that he built it and kept it in repair at a cost of less than twenty-five cents a year. It seemed strange that he, a tree-lover, could have cut down those noble spruces… (Clara Barrus)

Christmas and spruce

December is by no means good for fir or spruce trees. (Klaus Klages)

The smell of pine needles, spruce and the smell of a Christmas tree — those to me, are the scents of the holidays. (Blake Lively)

The beautiful silver spruce, selected for the Christmas tree, stood out from the dark greenery of the room. It was a beautiful tree, exquisite in color, perfect in symmetry, spicy in fragrance. They decorated this with ornaments, then began to hang gifts on its branches. (Cora Marsland)

North and spruce

To experience the northern forest in the raw, I went to northern Finland and Lapland, travelling on horseback, and sleeping on reindeer skins in the traditional open-fronted Finnish laavu. I ate elk heart, reindeer and lingonberries, and tried out spruce resin. (Michelle Paver)

On the northern bare cliff
stands a lonely spruce.
She’s dozing. A blizzard covered
the sleepy one with a blanket of snow. (Heinrich Heine)

Snow and spruce

By lunchtime the valley was lightly coated, like a cake with confectioner’s sugar… There was white fur on the antlers of the iron deer and on the melancholy boughs of the Norway spruce. (Elizabeth Enright)

Under blue skies,
Magnificent carpets,
Glistening in the sun, the snow lies;
The transparent forest alone turns black,
And the spruce turns green through the frost,
And the river glitters under the ice. (Alexander Pushkin)

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Sky and spruce

Afar in the southwest was the great shimmering, pearl-like sparkle of an evening star in a sky that was pale golden and ethereal rose over gleaming white spaces and dark glens of spruce. (L.M. Montgomery)

Imagine a glorious full moon coming over the tops of the spruce, big and yellow, shedding a mysterious light on everything… the moonlight had colour, you could see to paint and be able to appreciate the colour of things. (Arthur Lismer)

Forest and spruce

Then still higher up I espied some silver spruces, most exquisite trees of the mountain forests. (Zane Grey)

The Haunted Wood was a harmless, pretty spruce grove in the field below the orchard. We considered that all our haunts were too commonplace, so we invented this for our own amusement. (L.M. Montgomery)

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Trees and spruce

All about them were massive pines, spruces and willows and many varieties of shrubs… (Hobart Donald Swiggett)

If you know the differences between an oak and a poplar, a spruce and a pine, down to the needles… you are able to paint that tree with more conviction, even if done with a few broad strokes. (T. Allen Lawson)

Attitude to spruce

I love the scents of winter! For me, it’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread and spruce. (Taylor Swift)

I never met a man who was shaken by a field of identical blades of grass. An acre of poppies and a forest of spruce boggle no one’s mind. (Annie Dillard)

River and spruce

Dark spruce frowned on either side of the frozen waterway. (Jack London)

The white spruce forest along the banks is most inspiring, magnificent here. Down the terraced slopes and right to the water’s edge on the alluvial soil it stands in ranks. (Ernest Thompson Seton)

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