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People and storm

Wherever the storm carries me, I go a willing guest. (Horace)

You can weather all of life’s storms when you have a firm anchorage in someone’s heart! (Edith Tries)

When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about. (Haruki Murakami)

The storm is master. Man, as a ball, is tossed twixt winds and billows. (Friedrich Schiller)

You learn to know a pilot in a storm. (Seneca the Younger)

You can be in the storm, but don’t let the storm get in you. (Joel Osteen)

You are not controlling the storm, and you are not lost in it. You are the storm. (Sam Harris)

It is a common mistake of people not to anticipate the storm when the sea is calm. (Niccoló Machiavelli)

Storms don’t come to teach us painful lessons, rather they were meant to wash us clean. (Shannon L. Alder)

But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood. (Robert E. Howard)

Everything big is like a storm. The weak curse him with every breath, the strong happily stand where it blows the hardest. (Christian Morgenstern)

Beneath our clothes, our reputations, our pretensions, beneath our religion or lack of it, we are all vulnerable both to the storm without and the storm within. (Frederick Buechner)

In times of crisis, different people react in different ways. Some might try to escape. Others might attempt to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm in a safe haven. (Cullen Bunn)

A cathedral, a wave of a storm, a dancer’s leap, never turn out to be as high as we had hoped. (Marcel Proust)

Life and storm

The storms of life strengthen our roots. (Sybille Hansen)

Not all storms come to ruin your life. Some come to clear your way. (Aristotle)

Dignity of human nature requires that we must face the storms of life. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Sometimes a storm in your life is what will blow you to the place you are longing to be. (Beth Moore)

If you start embracing life’s storms instead of hiding away from them, you’ll stop fearing them all together; it is this way one becomes immovable. (Stefanie Schneider)

I pass my life in preventing the storm from blowing down the tent, and I drive in the pegs as fast as they are pulled up. (Abraham Lincoln)

Life isn’t how you survive the thunderstorm, but how you dance in the rain. (Adam Young)

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… Life is about learning to dance in the rain. (Vivian Greene)

The life of great geniuses is nothing but a sublime storm. (George Sand)

Life is a mixture of light and shadow, calm and storm, and it’s all good. (Susan W. Krebs)

When there is a storm in your life, it is not the time to build. No creature on earth tries to build during a storm. (Pat McBride)

During the great storms of our lives we imitate those captains who jettison their weightiest cargo. (Honore de Balzac)

Religion and storm

In a storm there is no shelter like the wings of God. (Thomas Brooks)

You don’t need to pray to God any more when there are storms in the sky, but you do have to be insured. (Bertolt Brecht)

When God wants to make a man, he puts him into some storm. (Lettie Cowman)

He knows when we go into the storm, He watches over us in the storm, and He can bring us out of the storm when His purposes have been fulfilled. (Warren W. Wiersbe)

Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He calms his child. (John H. Groberg)

The apostles of strong faith sow into the storms. (Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire)

God doesn’t author hardship but uses it to strengthen us for greater conquests. He never leads us into a storm that He doesn’t give us the power to overcome. (John Bevere)

A great storm puts out a little fire but feeds a strong one. Trials conquer weak faith but grow a strong faith. (LeCrae)

Love and storm

That’s what true love is. It cannot be broken, it cannot be chipped away, it’s eternal, everlasting, and it can weather any storm. (Alyson Noel)

It’s easy to recognize true love. With her, the sun shines even in a storm. Without them it rains even when the sun is shining. (Andreas Bechstein)

Affection can withstand very severe storms of vigor, but not a long polar frost of indifference. (Walter Scott)

Love often builds high-rise buildings without paying attention to future storms and earthquakes. (Michael Marie Jung)

Every lover is a storm chaser. Every good heart has lost its roof. (Andrea Gibson)

The seizure of passionate love can be, in such a context, only illicit, breaking in upon the order of one’s dutiful life in virtue as a devastating storm. (Joseph Campbell)

The ones you really love, hold them like a handful of sand, during the storm never spread your fingers or all your life you will regret it bitterly. (Oxmo Puccino)

Storm features

The storm may be tempestuous, but it is only temporary. (William Gurnall)

Storms purify the atmosphere. (Henry Ward Beecher)

The storm doesn’t care what flag the ship sails under. (Walter Ludin)

The more violent the storm, the quicker it passes. (Paulo Coelho)

But the thing about thunderstorms is that there’s always a sense of peace when once the storm is over. (Tabitha G. Kelly)

The outer storm ceases the moment the inner storm ends, for they are the same storm. (Vernon Howard)

It gives the impression as if there were powers in a higher world that are filled with envy of earthly greatness, as storms and thunderstorms rage most terribly around the tallest and proudest buildings. (Michel de Montaigne)

Wind and storm

One small breeze doesn’t make a wind storm. (John McGraw)

When men sow the wind it is rational to expect that they will reap the whirlwind. (Frederick Douglass)

I hear the howl of the wind that brings The long drear storm on its heavy wings. (William C. Bryant)

Great storms send their winds ahead. (Friedrich Löchner)

God invented the wind, and the Devil made the storms. (Jean-Claude Carriere)

Storm has set the heavens scowling, Whirling gusty blizzards wild, Now they are like beasts a-growling, Now a-wailing like a child; (Alexander Pushkin)

Where there are two opposing winds under one roof, the storm will never die down. (Friedrich Rückert)

Wind quotes

Peace and storm

There is peace even in the storm. (Vincent van Gogh)

I love the storm and fear the silence. (Christina of Sweden)

Silence is never felt so consciously as after the storm. Storm. (Erich Limpach)

Serenity isn’t the peace away from the storm, it’s the peace at the eye of the storm. (Ed Martin Cruz)

Peace is more than a storm because it comes before and after. (Erich Maria Remarque)

I was born for a storm and a calm does not suit me. (Andrew Jackson)

I like these calm little moments before the storm, it reminds me of Beethoven. (Gary Oldman)

Happiness and storm

Happy the man who from the sea escapes the storm and finds harbor. (Euripides)

So the storm passed and every one was happy. (Kate Chopin)

Misfortune is a storm, happiness is a glimpse of the sun. Endure, if you can, misfortune like happiness. (Pythagoras of Samos)

Happiness is fleeting. Happiness is just the calm before the storm. And the happier you are, the more you have to lose when it hits. (Ranae Glass)

Truly, happiness is a woman, and it is won in a storm, whether in love or with sword in hand. (Peter von Bohlen)

When we find the courage and the taste to smile after each storm, we can hope to get on very well with happiness. (Berthe Bernage)

Sun and storm

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine. (Mario Fernandez)

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm. (Frank Lane)

Storms probably exist only because after them we can have a sunrise. (Tove Jansson)

If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine. (Morris West)

Experiences that one has had in the storms of life, one likes to throw back into the wind in sunny times. (Peter Sirius)

The storms of youth are framed by sunny days. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

Sun quotes

Art and storm

The Poet is like the prince of the clouds Who haunts the storm and laughs at the archer. (Charles Baudelaire)

The artist is the compass which, through the raging of the storm, points steadily to the north. (Romain Rolland)

Books resist time and storms like the shores of the sea. (Yves Simon)

I want a storm to come and flood us into a song that no one wrote. (Frida Kahlo)

I know well that the greater and more beautiful the work is, the more terrible will be the storms that rage against it. (Mary Kowalska)

I’d wanted to create a storm so that I could become more famous and richer. (Salman Rushdie)

Rainbow and storm

There is a rainbow at the end of the storm. (Dwane Casey)

If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm. (Warren Wendel Wiersbe)

When thunderstorms roll in, you make a choice to either succumb with tears to the gloomy downpour or smile and look for rainbows. (Richelle E. Goodrich)

Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. (George Gordon Byron)

Teach them that rainbows appear after a storm to remind them that light begins and ends with all colors. (Frederic M. Perrin)

Attitude to storm

I’m very comfortable in the storm. (Kron Gracie)

I like to hear a storm at night. It is so cosy to snuggle down among the blankets and feel that it can’t get at you. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

I wished to see storms only on those coasts where they raged with most violence. (Marcel Proust)

I like storms. I like thunder and lightning. What I do during a storm is shag my girlfriend and pretend that we’re taking part in the conception of the Antichrist. (Frankie Boyle)

Women and storm

But woman’s grief is like a summer storm, Short as it violent is. (Joanna Baillie)

Storms gathered within her, powerful fluids which were later to burst into veritable storms. (Emile Zola)

Whoever embarks with women embarks with a storm; but they are themselves the safety boats. (Arsene Houssaye)

The storm, no matter how sudden it comes, is preceded by a warning breeze; but how does one protect oneself against the whims of women? (Ludwig Börne)

Wisdom and storm

Wisdom can’t prevent the storm. (Rich Wilkerson Jr.)

Wise Man: One who sees the storm coming before the clouds appear. (Elbert Hubbard)

The steadfastness of the wise is nothing other than the art of shutting up storms in their hearts. (Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

It is madness to call the storm when one is calm, as it is wisdom to face the storm when it comes. (Cicero)

Home and storm

Where the storm made its home, the bird builds its nest. (Billy)

Home is a shelter from storms — all sorts of storms. (William Bennett)

A storm is only enjoyed under the roof. (Alejandro Del Valle)

It is wonderful to be in the country in a glass house, because no matter what happens out there, you’re nice and safe, you know, cuddled in your little bed, and there it is, raging storms, snowing — wonderful. (Philip Johnson)

Sea and storm

Storm and waves give the sea soul and life. (Wilhelm von Humboldt)

Storms draw something out of us that calm seas don’t. (Bill Hybels)

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. (Vincent Van Gogh)

Learning and storm

There are some things you can only learn in a storm. (Joel Osteen)

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in the storm. (Willa Cather)

Difficulties come into our lives to develop us. Every storm is a school. Every trial is a teacher. (Nicky Gumbel)

Friends and storm

Friendship. Boat large enough to carry two people in good weather, but only one in a storm. (Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce)

A friend in need is better than calm after a storm. (Euripides)

One can’t avoid the storms and calamities of life, but one can at least find the right partner to face them with. (Lisa Kleypas)

Flowers and storm

The snow and the storm destroy the flower; but its seed they cannot kill. (Khalil Gibran)

Flowers never emit so sweet and strong a fragrance as before a storm. When a storm approaches thee, be as fragrant as a sweet-smelling flower. (Jean Paul)

The harsher storms that herald spring must first subside before the blossoms emerge. (Wilhelm Schulz)

Flowers quotes

Marriage and storm

Marriage is a harbor in a storm, but more often a storm in a harbor. (Jean Antoine Petit-Senn)

In marriage, strangers hear the storm, but not the calm or the zephyr. (Jean Paul)

To protect ourselves against the storms of passion, marriage with a woman is a harbor in the tempest; but with a bad woman it is a tempest in the harbor. (Jean Antoine Petit-Senn)

Sky and storm

After every storm, there comes clear open skies. (Samuel Rutherford)

When the sky is clear, let’s think of the storm and in the storm of the helmsman! (Gregory of Nazianzus)

Every cloud engenders not a storm. (William Shakespeare)

Fate and storm

Sometimes fate feels like a constantly shifting sandstorm. You change your pace to escape him. But the storm also modifies his. (Haruki Murakami)

You see, the good thing about storms is that they take your worries away. Against the raging elements, there is nothing to be done. So we do nothing. We leave it to fate. (Michel Tournier)

Birds and storm

What does the bird do in the storm? He does not cling to the branch: he follows the storm. (Jules Renard)

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them? (Rose Kennedy)

Spring and storm

Spring storms are wake-up storms! (Helga Schäferling)

Listen! How roars the storm and the swelling stream in the night! Scary sweet feeling! Lovely spring, you are coming! (Ludwig Uhland)

Spring quotes

Rain and storm

A positive attitude can turn a storm into a sprinkle. (Robert M. Hensel)

Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day. (Gary Allan)

Rain quotes

Anchor and storm

The anchor holds in spite of the storm. (Ray Boltz)

In order to realize the worth of the anchor we need to feel the stress of the storm. (Corrie Ten Boom)


Let the storm rise, let night fall; which is more dreadful, danger or the fear of danger? I prefer reality, even danger. (Vincent Van Gogh)

Beauty is about power and terror. Like the storm, it shakes the earth under our feet and the sky above our heads. (Khalil Gibran)

Storm in a teacup. (Charles de Montesquieu)

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