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Sunbathing features

Sunshine is Nature’s hug and spirit breath to the earth. (Terri Guillemets)

The sun is the universal medicine from the sky pharmacy. (August von Kotzebue)

Being in the Sun is like going to parties — too much ages your skin, too little can age inside you like your bones. (Bruce Y. Lee)

When you decide to sunbathe, consider that an invisible eye may be watching you. (Peter Kohler)

Kimmeridge (n.): The light breeze which blows through your armpit hair when you are stretched out sunbathing. (Robert Macfarlane)

On the way back to shore, I sit on the deck and let the low golden light slant onto my face. This is northern sunbathing—soaking the only part of your body you dare expose to the elements in the most diffuse warmth imaginable and feeling renewed. (Katherine May)

I take a sun bath and listen to the hours, formulating, and disintegrating under the pines, and smell the resiny hardihood of the high noon hours. The world is lost in a blue haze of distances, and the immediate sleeps in a thin and finite sun. (Zelda Fitzgerald)

When a vampire takes asunbath, it can only be a forced bath. (Le-balaise)

Beach and sunbathing

I love the beach, and I love sunshine. (Megan Fox)

One day, all your worries will set like the sun does and deserved happiness will come gushing like waves at the beach do. All you need to make sure is that your trips to beach never end. (Jasleen Kaur Gumber)

I love skiing. What on earth have I been doing on a beach all this time? I mean, that’s for morons — you can get sunburn and really damage yourself. (Claudia Winkleman)

I’m definitely much more of a beach bunny. I prefer the sun over the snow. (Gillian Zinser)

The day you feel like you don’t have anything to prove, it’s better you go to the beach and stay there and take in the sunshine. (Gianfranco Zola)

Every now and again I want to go to the beach and be in the sun, but that’s a very rare feeling, so I could live in London, definitely. (Taylor Momsen)

I didn’t have a pool growing up, and we went to the beach to lay out and get sun. (Erika Eleniak)

Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun. (Brian Wilson)

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People and sunbathing

Sun worshipers offer their skin as a sacrifice.
The sun doesn’t really care. (Traudel Zölffel)

In the Sun, I feel as one. (Kurt Cobain)

I’m actually pale blue: it takes me a week of sunbathing to turn white. (Billy Connolly)

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. (Anthony J. D’Angelo)

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude. (Jeanne Moreau)

You need to know what to do when the sun is not shining. (Robert Downey Jr.)

Look at the sunny side of everything. (Christian D. Larson)

Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you. (Walt Whitman)

Wherever I am in the world, my perfect day begins with waking up and heading to the beach or the pool or somewhere I can be semi-comatose. I just wake up and go to the sun. (Zaha Hadid)

Attitude to sunbathing

Nothing nicer under the sun than being under the sun. (Ingeborg Bachmann)

I’d rather chase the Sun than wait for it. (Markus Zusak)

I cannot lie on the beach or by a swimming pool. I think I’m too Nordic to like a lot of relentless sun. (Sandi Toksvig)

Some sunshine is good for the soul, but I always make sure I wear a big hat. (Miranda Kerr)

I don’t approve of sunbathing, and it’s bad for you. (David Attenborough)

Is the sun a useless thing because someone got sunstroke? (Friedrich Kayssler)

Well in two months, it’d be sunbathing time. That made me smile. I enjoyed lying in the sun in a little bikini, timing myself carefully so I didn’t burn. I loved the smell of coconut oil. And I don’t want to hear any lectures about how bad tanning is for you. That’s my vice. Everybody gets one. (Charlaine Harris)

Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink. (Lilly Pulitzer)

Sunscreen and sunbathing

There’s worse things in life than to put sunscreen on. It means I’m going to work, which is on the beach, which is pretty wonderful. (Kerri Walsh Jennings)

I’m always out in the sun. I’m a big hiker and beach gal, so its really important for me to always have SPF on, which is something that you’ve got to find for your skin type. (Olivia Holt)

If you really want to walk in joy, go towards the sun… (Emanuel Geibel, dawn)

Nowadays, however, not without sunscreen because of the ozone hole. (Willy Meurer)

I burn very easily, so if I forget sunscreen, I will be a tomato by the end of the day. I’m very big on sunscreen and hats. I grew up in Florida, and I love the beach, and I think it’s healthy to get a little bit of color. (Candice Accola)

Relationship and sunbathing

As he [Diogenes of Sinope] was sunning himself in Kraneion, Alexander [the Great] approached him and said: «Ask what you wish!» to which he replied: «Get out of my sun». (Diogenes Laertius)

That’s not my friend who doesn’t like the sun. (Caesar Flaischlen)

A man is like a tan: first he sticks to a woman, and then he is washed off. (Konstantin Melikhan)

Seeing photographs of my dad, Bert, on the beach with a knotted handkerchief on his head to avoid getting sunburn still brings a smile to my face. (Vera Lynn)

When you wanted me to spend my afternoons sunbathing on the Lake instead of doing my work, I gladly gave in and became a bronzed glamor boy for your sake, instead of remaining a scholar and, well, an educator. (Vladimir Nabokov)

Swimming and sunbathing

I love the water more than anything. I’m not very good at sunbathing — I get really bored. I love swimming and I love being like a fish and getting in the sea and just — I don’t know, it feels right. (Beth Orton)

I love going to the beach in the tropics and doing whatever I do — surfing, swimming or being — and the glow when I get a tan that deepens. I walk around with red and gold in my skin and feel like the most beautiful thing on the planet! (Anika Noni Rose)

For her, the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself. And when she returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair, and taste the infinite salt in her lips. (Jose Chavez)

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Nude and sunbathing

[Sunbathing nude] was a liberating experience. It felt unbelievably crazy to take off all my clothes and play in the sun. I’ve not had that much fun in so long. (Amy Grant)

I like being outdoors. I like to go cavorting in the nude in the forests. It is just another world. To take sunbaths in the nude. (Bettie Page)

I may be known as the girl who was sunbathing topless with a Prince but Jordan is known as that thick girl who always falls out of clubs drunk. I know which one I prefer. (Jenny Frost)

Books and sunbathing

What I want in a good beach read is sunshine, drama, easy-reading and transportation to another world and other people’s problems. (Jane Green)

I know I’m not creating transcendent works that will someday be taught in college. All I do is entertain. I try to entertain others by sending them into another world for a few hours. When I see my books read on the beach, the pages dabbed with suntan lotion, then I feel as if I’ve done my job. (Sandra Brown)

Life and sunbathing

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Life is a storm. One minute you will bathe under the sun and the next you will be shattered upon the rocks. That’s when you shout, «Do your worst, for I will do mine!» and you will be remembered forever. (Alexandre Dumas)

Love and sunbathing

The sun above is a great glimpse of love. (Christoph August Tiedge)

Be like the sun; shine your love on everyone. (Aine Belton)

Money and sunbathing

The sun always shines for free. (Phil Bosmans)

I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days. (Henry David Thoreau)

Flowers and sunbathing

It is the same with people as with flowers: they not only need water, but also sun! (Julius Langbehn)

Learn from flowers — always angle towards the Sun. (Maureen Joyce Connolly)

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