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Food and tomatoes

There is nothing better than picking up sun-warmed tomatoes and smelling them, feeling them and scrutinizing their shiny skins for imperfections, dreaming of ways to serve them. (Jose Andres)

The tomato salad remains the test of the truth: only prepare it with quality fruit, ripened on the vine, which you are more likely to find in season on the markets. (Martine Lizambard)

Grandfather and Sergey alternately dipped ripe tomatoes in salt, from which juice red, like blood, flowed down their lips and hands, and ate them with cheese and bread. (Aleksandr Kuprin)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal. (Ina Garten)

Nothing rekindles my spirits, gives comfort to my heart and mind, more than a visit to Mississippi… and to be regaled as I often have been, with a platter of fried chicken, field peas, collard greens, fresh corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes with French dressing… and to top it all off with a wedge of freshly baked pecan pie. (Craig Claiborne)

Hey, lettuce and tomatoes,
cucumbers, carrots from the garden,
I’m ashamed of my pounds,
please help me lose weight. (Horst Rehmann)

I buy my meat here
My tomatoes elsewhere
And my herbs opposite
Otherwise with their statistics, they will one day know my recipe for spaghetti sauce. (Philippe Geluck)

Vegetable garden and tomatoes

The tomato is one of the most rewarding crops for the home garden. A little space yields heavily, from half a peck to a peck per plant without difficulty. (Paul Work)

Five tomato plants bore their red fruits hanging from stakes. (Georges Simenon)

Ripe vegetables were magic to me. Unharvested, the garden bristled with possibility. I would quicken at the sight of a ripe tomato, sounding its redness from deep amidst the undifferentiated green. To lift a bean plant’s hood of heart-shaped leaves and discover a clutch of long slender pods hanging underneath could make me catch my breath. (Michael Pollan)

The yard was full of tomato plants about to ripen, and mint, mint, everything smelling of mint, and one fine old tree that I loved to sit under on those cool perfect starry California October nights unmatched anywhere in the world. (Jack Kerouac)

The smell of manure, of sun on foliage, of evaporating water, rose to my head; two steps farther, and I could look down into the vegetable garden enclosed within its tall pale of reeds — rich chocolate earth studded emerald green, frothed with the white of cauliflowers, jeweled with the purple globes of eggplant and the scarlet wealth of tomatoes. (Doris Lessing)

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Tomatoes features

The tomato offers its gift of fiery color and cool completeness. (Pablo Neruda)

Of plants tomatoes seemed the most human, eager and fragile and prone to rot. (John Updike)

Tomatoes and squash never fail to reach maturity. You can spray them with acid, beat them with sticks and burn them; they love it. (S.J. Perelman)

The common tomato of our gardens belongs to the natural order Solanaceae and the genus Lycopersicum. The name from lykos, a wolf, and persica, a peach, is given it because of the supposed aphrodisiacal qualities, and the beauty of the fruit. (William Warner Tracy)

Our European tomato is the probable descendant of a plant native to Texas in Peru, which still exists and whose fruit is barely larger than a marble − hence its current name»cherry tomato». (P. Germa)

Attitude to tomatoes

I have a love affair with tomatoes and corn. I remember them from my childhood.I only had them in the summer. They were extraordinary. (Alice Waters)

You say tomato, I say bourbon and coke. (Drew Carey)

Tomato and lettuce — especially lettuce — is an abomination. (Mimi Sheraton)

You ask, how much are the tomatoes? Ask for six, give for five. Okay, I’ll take for four, give you three. (Mikhail Zhvanetsky)

In this world of uncertainty and woe, one thing remains unchanged: Fresh, canned, pureed, dried, salted, sliced, and served with sugar and cream, or pressed into juice, the tomato is reliable, friendly, and delicious. We would be nothing without it. (Laurie Colwin)

People and tomatoes

Tragedy of the tomato that passes from its guardian to its executioner. (Sylvain Tesson)

If they throw tomatoes, start a vegetable stand. (Benjamin Hoff)

The human ego is like tomatoes: the bigger, shinier and puffier, the less tasty and healthy. (Wolfgang J. Reus)

I think most of us are torn. We have at least two people at war in our body. One person wants to retire and grow fabulous tomatoes, and the other wants to stand up on a pedestal and be worshipped and get bigger and bigger and bigger until she explodes. (Bette Midler)

We’re about to fly to Mars, but we can’t get a crate of surplus tomatoes into starving zones. What’s wrong with us? (Thomas S. Lutter)

GMO and tomatoes

You will realize that those round, pinkish red things that are available in the stores bear no resemblance at all to the real tomato. (Craig Lehoullier)

The federal government has sponsored research that has produced a tomato that is perfect in every respect, except that you can’t eat it. We should make every effort to make sure this disease, often referred to as ‘progress’, doesn’t spread. (Andy Rooney)

GMO agriculture will probably save the world in this century. But in the developed world, where few people are haunted by the specter of famine, people are free to fetishize heirloom tomatoes and worry about the provenance of what sits on their dinner tables. (Annalee Newitz)

we have really come a long way
now we have to
research for years
to discover a substance
so that the tomato
tastes like tomato again (Anke Maggauer-Kirsche)

Women and tomatoes

He says I’m beautiful as a red tomato. (Jeanne DuPrau)

Even at normal times Aunt Dahlia’s map tended a little towards the crushed strawberry. But never had I seen it take on so pronounced a richness as now. She looked like a tomato struggling for self-expression. (P.G. Wodehouse)

I burn very easily, so if I forget sunscreen, I will be a tomato by the end of the day. I’m very big on sunscreen and hats. I grew up in Florida, and I love the beach, and I think it’s healthy to get a little bit of color. (Candice Accola)

She talked at length about buying a basket of tomatoes, she described red, green and shattered ones. (Marcel Ayme)

Gardening and tomatoes

You rarely get satisfaction sitting in an easy chair. If you work in a garden on the other hand, and it yields beautiful tomatoes, that’s a good feeling. (Dan Buettner)

I once tried to raise two tomato plants, and they died in spite of the fact I fertilized them every morning. (Clyde Edgerton)

Gardening does so much for your brain. You’re learning how a process works, and how important it is to do everything right so that you can eventually enjoy a tomato three months later. I’ve always been patient, but gardening really helps you with that. (Marc Gasol)

If you’re buying tomatoes pick them up and smell them-they should have a lovely perfume. They need to be kept at fifty degrees or above, particularly during the growing season, because that’s when they develop their flavor. (Julia Child)

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Homegrown tomatoes

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. (Lewis Grizzard)

The raw tomato, devoured in the garden when freshly picked, is a horn of abundance of simple sensations, a radiating rush in one’s mouth that brings with it every pleasure…. a tomato, an adventure. (Muriel Barbery)

I bite into the ripe tomato. I swallow the last summer in Uncle Jo’s garden. (Brigitte Smadja)

I think we all have a dream of what it would be like not to work and grow heirloom tomatoes, and I do have that dream, it would be lovely. I do love gardening and all of that, but I do love my work. (Helen Mirren)

Life and tomatoes

You need an entire life just to know about tomatoes. (Ferran Adria)

Country to me is living life at its simplest: Learning to appreciate a sliced vine-ripe tomato with a dash of salt, served between two slices of good bread and eaten over the kitchen sink. (Art Smith)

Picking roses is always a risk. But whoever is afraid of thorns will harvest tomatoes all his life. (Peter Hohl)

I’ll ask for a tomato for a snack, I’ll walk through the snow to the pub. It’s sad, I think it’s delicious, I don’t dream of another life. (Gennady Shpalikov)

Fruits and tomatoes

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. (Miles Kington)

A tomato may be a fruit, but it is a singular fruit. A savory fruit; A fruit that has ambitions far beyond the ambitions of other fruits. (E. Lockhart)

Vegetable, Fruit or Berry,—what is the tomato? A standard query this is and many an argument has raged about it. The answer is easy. It is all three. By culture and use, it is a vegetable; botanically it is a fruit and among the fruits, it is a berry being indehiscent (non-shedding), pulpy, with one or more seeds that are not stones. (Paul Work)

Italy and tomatoes

How did the Italians eat spaghetti before the advent of the tomato? Was there such a thing as tomato-less Neapolitan pizza? (Elizabeth David)

If you’ve got a plot the size of a car or a tiny yard in Italy, you’re going to be growing tomatoes and basil and celery and carrots, and everybody is still connected to the land. (Frances Mayes)

Italy has sun and tomatoes, and Russia just has real problems. (Gary Shteyngart)

Shyness and tomatoes

Tomato: very shy vegetable — blushes as it takes on shapes. (Maxime Allain)

How do the tomatoes ripen?? If you tell dirty jokes, they blush. (Jo Dantes)

Faithless tomatoes blush the quickest. (Martin Gerhard Reisenberg)

Love and tomatoes

The tomato, or»love apple,» as it was called in the early part of the century, is a native of South America and Mexico. It was formerly regarded as poisonous, and though often planted and prized as a curiosity in the flower garden, it has only within the last half century come to be considered as a wholesome article of diet. Botanically, it is allied to the potato. (E.E. Kellogg)

Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes
What would life be like without homegrown tomatoes
Only two things that money can’t buy
That’s true love and home grown tomatoes. (John Denver)

Kids and tomatoes

The crooked little tomato branches, pulpy and pale as if made of cheap green paper, broke under the weight of so much fruit; there was something frantic in such fertility, a crying-out like that of children frantic to please. (John Updike)

If kids grow kale, kids eat kale. If they grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes. But when none of this is presented to them, if they’re not shown how food affects the mind and the body, they blindly eat whatever you put in front of them. (Ron Finley)

Vegetables and tomatoes

Some of the easiest and fastest growing vegetables are radishes. They do extremely well in the Texas heat. Tomatoes are some of the most difficult because of the weather fluctuations, bugs and diseases. (Pam Martin)

The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent, not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious. (Tom Robbins)

Quotes about vegetables

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Shall I advise you – About cucumbers and tomatoes Then you can walk straight away – And buy some. (Jo Dantes)

The cucumber and the tomato are both fruit; the avocado is a nut. To assist with the dietary requirements of vegetarians, on the first Tuesday of the month a chicken is officially a vegetable. (Jasper Fforde)

Quotes about cucumbers

Protestants and tomatoes

And then there are the big ones, the chubby ones, the plump ones, the buttocks ones, those who so worried the Anglo-Saxon puritans who, in the 19th century, saw tomatoes as the work of the devil. (Michele Barriere)

That’s why in the Calvinist-influenced Netherlands the tomato is not grown as an object of enjoyment, but as an object of commerce. (Anabella Weismann)

Face and tomatoes

Fate had blessed him with the complexion of a ripe tomato; his little eyes blinked. (Eugène Dabit)

This red boy, with abrupt features, absolutely looked like he had a tomato for his head. An exactly similar tomato served as the head of his twin brother. (Marcel Proust)

Art and tomatoes

A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins. (Laurie Colwin)

When I eat a tomato I look at it the way anyone else would. But when I paint a tomato, then I see it differently. (Henri Matisse)

Tomato juice

Tomato juice is the blood of fallen tomatoes. (Olga Arefieva)

I fucking hate tomato juice! It’s like drinking red snot. (MaryJanice Davidson)


I’m not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they’d come up sliced. (Lee Trevino)

Red: tomato harvest by apoplectic cardinals by the Red Sea. (Alphonse Allais)

It was August, the month of swallows and roofs, instilling visions in the corridors, reeds peeped out of the windows, tomatoes blushed behind the glass. (Joseph Brodsky)

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