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People and tuberose

The sublime tuberose, which awakens at the end of the afternoon, stretches out its waxy petals, sometimes touched with pink, and sighs: «it is six o’clock”. Its soul is set in motion and on its fragrant strenght, we measure the state of the atmosphere. (Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)

To have children is to plant roses, muguets, lavender, lilac, gardenia, stock, peonies, tuberose, hyacinth… it is to achieve a whole sense,a grand sense one did not priorly know. It is to give one’s garden another dimension. Perfume of life itself. (Julia Glass)

Tuberoses smell intoxicating,
and palm trees sway gently in the wind.
A gentle breeze sets out
to gently caress the guests. (Christa Kluge)

Life is rejuvenating with trust,
The barricade of solitude to be moved away,
I hear now cuckoo singing around
Nights are filled with fragrance of tuberose
And moon has come down to earth
To walk besides enlightening my life (Ashok Kumar Mishra)

Perversity and tuberose

I love tuberose because it’s deceptive. You think she’s innocent, but she’s not. She’s dangerous. (Sophie Labbé)

The paradox of tuberose is that it smells like a flower and at the same time, attracts you like a magnet. (Frédéric Malle)

But still my favorite flower is tuberose. It intoxicates me like hashish… When I hear its aroma for too long, some inexplicable, wonderful hallucinations take possession of me… Then, of course, comes the headache. (Alexander Kuprin)

He gave her rich white flowers with crimson scent,
The tuberose and datura ever burning
Their incense to the dusky face of night.
He spoke to her pure words of lofty sense,
But tinged with poison for a tranced ear. (George MacDonald)

Flowers and tuberose

Do you blame the dahlia for not having the fragrance of a tuberose? (Edward Eggleston)

Frangipanis, gardenias, roses, angel’s trumpets, lavender among my favourites but if I was to choose my absolute favourite…without a doubt it’s Tuberose. It’s feminine, romantic and magical. (Sancha Prowse)

The lilies offered them a refuge of innocence amidst the ardent solicitation of sweet honeysuckles, musk violets, verbenas exhaling the fresh scent of a kiss, tuberoses blowing the swoon of a mortal voluptuousness… And hyacinths and tuberoses died in their perfume… (Emile Zola)

The daffodil in spring, the autumn in chrysanthemum, The rose of always, the pale tuberose, The sage in full summer, the hellebore in winter. (Louise de Vilmorin)

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Death and tuberose

This perfume of a tuberose is the breath of corruption. (Henri Barbusse)

But the well-known fragrance of the tuberose usually brings funerals to mind, since that flower is so extensively woven into burial wreaths. (Fergus Hume)

Samghin understood: she was talking so as not to think about her loneliness, to cover up his anguish, but he did not feel pity for his mother. She smelled strongly of tuberoses, the favorite flower of the dead. (Maxim Gorky)

Like wax — pens, forehead,
On a pale face — a question.
An elegant white coffin
sank In waves of fragrant tuberoses. (Marina Tsvetaeva)

Love and tuberose

Faded — oh, a long time ago! — orchids, mimosa flowers have faded,
Dreams of heated and stuffy and humid greenhouses.
And in the space, frozen, like the deathly color of tuberose,
The outlines of faded, lovers’ faces glide a little. (Konstantin Balmont)

I drink the bitterness of tuberoses, the bitterness of autumn skies,
And in them a burning stream of your betrayals,
I drink the bitterness of evenings, nights and crowded gatherings,
I drink raw bitterness of a sobbing stanza… (Boris Pasternak)

Your favorite flower, Rajanigandha,
you wore in curls around your ebony hair,
gliding with the lattice of its pleats
to girdle your swan neck supple,
the image still unfaded, I treasure. (Subimal Sinha-Roy)

Tuberose features

The Pre-Columbian Indians of Mexico first domesticated the Tuberose, native to Central America where wild growing species can be found. (Steffen Arctander)

Said a skunk to a tube-rose, «See how swiftly I run, while you cannot walk nor even creep.»
Said the tube-rose to the skunk, «Oh, most noble swift runner, please run swiftly!» (Khalil Gibran)

you stand out
and delight in the open air;
But stay away from my head,
stay away from my heart! (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Women and tuberose

These women were delicate and pale as the waxen bells of the begonia, as the creamy column of the tuberose. (Ouida)

But nothing will now prevent a dismal shadow from advancing on her little by little, tarnishing her healthy rosy pallor, her tuberose complexion. (Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)

Your voice, your voice blooms like tuberoses
It intoxicates life, oh voice, oh darling voice
Orders orders time to pass much faster… (Guillaume Apollinaire)

Fragrance and tuberose

She knew this as fully as she knew that the perfume of the tuberose is sweet, by the evidence of one of her senses. (Richard Dowling)

Soul, get thee to the heart
Of yonder tuberose: hide thee there —
There breathe the meditations of thine art
Suffused with prayer.
Of spirit grave yet light,
How fervent fragrances uprise
Pure-born from these most rich and yet most white
Virginities! (Sidney Lanier)

Poetry and tuberose

Chopin. Two embalmers at work upon a minor poet. The scent of tuberoses. Autumn rain. (H.L. Mencken)

Over the waning day of Greek poetry Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus cast the sunset hues of their excessive beauty. Genuine and exquisite is their inspiration; pure, sincere, and true is their execution. Yet we agree with Shelley, who compares their perfume to «the odor of the tuberose, which overcomes and sickens the spirit with excess of sweetness.» (John Addington Symonds)

Gardening and tuberose

The tuberose is a plant which everybody admires, but which is seldom seen in amateur gardeners’ collections. (Eben Eugene Rexford)

Tender scents of tuberose, sweet jasmine,
Float from this shy perfumed garden glen
Petals spread wide as lotus buds begin
To welcome gentle moonbeams touch again. (Sam Kauffman)

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Perfume and tuberose

Tuberose is used in high-class floral perfumes of the heaviest and sweetest types. (Steffen Arctander)

The stately tuberose is reluctant to share its effusive scent, yielding only to enfleurage- petals pressed into fat between glass, rinsed in alcohol. The carnal charisma of tuberose, one of the perfumer’s most expensive essential oils, heightens the white floral bouquet, lifting it up on angels’ wings. (Jan Moran)

France and tuberose

He [Robin, guard of the Jardin des Plantes] is the first who gave the vogue to tuberoses, which we only knew in Provence. (M. de Vigneul-Marville)

He descends promptly, and there it is, from hill to hill, in the valley Of those from Grasse: valley of love, incensory, promised land, Where the rock, the huts of dry stone, Of olive tree forests enveloping, Where the women, with full baskets, Cradle jasmine, tuberose, and roses. (Frédéric Mistral)

Night and tuberose

You’ll find me with the Tuberose. We bloom at night. (David Paul Kirkpatrick)

The tuberose, with her silvery light, That in the gardens of Malay Is call’d the Mistress of the Night, So like a bride, scented and bright; She comes out when the sun’s away. (Thomas Moore)

Rose and tuberose

The tuberose is not a rose at all. (St. Nicholas)

Rose is the most beautiful flower — it and tuberose are my favourites. (Aerin Lauder)

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