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Gardening and verbena

The garden’s most recent addition was verbena, which represents healing, feminine power, and hope in darkness, as well as encouraging other plants to grow. (Annabel Chase)

Her favorite patch was the least showy: the herb garden. A raised stone circle, no bigger than a beach umbrella, was filled with rosemary, sage, wild thyme, mint, lemon verbena, lavender, and burnet. (Luanne Rice)

If you take cuttings of scarlet geraniums or common verbenas, and pot them in moist soil, they bud out apace into new plants like their parents. (Grant Allen)

You, walk among the roses and verbenas, and gobble every creature threatening them. (Edmond Rostand)

The years when gardening consisted only of beds of Coleus, Geraniums, Verbenas and bedding plants have passed away, like the black walnut period of furniture. And even as the mahogany of our grandfathers is now brought forth from garrets and unused rooms, and antiquity shops and farm-houses are searched for the good old-time furniture, so we are learning to take the old gardens for our models, and the old-fashioned flowers to fill our borders. (Helena Ely)

The verbena family includes many tropical and sub-tropical shrubs, some of which are widely cultivated in Texas. (Eula Whitehouse)

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Love and verbena

My soul of today, faithful to you, returned
Smells of lime blossom, verbena and hay;
I bring you this country-dressed soul. (Cecile Sauvage)

Some proud beauty keeps you in its chain,
And you let die this poor verbena
Whose last branches, in happier times,
Should have been watered with the tears of your eyes. (Alfred de Musset)

But let it be true that a pearl melts in vinegar, that verbena freshens the air, that the gentle cooing of doves — be true, be true that you will love me! (Mikhail Kuzmin)

All the same fairy tale: love, betrayal…
How boring it is to regret it again!
This is where vervains once bloomed…
You were once mine here… (Vladimir Nabokov)

Verbena features

This is a handsome verbena which does well in cultivation but is little used. (Eula Whitehouse)

Lemon Verbena — Produces a lull in conversation with a mysterious lack of awkwardness. Helpful when you have nervous, overly talkative guests. (Sarah Addison Allen)

The Verbena family with seventy-eight genera, largely composed of herbaceous plants, is widely scattered through temperate and tropical regions. Some of the species are important timber-trees, the most valuable being the Teak, Tectoria grandis L. f., of southeastern Asia and the Malay Archipelago, and some of the tropical species of Vitex. (Charles Sprague Sargent)

Here is verbena — a magic color —
It was famous among the ancients,
Miraculously healing,
It lived them at feasts,
Boiled their spirit with fun,
Rejuvenated decrepit old men,
And sometimes with a love potion
It entered Roman blood. (Vladimir Benediktov)

Death and verbena

Some of the plants have obituary names: Iris, Basil, Rue, Rosemary, and Verbena. Some, like meadowsweet and cowslips, sweet flag and spikenard, are like the names of Shakespeare fairies. (Chuck Palahniuk)

The vase where this verbena dies
With the blow of a fan was cracked. (Sully Prudhomme)

And these bright flowers I love so well,
Verbena, rose and sweet bluebell,
Must droop and die away.
Those thick green leaves with all their shade
And rustling music, they must fade
And every one decay. (Anne Brontë)

Of verses from evenings of love enervated with verbena,
Where the soul feels, exquisitely, barely a caress…
I dream of sweet verses dying like roses. (Albert Samain)

Fragrance and verbena

There is only a faint fragrance to the wild verbena. (Eula Whitehouse)

Champavert was crumpling a branch of verbena in his hand. — What sweeter smell than this Indian verbena! (Petrus Borel)

It was lemon verbena day, so the house was filled with a sweet-tart scent that conjured images of picnic blankets and white clouds shaped like true-love hearts. (Sarah Addison Allen)

A fresh scent rose from the letter: verbena. (Roland Dorgelès)

People and verbena

Over her breakfast coffee, she watched the last of Georgia’s hills recede and the red earth appear, and with it tin-roofed houses set in the middle of swept yards, and in the yards the inevitable verbena grew, surrounded by whitewashed tires. (Harper Lee)

To Saint-Blaise, to Zuecca,
In the flowery meadows to pick verbena,
To Saint-Blaise, to Zuecca,
To live and die there! (Alfred de Musset)

I was only half asleep,
Next to a sprig of verbena
Whose perfume barely lived,
And which while dreaming I had picked. (Alfred de Musset)

Magic and verbena

The most learned magician of the company, wrapped in a shroud, and carrying verbena in his hands, advanced and began his invocations. (Esprit Fléchier)

I see Velleda appear. Her fair hair was adorned with a crown of verbena, a sacred plant among the Druids. (François-René de Chateaubriand)

To appease the Gods and to put an end to my ills,
Pour a wine matured for two years into your full cups;
And on the altar reddened with the pure blood of the lambs
Lay incense and verbenas. (Charles Marie Leconte De Lisle)

Women and verbena

The rustle of yellow skirts and the scent of lemon verbena. (Deanna Raybourn)

The faint of lemon verbena surrounded her, floating gently from Eleanor Butler’s silk gown and silken hair. (Alexandra Ripley)

In her hair she wore a wreath of white verbenas (or snow-balls) and green leaves. (Amy Fay)

Nature and verbena

Along the beaches gleamed the pink verbenas and yellow sand-flowers. (Thomas Dowler Murphy)

A ray of sunlight, broken on the palace, on
the dome of the cathedral in which Lorenzo lies,
penetrates through the curtain and warms the veins
of dirty marble, a tub with a flower of vervain;
and the goldfinch spills in the center of wire Ravenna. (Joseph Brodsky)

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Spring and verbena

Allow, oh siren, Behold, your breath Smells verbena It’s spring coming! — This system, indeed, brings back the spring, With its impudent procession of exciting. (Jules Laforgue)

A mystical spring circulates in the veins
Where the violet runs, where the cornflower smiles;
In the lines of the palm slept the verbenas;
The hands tell the eyes the secrets of the mind. (Germain Nouveau)

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Perfume and verbena

She powdered her skin. She gazed at herself. On her perfume shelf, she chose verbena, citron, and cut hay, because plant essences were particularly suited to a date under the trees. (Pierre Louÿs)

The husband returned an hour later. Rose didn’t even look up at him, but he stared straight at her. Vervain already reeked of her. (Guy de Maupassant)

Purple and verbena

Acres of wild verbenas spread their royal purple underfoot. (Annie Fellows Johnston)

He domesticated and developed the native wild flowers. He had one hill-side solidly clad with that low-growing purple verbena which mats over the hills of New Mexico. It was like a great violet velvet mantle thrown down in the sun. (Willa Cather)

Verbena tea

Herbal teas are a French woman’s staple. They come in all sorts of varieties: The pure one-flavor ones (thyme, chamomile, verbena are favorites). (Rebeca Plantier)

They would also offer ribbon-tied bags of Phillip’s tea creations served in the café: loose leaves of lemon verbena, dried pennyroyal, black tea with vanilla. (Karen Weinreb)

Wildflowers and verbena

They gathered in the meadows the slender branches of fragrant verbena. (Anatole France)

The verbena is a wild shrub, to be found growing almost everywhere, and particularly in low, moist ground. (John Timbs)

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Flowers and verbena

What verbenas and heliotropes!—what purples—crimsons—scarlets! (Margaret Murray Robertson)

The fall flowers were in full bloom: verbena, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, and a late-blooming rose. (Vanessa Diffenbaugh)

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