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Weeds features

In the beginning were the weeds. (Manfred Hinrich)

Weed is always growing. (Erasmus)

The weed will always overcome the concrete. (Gemma Malley)

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

What is a weed? I have heard it said that there are sixty definitions. For me, a weed is a plant out of place. (Donald Culross Peattie)

Weeds do not grow everywhere, but only where they are not needed. (Mikhail Genin)

Weeds are the individualists in the flower bed. (Thomas Häntsch)

Weeds are out most successful cultivated crop. (Richard Mabey)

A weed is a plant that is not only in the wrong place but intends to stay. (Sara Stein)

Weeds — Is there really evil in their hearts or are they simply feisty seeds — ambitious verdant darts, proliferous garden art? (Terri Guillemets)

They turn up at the same time of the year, every year, like garrulous relatives you wished lived just a little further away. (Richard Mabey)

Weeds are great travelers; they are, indeed, the tramps of the vegetable world. They are going east, west, north, south; they walk; they fly; they swim; they steal a ride; they travel by rail, by flood, by wind; they go under ground, and they go above, across lots, and by the highway. (John Burroughs)

Such plants are «weeds» only to those who make a business of selling and applying chemicals. (Rachel Carson)

Worthless as wither’d weeds. (Emily Bronte)

Flowers and weeds

A weed is but an unloved flower. (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place. (Agatha Christie)

A weed is no more than a flower in disguise. (James Russell Lowell)

A flower is an educated weed. (Luther Burbank)

Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste. (William Shakespeare)

A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it. (Dogen)

Weeds grow sometimes very much like flowers, and you can’t tell the difference between true and false merely by the shape. (Edwin Paxton Hood)

When weeds go to heaven, I suppose they will be flowers. (L.M. Montgomery)

If flowers are the smiles of plants, as the brilliant Dithmar poet, dramatist and thinker Friedrich Hebbel put it, aren’t weeds their grin? (Gregor Brand)

Despite the warnings of other times, the impetuous and the confident continue their indiscriminate cultivation of weeds at the expense of occasional flowers. (Gore Vidal)

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People and weeds

Man is by definition the first and primary weed. Weeds are not the other. Weeds are us. (Michael Pollan)

A man of words and not of deeds, Is like a garden full of weeds. (Benjamin Franklin)

Unintelligent persons are like weeds that thrive in good ground; they love to be amused in proportion to the degree in which they weary themselves. (Honore de Balzac)

We’re like a gardener with a hose and our attention is water — we can water flowers or we can water weeds. (Josh Radnor)

For though we may be the Earth’s gardeners, we are also its weeds. And we won’t get anywhere until we come to terms with this crucial ambiguity about our role — that we are at once the problem and the only possible solution to the problem. (Michael Pollan)

One is tempted to say that the most human plants, after all, are the weeds. How they cling to man and follow him around the world, and spring up wherever he sets his foot! How they crowd around his barns and dwellings, and throng his garden and jostle and override each other in their strife to be near him! (John Burroughs)

There are two things equally harmful, which one can never completely eradicate: the weeds in one’s garden, and the too good opinion one has of oneself. (Jean Petit-Senn)

Fanatics turn the future into a weed that drowns out the present. (Vytautas Karalius)

Gardening and weeds

A good garden may have some weeds. (Thomas Fuller)

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. (Doug Larson)

I have a secret garden, full of weeds. (Philippe Geluck)

Maybe in order to get a good lawn, you need to sow weeds? (Karel Čapek)

Gardening can become a spiritual exercise, teaching us discernment as we eliminate the weeds from our lives, giving what we value room to grow. (Diane Dreher)

Now ’tis spring, and weeds are shallow-rooted; Suffer them now and they’ll o’ergrow the garden. (William Shakespeare)

Don’t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on the beautiful flowers in your garden. (Steve Maraboli)

The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name. (Sylvia Browne)

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Attitude to weeds

I like weeds and hardy plants. (Hope Jahren)

Shall I not rejoice also at the abundance of the weeds whose seeds are the granary of the birds? (Henry David Thoreau)

Weeds should be respected for their tenacity, persistence, and versatility and looked upon more as volunteers than as invaders. (Heather Jo Flores)

Even weeds are those that could be made good by using them properly. (Guillaume Apollinaire)

But what attracted me to weeds was not their beauty, but their resilience. I mean, despite being so widely despised, so unloved, killed with every chance we get, they are so pervasive, so seemingly invincible. (Carol Vorvain)

How bleak and miserable some spot on earth would look if no weeds grew on it. (Wilhelm Raabe)

They have taken the idea of nonharming, of gentleness toward the earth, to a very radical level. Even the weeds are not enemies. (Andy Couturier)

Thougts and weeds

I do some of my best thinking while pulling weeds. (Martha Smith)

Dwelling on negative thoughts is like fertilizing weeds. (Norman Vincent Peale)

The mind is like a fertile garden in which anything that is planted, flowers or weeds, will grow. (Bruce Lee)

Weeds are pulled up by the roots to clear the fields for the growing grain. Why should not mental weeds be pulled up by the roots also, and the mind cleared for growth? (Horace Fletcher)

When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun by nettles. (Horace Walpole)

I’ve never really had any trouble coming up with ideas; they just grow, like weeds. The weeding is the hard part. (Stuart Woods)

They know, they just know where to grow, how to dupe you, and how to camouflage themselves among the perfectly respectable plants, they just know, and therefore, I’ve concluded weeds must have brains. (Dianne Benson)


Weeding is censorship of nature. (Oskar Kokoschka)

Weeds are anything that grow back after weeding. (Mark Twain)

You don’t have to sow weeds, but weeding doesn’t help either. (Peter E. Schumacher)

Anyone who claims there’s never a need to go back behind a job well done has probably never weeded a garden. (R. Ethier)

When weeding, the best way to make sure what you are pulling is a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. (Paul Dickson)

I worked in a watercress bed, picking weeds out of watercress when I was at school. It was awful. (Russell Howard)

The destroyer of weeds, thistles, and thorns is a benefactor whether he soweth grain or not. (Robert G. Ingersoll)

Life and weeds

This garden is your life. Of course, there are the occasional weeds—but more than anything, this garden is filled with so much life! (Seth Adam Smith)

We don’t have to feel negative about weeds. They’re a part of life. We need to see them, acknowledge them, focus on the solution, and immediately do whatever it takes to eliminate their influence from our lives. (Tony Robbins)

Pulling weeds and planting seeds. That’s the story of life. We are individual lots on which either weeds of selfishness or fruit of the Holy Spirit grows and flourishes. (Dennis Rainey)

If you had your way you’d pass a law to abolish all the little jobs, the little things. But then you’d leave yourselves nothing to do between the big jobs and you’d have a devil of a time thinking up things to do so you wouldn’t go crazy. Instead of that, why not let nature show you a few things? Cutting grass and pulling weeds can be a way of life, son. (Ray Bradbury)

Religion and weeds

Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God. (Pope Francis)

Learn the lesson that, if you are to do the work of a prophet, what you want is not a sceptre, but a hoe. The prophet does not rise to reign, but to root out the weeds. (Saint Bernard)

Jesus said the weeds would grow with the wheat until the Judgement,» Dietrich answered, «so one finds both good men and bad in the Church. By our fruits we will be known, not by what name we have called ourselves. I have come to believe that there is more grace in becoming wheat than there is in pulling weeds. (Michael Flynn)

Praying It doesn’t have to be the blue iris, it could be weeds in a vacant lot, or a few small stones; just pay attention, then patch a few words together and don’t try to make them elaborate, this isn’t a contest but the doorway into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak. (Mary Oliver)

Dandelions and weeds

Pull out the weeds, or make peace with the dandelions. (Frank Sonnenberg)

A lot of the flowers I like are weeds. Oh, and dandelions, but they’re a weed, too. (Daniel Rigby)

I turn and run, watching my feet trample a massacre of weeds. I mourn them. The only thing that grows is dandelions in the cracks of the sidewalk and we always end up killing them. (Ellie Lieberman)

If you see a dandelion as a weed, you’ll spray it. If you see it as a flower, you’ll draw it close, turn it this way and that, and become lost in the colossal burst of slender golden petals that spew sunshine into the darkest of souls. And so, how many things have we sprayed that could have illuminated our souls if we would have let them be more than what we let them be? (Craig D. Lounsbrough)

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Gardeners and weeds

Where would the gardener be if there were no more weeds? (Bill Vaughan)

As is the garden such is the gardener. A man’s nature runs either to herbs or weeds. (Francis Bacon)

What would become of the garden if the gardener treated all the weeds and slugs and birds and trespassers as he would like to be treated, if he were in their place? (Thomas Huxley)

I don’t have a gardener because I enjoy pulling weeds. It’s hard to explain but there is something fulfilling about pulling out a weed and knowing that you got all the roots. (Justin Hartley)

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Wildflowers and weeds

One person’s weed is another person’s wildflower. (Susan Wittig Albert)

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. (A.A. Milne)

However, it is hard to explain the wildflowers that one gardener calls weeds, and another considers beautiful ground cover. (Shannon L. Alder)

Dear outsiders, even the most beautiful of wildflowers are considered weeds in the wrong gardens — what another thinks of you does not dictate your value. (Beau Taplin)

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Time and weeds

Weed is precocious and grows before time. (Casimir Delavigne)

The problem with being grounded is it gives you a whole lot of unavoidable time to think. NOt even pulling weeds can take away your ability to plot all the varied and wonderful things you might do to get even, or at least to make up, just get a smidgen for time lost to TV and yard work and house cleaning. (Ellen Hopkins)

If the weeds are pulled out of the garden too soon, the too shallow roots of the plants developing around it get pulled up with the weed also. Time is what is needed before criticism can be useful. (Allison Mackie)

Literature and weeds

The book forces itself into my mind when I am lugging furniture, or pulling weeds. (Robertson Davies)

Fighting clutter is like fighting weeds-the writer is always slightly behind. (William Zinsser)

Nothing is as interesting as weeding. I went crazy over the outdoor work, and at last had to confine myself to the house, or literature must have gone by the board. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Roses and weeds

If roses were not special weeds would not envy them. (Matshona Dhliwayo)

When life is not coming up roses Look to the weeds and find the beauty hidden within them. (L.F. Young)

It’s easy to take the time to stop and smell the roses but one must be willing to give of themselves enough to also stop to admire and understand life’s weeds. (Colleen Dougherty)

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Work and weeds

Weeds don’t go away unless you do something about them. (Gerd W. Heyse)

Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. (Gordon B. Hinckley)

Little deeds are like little seeds, they grow to flowers or to weeds. (Daniel D. Palmer)

Nature and weeds

Weeds are nature’s graffiti. (J.L.W. Brooks)

Weeds are nature’s opposition to the gardeners’ government. (Oskar Kokoschka)

Nature knows no difference between weeds and flowers. (Mason Cooley)

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Education and weeds

Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow firm there, firm as weeds among stones. (Charlotte Bronte)

Beware of letting small faults pass unnoticed under the idea it is a little one. There are no little things in training children; all are important. Little weeds need plucking up as much as any. Leave them alone and they will soon be great. (J.C. Ryle)

Happiness and weeds

Happiness must be cultivated. It is like character. It is not a thing to be safely let alone for a moment, or it will run to weeds. (Elizabeth Stuart Phelps)

Happiness is not a wild plant, which comes spontaneously, like garden weeds: it is a delicious fruit, which is only made so by dint of cultivation. (Nicolas Restif de la Bretonne)

Relationship and weeds

Every relationship is like a garden and every garden has weeds. Arguments are the little weeds of our relationship that grow up around the things we intentionally plant. (Buster Benson)

The supernatural pity of people and the impossibility of not being cruel to them. Otherwise, they will suffocate, not out of malice, but in the same way as a weed suffocates cereals. (Yuri Nagibin)

Green thumb and weeds

The greenest thumb is acquired by pulling weeds. (Brigitte Fuchs)

You don’t need a great green thumb in order to make something look nice. A lot of times, it’s just about cleaning up the weeds and trimming back the shrubs. (Jonathan Scott)

Friendship and weeds

Friendship is maintained like a garden: do not hesitate to pull out the weeds. (Nadine de Rothschild)

Do not sit long with a sad friend. When you go to a garden do you look at the weeds? Spend more time with the roses and jasmines. (Rumi)

Death and weeds

The weeds die after us. (Manfred Hinrich)

The most beautiful thing about cemeteries are the weeds. (Francis Picabia)

Field and weeds

The steppe is a battle of weeds with each other. (Ilya Selvinsky)

On an exhausted field, only weeds grow. (Henryk Sienkiewicz)

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