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Flowers and zinnias

The regular beds are full of scarlet zinnias and cannas. (Aldous Huxley)

The geranium, the zinnia, the begonia distilled in the flattest air the aromas of Champagne. (Jean Giraudoux)

Then all around the garden were the zinnias, poppies and marigolds a step up to the cannas. (Ellen Eddy Shaw)

The flowers, too, would have delighted you. Zinnias as tall as dahlias, dahlias as tall as hollyhocks, nasturtiums growing like grape vines, roses as big as peonies, geraniums and heliotropes small trees. (William Seymour Edwards)

But the zinnias and calendulas,
In a mood of calm reserve, nod faintly
As the south wind whispers the secret
Of the dawn hour! (Edgar Lee Masters)

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Garden and zinnias

The garden is looking so bright; the zinnias have done splendidly, and some are over two feet high. (Katherine Mary Barrow)

The beautiful sunshine of the autumn morning shone calmly on her well-cared-for little garden, blooming with zinnias and asters. (Pierre Loti)

Some gardens contain sun-flowers, or little else, others are full of zinnias, flowering mallow trees, and balsams. (Matilda Betham-Edwards)

The short path was lined with zinnias and with prince’s feather and the porch covered with a shady grapevine. (Mary Johnston)

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Vases and zinnias

She was used to placing flowers on her table, gay nasturtiums, delicate sweet peas, and gorgeous zinnias from her own little back-yard garden. (Eliza Calvert Hall)

Many of our Compositæ are vile after standing in water in vases; Ox-eye Daisies, Rudbeckia, Zinnia, Sunflower, and even the wholesome Marigold. (Alice Morse Earle)

My grandmother had arranged flowers, zinnias perhaps, in a chipped glass—all the decent vases having sunk, one after another, year after year, into the insatiable box of nightingales destined for me. (Pierre Michon)

Gardening and zinnias

On the edge of the bed, sow by April fifteenth a row of salmon-pink Zinnias, and when they are well up, thin out to six inches apart. They begin to blossom when very small, and will stand considerable frost. (Helena Rutherfurd Ely)

The Zinnia is an excellent plant where a low hedge is desired. It averages a height of three feet; It is compact and symmetrical in habit, branching quite close to the ground. It is a rapid grower, and of the very easiest culture; It comes into bloom in July, and continues to produce great quantities of flowers, shaped like miniature Dahlias, in red, scarlet, pink, yellow, orange, and white, until frost comes. (Eben E. Rexford)

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Zinnias features

Linnæus gave to this genus the name of Zinnia, in honour of Joh. Gottfr. Zinn, the pupil of Haller, and his successor at the University of Gottingen. (William Curtis)

The Zinnia is another fine annual that has been much spoilt by its would-be improvers. When a Zinnia has a hard, stiff, tall flower, with a great many rows of petals piled up one on top of another, and when its habit is dwarfed to a mean degree of squatness, it looks to me both ugly and absurd, whereas a reasonably double one, well branched, and two feet high, is a handsome plant. (Gertrude Jekyll)

Desert and zinnias

Closely related to the garden Zinnia, which is a native of Mexico, desert Zinnias are attractive herbs suitable for trial as ornamental border plantings. (Natt N. Dodge)

Desert Zinnia. Nothing could look much less like a garden Zinnia than this dry, prickly-looking dwarf shrub. It is from three inches to a foot high, the branches crowded with very small, stiff, dull green leaves, and the flowers are about an inch across, rather pretty but not conspicuous, with a yellow center and four or five, broad, cream-white rays. (Margaret Armstrong)

Attitude to zinnias

I don’t like zinnias at all but some people do—they are gay and bold. (Lucille Van Slyke)

A few high-growing annuals, as marigolds, coxcombs, zinnias, and four-o’clocks, may be used with effect in the empty spaces in perennial beds, where Oriental poppies and candidums have died down and have had their stalks cut. For this purpose let not the stiff-necked zinnia be despised. Easy of culture, ready to move at any date, and without a moment’s notice and in such cheap abundance that the undesirable colors and shades may be pulled up. (Sarah Warner Brooks)

Gardeners and zinnias

I pride myself on those zinnias,” the uncle told Nan, “just see those yellows, and those pinks. Some are as big as dahlias, aren’t they?” (Laura Lee Hope)

He never hesitated or doubted what to do. He knew exactly what to cut off a plant, or how much water to give it, or how to tie up a trailer; He planted out a few seedling zinnias to show me. Then he watered them in and removed the seed boxes… (Eden Phillpotts)

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Marigolds and zinnias

It was a neat, whitewashed little house, with rows of zinnias and marigolds on each side of a walk leading from the road. (Edna Henry Lee Turpin)

Zinnias are satisfactory just as marigolds are. To be sure they are not a very graceful flower. But what of that? We need all kinds of flowers. When you buy the little packets of seed you usually get a mixture of colour. In order to have just the colour one wishes, seed must be bought from the seedsman by the ounce. (Ellen Eddy Shaw)

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People and zinnias

The pride of the gentle gardener lay in a few plants of zinnias close to a dripping tap. In bright red, gold, and white, he accepted them as substitutes for the sacred lotus, and prison flowers never flaunted more freely. (E.J. Banfield)

Santa sighed at the unfairness of it all and slammed the picture down on the mantelpiece among the bowl of wax fruit and the bouquet of paper zinnias and the statue of the Virgin Mary and the figurine of the Infant of Prague. (John Kennedy Toole)

Women and zinnias

She pulled idly on a zinnia that lifted its globular red head… (Anna Balmer Meyers)

She left the papers with Chub, and since the staff seemed busy, she went on home and started weeding the zinnia bed. She could think better if she were doing something. (Helen Diehl Olds)

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