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Rhododendrons features

In ancient times, the name rhododendron referred to oleander, Nerium oleander. It was only in the 16th century that the name was transferred to the genus which bears it today. (Diane Adriaenssen)

The periwinkle and the rhododendrons betoken a happy, tranquil life; but the foxglove and the daphne are omens of misfortunes and afflictions. (Frederic Shoberl)

Red-trunked rhododendron trees looked like so many writhing russet snakes. In some places the forest floor was carpeted crimson with fallen rhododendron petals. (Jane Wilson-Howarth)

We distinguish: the large — flowered rhododendron, which, native to North America, has become naturalized in our climates; the hairy rhododendron, also multiplied in our gardens; the tree rhododendron, coming from India and which requires the orangery; the Pontic rhododendron, which became famous because the honey drawn from it by the bees poisoned Xenophon ‘s army; the ferruginated rhododendron, commonly known as Alpine oleander and Alpine rose. (Louis Legoarant de Tromelin)

Flowers and rhododendron

The lady turned to give him a smile of thanks, and went on praising the beauty of the rhododendrons, the azaleas, and the gigantic camellias. (Armando Palacio Valdés)

The roses bloom at Malmaison. And not only roses. Tulips, myrtles, geraniums, camelias, rhododendrons, dahlias, double hyacinths. All the year through, under glass, under the sky, flowers bud, expand, die, and give way to others, always others. (Amy Lowell)

The rhododendrons, plots of wild strawberries, flame azaleas, Solomon’s seal, sweet shrub, mountain laurel, ginseng, Fraser magnolia…create a seemingly infinite green tapestry that surrounds the trail. (William Bartram)

Dappled sunlight on emerald leaves,
Rhododendron trusses painted in rainbows.
Daffodil ablaze in golden glory,
Roses dipped in dark burgundy. (Shane Cooper)

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Mountains and rhododendron

These slopes of the Saint-Gothard, all covered in their meanders, on their crests, with pink bushes of these rhododendrons in flower. (Joseph Arthur de Gobineau)

On the heights of Ben Howth among the rhododendrons passes a goat, mamellifluous, its tail like a cabbage core, it sows currants. (James Joyce)

A concave rock, under the shelter of which we burned rhododendrons, the only wood that grew to this height. (Ferdinand de Saussure)

The man steps forward. The green gorge
widens, opens
before him like a flower, rhododendrons on both sides
of the road,
and rock, stone rock. (Hasso Krull)

Childhood and rhododendron

The woods are a place where children can go to think. Children gravitate towards these spaces. When I was a child it was nothing more than a scrubby little overhang under a rhododendron bush, but it was incredibly important to me. (Jay Griffiths)

Apart from a few isolated scenes, my first memories hardly go back beyond 1910 and to our garden in Sanvic, near Le Havre, so large to my childhood eyes, decorated with a lawn framed by rhododendrons. It was undoubtedly the exoticism of the word that allowed me to remember it. (Louis Néel)

Adults follow paths. Children explore. Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths, to creep beneath rhododendrons, to find the spaces between fences. I was a child, which meant that I knew a dozen different ways of getting out of our property and into the lane, ways that would not involve walking down our drive. (Neil Gaiman)

People and rhododendron

In essence, I am very unhappy, Madame Ivanova. My dream is to go with the woman I love to Nice, where the rhododendrons bloom… (Mikhail Bulgakov)

Rhododendron! Rhododendron!
The lush color of the greenhouse,
How beautiful and how elegant
You are in the hands of the fidgety fairy… (Afanasy Fet)

I am the weak son of a sick generation
and I will not go looking for alpine roses,
neither the murmur of waves nor the roar of early thunderstorms
will give me joyful excitement. (Innokenty Annensky)

Gardeners and rhododendron

The sound of the watering-pot on the leaves filled Father Mabeuf’s soul with ecstasy. It seemed to him that the rhododendron was happy now. (Victor Hugo)

If the sun happens to show its face in January, the gardener grabs his head — suddenly the buds on the bushes will prematurely go to bed. When it rains, he fears for the flowers of his alpine; when it’s dry, he thinks with heartache of his rhododendrons and cypresses. (Karel Čapek)

I have spoken to plants myself, and if pressed for conclusions would have to say that those I threatened did better than those I — well, I wouldn’t say prayed over, but pleaded with, cajoled. A rhododendron that hadn’t bloomed for six years was flatly told it would be removed the following year if there were no flowers. Need I say that it has bloomed profusely ever since? (Eleanor Perenyi)

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Bloom and rhododendron

A rhododendron bud lavender-tipped. Soon a glory of blooms to clash with the cardinals and gladden the hummingbirds! (Dave Beard)

Now is the time for the big purple rhododendrons to bloom. Their scent forms part of the rich scent tapestry of the English garden in May. Rhododendron is actually a scourge here. (Tõnu Ènnepalu)

The burst of fuchsia colored flowers, brightens the yard
Having grown over the years, it spreads further now
Big blooms that attract the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
They stand out like fireworks on a dark, cloudy day
Stop, look, see them while they last… (Heidi Sands)

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Snow and rhododendron

…here and there there were alpine roses growing right on the snow, which in places resembled a canvas spread out for whitening. (Hans Christian Andersen)

There was snow everywhere… and next to it were large thickets of golden rhododendron with branches as high as a man’s shoulders, planted with leathery, shiny dark green leaves and caps of golden-yellow flowers. (Vladimir Arsenyev)

Some species from the genus Rhododendron… found a rather original solution: roll the leaves into a tube! Then the snow falls on them much less, and the branches will not break. (Vladimir Chub)

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USA and rhododendron

The American spring is like the country itself: abundant, rich, flowing over you like a full tide…. Azaleas were suddenly ablaze. White dogwoods stood like brides in the wood – these trees of all colors were new to me; one does not meet them in Europe, and dogwood cannot even be transplanted to other continents. White and pink magnolias, yellowish rhododendrons, all of them lived happily side by side with our ordinary lilacs and lilies of the valley – the Russian symbols of spring. (Svetlana Alliluyeva)

At the North Carolina border, the dull landscape ended abruptly, as if by decree. Suddenly the countryside rose and fell in majestic undulations, full of creeping thickets of laurel, rhododendron and palmetto. (Bill Bryson)

Color and rhododendron

They startled me with their crimson faces, massed one upon the other in incredible profusion, showing no leaf, no twig, nothing but the slaughterous red, luscious and fantastic, unlike any rhododendron plant I had seen before. (Daphne du Maurier)

The rhododendron is my state flower.
In nature its blossom is pink,
But horticulturists have made the bloom
Any color of which you can think. (Joyce Johnson)

Azaleas and rhododendrons

Azaleas, rhododendrons with Senegalese dimensions give a cheerful note to this sad park where the dazzling colors amaze, where their gigantic size seems to struggle with the old ramparts which are still solid. (Gustave Fraipont)

I looked at the azaleas as if they were bushes of paradise,
And the purple rhododendron was the limit of beauty. (Sasha Cherny)

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Laurels and rhododendrons

Here is another kind of laurel, but very small and low, standing between the shrubs; it bears roses, and for this reason it is called rododendron or rosago. (Olivier de Serres)

Rhododendrons and laurels, so loved by municipal administrators, are unsuitable habitats for birds: they remove light from the ground without offering many insects in exchange. (Tony Soper)

Attitude to rhododendrons

If I had rhododendrons like that in Moulinsart!… (Hergé)

The rhododendron hid the water. His mother had loved this particular plant. For its durability and vitality. (Peter Høeg)


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