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House and wisteria

Wisteria climbs the trees, and countless colorful flowers sway in gentle dreams and yet are meant to protect the house. They are reflected in small ponds that resemble quiet, gentle eyes. (Christa Kluge)

The roof of the front porch of the house is covered, for some reason, with moss, and also, on one side, with wisteria, which gives the house a sort of raffish Veronica Lake look, a disheveled charm. (Renata Adler)

Cotswold stone framed tiny sash windows gleaming with pale green paint. Wisteria vines twisted about the stone, bunches of purple flowers hanging thick and heavy with pollen. Above it all a tiled roof sagged with sage. (Stephen Lloyd Jones)

on the hot stone walls the eyes
of wisteria burn, burn… (Vladimir Nabokov)

‘Established’ is a good word, much used in garden books,
‘the plant, when established’…
Oh, become established quickly, quickly, garden!
For I am fugitive, I am very fugitive –
Those that come after me will gather these roses,
And watch, as I do now, the white wisteria
Burst, in the sunshine, from its pale green sheath.
Planned. Planted. Established. Then neglected,
Till at last the loiterer by the gate will wonder
At the old, old cottage, the old wooden cottage,
And say, ‘One might build here, the view is glorious;
This must have been a pretty garden once. (Ursula Bethell)

Love and wisteria

Dentro ti amo e fuori tremo
come glicine di notte. (Noemi)

Wisteria has me in hysteria,
A sublime lilac floret,
Take me to California where there’s so much of you… (Amelia Ciud)

Solaria, il vento del sud scrolla e devasta il tuo pergolato di glicini.
Ne piombano a terra i corimbi, chicchi violetti di grandine, pesanti d’un peso di morte.
Così a te traboccan dagli occhi, nell’ora del torbido amore, le lacrime;
ma non si raccoglie il pianto d’amore, non si raccolgono i fiori caduti del glicine. (Ada Negri)

Flowers and wisteria

The dove, like the sky-blue wisteria, is a flower with wings. (Miguel Angel Asturias)

A thousand roses, taking refuge at the top of the trees, bloomed out of reach, among wisteria with long drops of flowers and purple bignoniers, victorious enemies of the exhausted clematis… (Colette)

I come from down south, where vegetation does not know its place. Honeysuckle can work through cracks in your walls and strangle you while you sleep. Kudzu can completely shroud a house and a car parked in the yard in one growing season. Wisteria can lift a building off its foundation, and certain terrifying mints spread so rapidly that just the thought of them on a summer night can make your hair stand on end. (Bailey White)

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Rain and wisteria

A summer rain had left the night clean and sparkling with drops of water. I leaned against the end pillar of the gallery, my head touching the soft tendrils of a jasmine which grew there in a constant battle with a wisteria, and I thought of what lay before me throughout the world and throughout time, and resolved to go about it delicately and reverently, learning that from each thing which would take me best to another. (Anne Rice)

Got wet in the rain,
And yet –
I picked some wisteria,
I thought: there aren’t many
spring days left. (Ariwara no Narihira)

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Nature and wisteria

In pale moonlight
the wisteria’s scent
comes from far away. (Yosa Buson)

The mountains are hidden by the blue of spots and lines –
the iridescent mother-of-pearl.
Like a brush of pale purple wisteria, the morning
blossoms. (Maximilian Voloshin)

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Women and wisteria

She offered her mouth to him, as if enchanted. A Persian princess, a little Indian, a fox, a morning glory, a lovely wisteria — it always pleased them when you told them they looked like something, like something else. (Simone de Beauvoir)

Wisteria is my favorite flowering vine. Do you know why?’
I shook my head. ‘No, ma’am.’
‘Because it’s strong
just like me. (Beth Hoffman)

Homeland and wisteria

The air of my homeland, saturated with the sharp smell of the sea and the soft feminine scent of blooming wisteria, calmed me. (Fazil Iskander)

Among this mass of young men, some defend the idea of a French Algeria, where sometimes they were born, knowing nothing other than its blue depths and its white banks, others imagine it only through the scent of wisteria described by Camus. (Jocelyne Sauvard, Simone Veil)

People and wisteria

If like the leaf of the wisteria through which the sun darts his rays transparently you give your heart to me, I will no longer distrust you. (Murasaki Shikibu)

I had stopped my chair at that exact place, coming out, because right there the spice of wisteria that hung around the house was invaded by the freshness of apple blossoms in a blend that lifted the top of my head. As between those who notice such things and those who don’t, I prefer those who do. (Wallace Stegner)

Ivy and wisteria

Dark, shiny ivy, like a snake, crawled around the huge stones, and clusters of delicate wisteria turned purple on its hard leaves. (Olga Forsh)

And when the wisteria blooms – do you see those dry ivy veins on the walls? – the whole of San Serg is drowned in a lilac haze, and, most importantly, the smell is such that when you go outside, your head spins… (Dina Rubina)

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