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Apricot tree blossom

A springlike autumn’s balmy breeze reaches afar. The sun shines on the house of a recluse South of the river. They encourage the December apricots To burst into bloom: A simplehearted person Faces the simplehearted flowers. (Sun Bu’er)

The blossoms of the apricot blow from the east to the west, And I have tried to keep them from falling. (Ezra Pound)

Katya went to her closet behind the kitchen and sat down by the open window. A warm breeze faintly moved her hair. In the garden, like innocent brides, apricots bloomed in their white color. (Vikenty Veresaev)

It would be a shame to let wooden shoes ruin the blue moss.
Maybe that’s why no one answers when I tap on the wooden door.
But these walls can’t hold back the colors of spring.
A branch of red apricot reaches beyond them. (Ye Shaoweng)

Orchard and apricots

In the Garden of Eden, there are superb apples, juicy peaches, soft apricots… all the fruits are suitable except the pears which are to be washed away. (Marc Escayrol)

All the seasons run their race In this quiet resting-place; Peach, and apricot, and fig Here will ripen, and grow big; Here is store and overplus — More had not Alcinous! (Henry Austin Dobson)

There are all kinds of fruit trees, native and foreign, from cherries and plums to large apricots the size of a goose egg. (Anton Chekhov)

Orchards, lemon and orange trees, peaches and apricots – how do they grow outdoors? (Nikolay Chernyshevsky)

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Women and apricots

Albine, while spinning under the trees, stretched out her hand, bit into a green pear, filled her skirt with apricots. (Émile Zola)

An old woman is ugly, my little Hélène. There’s nothing we can do about it. You are as beautiful as an apricot, one day you will be as ugly as a prune. (Denis Tillinac)

You, killer whale swallows,
fly there into the distance,
where the eyes of women are sweet,
and the teeth are like almonds;
Where the cheeks are apricots,
And the lips are like coral,
Where the slopes of the mountains are steep,
Where everyone sings a chorale. (Igor Severyanin)

People and apricots

To bring the best human qualities to anything like perfection, to fill them with the sweet juices of courtesy and charity, prosperity, or, at all events, a moderate amount of it, is required,- just as sunshine is needed for the ripening of peaches and apricots. (Alexander Smith)

At the most difficult moments of my life, when it seemed that every door was closed to me, the taste of those apricots comes back to comfort me with the notion that abundance is always within reach, if only one knows how to find it. (Isabel Allende)

If you have been sunned through and through like an apricot on a wall from your earliest days, you are oversensitive to any withdrawal of heat. (Margot Asquith)

Attitude to apricots

I love, love, love apricot baby food. My closet in the kitchen is filled with jars of it. (Alicia Silverstone)

Today we will not talk about apricots
Because I don’t like the taste of them. (Chaz Walker)

Rich bloom, yellow, kissed with orange
delicate, intoxicating flavor
sinful orb of pleasure
June’s present to us all… (Socalalto)

Relationship and apricots

Tired of separation, suffering from melancholy, the previously hard apricot became soft in the crucible of flour. (Sabir Abdullah)

She removes the pint of apricots, plump and exquisite as roses, and offers him one. He takes a bite and puts his hand over hers as she takes a bite, the velvety peel and fruit sugar filling her whole mouth. (Diana Abu-Jaber)

To the taste of breasts like apricots, the warm scent of a woman’s navel when she wakens in the winter, the warmth of a mound that fills your hand like a peach, split with ripeness. (Diana Gabaldon)

Summer and apricots

Hot July brings cooling showers, Apricots and gillyflowers. (Sara Coleridge)

Peaches and candied fruits,
and mowing in honey dew.
The sun enters the amber of sunset,
like a stone in an apricot.
And the cob secretly laughs
with a yellow laugh, like the summer heat.
August again. And the swarthy bread with the ripe moon is
sweet to the children. (Federico García Lorca)

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Sunset and apricots

That evening, as I watched the sunset’s pinwheels of apricot and mauve slowly explode into red ribbons, I thought: The sensory misers will inherit the earth, but first they will make it not worth living on. (Diane Ackerman)

Elgrina looks at the sunset;
At sunset there is an apricot tree,
At her feet there is a river slope,
Dizzy at the slope. (Igor Severyanin)

Fruits and apricots

She also brought some cherries, plums, and apricots, and a plate full of particularly delicate figs, of last year’s growth. (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Adela returned on luminous mornings, like Pomona from the fire of the enkindled day. Tipping from her basket the colourful beauty of the sun: glistening wild cherries, full of water under their transparent skins, mysterious black cherries whose aroma surpassed that which would be realised in their taste, and apricots, in whose golden pulp lay the core of the long afternoons. (Bruno Schulz)

Memories and apricots

From my childhood memories, I only keep a tree leaning over a river. The freshness of the water, the afternoon sun, the apricot stones, and that’s it. (Mohammed Aïssaoui)

So much of our early gladness vanishes utterly from our memory: we can never recall the joy with which we laid our heads on our mother’s bosom or rode on our father’s back in childhood; doubtless that joy is wrought up into our nature, as the sunlight of long-past mornings is wrought up in the soft mellowness of the apricot; but it is gone forever from our imagination, and we can only believe in the joy of childhood. (George Eliot)

Lavender and apricots

Just as the first sun-kissed apricots arrive at the market, lavender fields all over Provence are bursting into bloom. They are a perfect pair. (Elizabeth Bard)

Apricot and lavender might seem like an unusual pairing, but it made perfect sense to me. Luscious, sweet apricots taste best when they’re baked and the flavor is concentrated. On the other hand, lavender likes it cool; the buds have a floral, almost astringent flavor. Lavender was a line drawing that I filled in with brushstrokes of lush apricot. (Judith Fertig)

Flavor and apricots

The flavors of the peach and the apricot are not lost from generation to generation. Neither are they transmitted by book learning. (Ezra Pound)

A small frosted glass of umeshu (plum wine) sat on a white paper coaster toward the top. The syrupy wine, actually made from small Japanese apricots, had a honeyed smoothness and a fruity finish that left behind a streak of warmth. (Victoria Abbott Riccardi)

Sky and apricots

The sun was up — stuck like half a tinned apricot on a sky awash with all the colours of a fading bruise. (Helen Hodgman)

More varied than any landscape was the landscape in the sky, with islands of gold and silver, peninsulas of apricot and rose against a background of many shades of turquoise and azure. (Cecil Beaton)

Peaches and apricots

One after another, peach and apricot bloom after the plum tree… (Kawahigashi HekigotoIn)

See how the light tenderly love the apricots, it takes them over completely, enters into their pulp, light them from all sides! But it is miserly with the peaches and light only one side of them. (Paul Cezanne)

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Life and apricots

Five tender apricots in a blue bowl, a brief and exact promise of things to come. (Frances Mayes)

«I should have. There’s a saying in Arabic: Bukra fil mish mish. ‘Tomorrow, when the apricots bloom.’ Or, in other words, maybe tomorrow. I kept thinking that. I’d do it tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.» (Jessica Soffer)

Cooking and apricots

Mix the cream with the apricot compote and the pistachios. (Valéry Drouet)

Heat the apricot, either in the microwave or on top of your oven, and then brush the brioches so that they are shiny. (Geoff Wells)


When you paint Spring, do not paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots – just paint Spring. (Dogen)

A long time ago I once wrote that the apricot was the only profit that the Crusades brought to the West. I still hold that opinion. (Jacques Le Goff)

All things are God’s already; we can give him no right, by consecrating any, that he had not before, only we set it apart to his service — just as a gardener brings his master a basket of apricots, and presents them; his lord thanks him, and perhaps gives him something for his pains, and yet the apricots were as much his lord’s before as now. (John Selden)

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