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Women and camellias

There are a hundred ways to wear a flower. (Coco Chanel)

Shall I go in white? with a camellia in my hair, or a rose? You have never told me yet how you like me best. Oh! what a wooden knight you are! (Friedrich Spielhagen)

She was dressed in black, with a red camellia in her bosom, and another in the magnificent black hair. Brand thought he had never seen her look so beautiful, and at once so graciously proud and gentle. (William Black)

She was a lady of elephantine proportions, in her sixtieth year, and wore a white camellia stuck in her rosewood-colored hair. (François Coppée)

I would have wagered on it. She was sure to choose the mignonette—a fair, well-bred, graceful plant like herself. Others choose their camellias and their hyacinths; Jeanne must have something more refined. (Rene Bazin)

The glossy black hair was brushed straight back from the face and wound into a knot at the back of the head. On either side of this knot she wore a superb white camellia. (Augusta J. Evans)

And the lilac muslin became her to perfection. So did her pretty green shawl, pinned closely at the throat and worn as only a French-woman would have known how to wear it. So did the white camellia and the moss-rose buds which she had taken out of my bouquet, and fastened at her waist. (Amelia Ann Blandford Edwards)

You look splendid in the ballroom
when you flaunt your dark, curly, white camellia hair.
You are noble and proud,
and everyone who looks at you must admire you. (Hannes Trojan)

Her rounded breasts, pale globes
Of snow, wage insolent war
With her camellias and her robes
Of whiteness nebular. (Théophile Gautier)

Gardening and camellias

Azaleas grow in my garden, and camellias, and all sorts of ripping flowers. (William Somerset Maugham)

If your box or window is shaded a good part of the time, raise begonias, camellias, ferns, and Asparagus Sprengeri. (Frank Lincoln Stevens)

Camellias, peach trees, and lemon trees grew in wild luxuriance, laden at once with leaves, fruits, and blossoms. (Emilia Pardo Bazán)

Great care is necessary that they may not be exposed to great alternations of temperature, which are sure to cause them to drop their flower-buds. (William Keane)

The bed alongside the house has camellias, multifleur, and Confederate jasmine vines (Trachelospermum jasminoides). (Ray Samuel)

The best mode of growing camellias is, therefore, to plant them in the free soil of a conservatory, taking care that some creeping plant is trained along the rafters over their heads, as they do not like to be exposed to too much sun, unless they have also a great deal of air, and are frequently and regularly watered. (Jane Webb Loudon)

These plants, when they are brought from the Green-house, ought to be set in a situation by themselves, that they may be the more strictly attended to in watering and syringing. An airy situation where the sun has no effect upon them is the best. (Thomas Hibbert, Robert Buist)

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Love and camellias

You are worth all my camellias and peonies–all my longing and all my love. (Gauri Sharma)

A camellia, rose and carnation would mean, “Your loveliness attracts me. Smile upon me, and cheer my poor heart.” (Astra Cielo)

And my mind went to the fabulous countries Where we think of picking blue camellias And finding the ideal love. (François Coppée)

He looked about him in a bewildered way. The passionless white camellia blooming by his side seemed singularly out of place. He thought of the intoxicating Jacqueminot roses he used to order at Halvin’s for that chilly Boston girl he tried to love and couldn’t. (Herbert Ward)

A long time ago, there were lovers that lived on the opposite ends of a river. They promised to meet when the camellia flowers bloomed. But it rained so much the boat couldn’t cross the river. So the two couldn’t meet, even though the camellia flowers had all bloomed. Lets meet again. Before the camellia flowers wilt. (John the Apostle)

He glanced at the blossom in his hand. «I don’t know why, but the camellia makes me think of you.» He rotated it carefully, then looked back. «Let’s dedicate tonight to our own sunrise.» He inspected the flower again, then impulsively leaned forward and placed it onto the tatami… Next, with the same control in his powerful hands that had touched the glaze of the tea bowl, he gently gripped the shoulders of her loose yukata. (Thomas Hoover)

Flowers and camellias

Here were enormous camellias, as well as purple, red, and white azaleas, Guernsey lilies, all growing in the greatest profusion…. (Annie Brassey)

Yet roses, geraniums, and callas bloomed out of doors all the time, and great trees of red camellia, which they cut as we cut roses. (Thomas Hood)

Since the introduction of the Camellia and the Dahlia, I know of no plant that produces so striking an effect upon the sight as the Chrysanthemum. (William Hone)

…the street stands great plumes of gold acacia, riots of daffodils, banks of violets, white, waxy camellias and branches of Japanese peach blossoms. (Almira Morey)

The ceremony was a very touching one, and the coffin buried in wreaths of camellias, lilies, and violets. (Augustus J.C. Hare)

And proud camellias tall and white,
Red tulips in a flaming mass,
Are all at once forgotten quite,
For the small flower amid the grass. (Théophile Gautier)

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People and camellias

Camellia flowers have become incredibly fashionable. (Fyodor Dostoevsky)

I start to cry, softly, slowly, with a quivering camellia in my heart. (Muriel Barbery)

I have a strange longing to put off the decision to the last moment, and make him pay for his red camellia by a little suspense. (Honoré de Balzac)

It’s 6 a.m., daylight is barely breaking, spring is already here. On the wall facing me, the camellia has bloomed. I wonder if I wasn’t dreaming. It can not be. (Leila Slimani)

My job, challenges, and simple things like waking up, going to my patio, and seeing that an hibiscus or a camellia opened during the night. It just makes me happy. (Pom Klementieff)

In the cream-panelled drawing-room she was sitting with her elbows on her knees, and her chin on her clasped hands, in front of a white camellia plant which filled the fireplace. That glance at her before she saw him renewed his dread. What was she seeing among those white camellias? (John Galsworthy)

I wandered on, not heeding the command which she had given me,—to go home. The scent of camellias and magnolias floated on the heavy air of the night from the court-yards, reminding me of her. (Winston Churchill)

Men and camellias

I am sorry we have no flowers. I love a bouquet A few camellias for color, and some violets for odor. They relieve the grossness of the material enjoyments; they poetize the meal; and if you have no women at table, mon cher, be sure to have flowers: not that I object to both together. (Charles James Lever)

Her father is a bit too fond o’ money. I’ve never been hard struck with him. It has always seemed to me that he was afflicted with perfection—a camellia man!—so invariably neat and proper and conventional! Such precise and wearisome rectitude! What a relief it would be to see him in his shirt-sleeves or with soiled boots or linen or to hear him say something—well-unexpected! (Irving Bacheller)

For him, too, the return of the master was a joyous occasion; there would be a quarter for him if he had been a good boy, and some inner voice evidently was telling him that he had. There was a red-and-white-striped camellia in his buttonhole, and his narrow body was beautified by a dirty white waistcoat. (Gouverneur Morris)

The trouble with camellia blossoms is that although they are brilliant they are in no way cheerful. You find that in spite of yourself your attention is attracted by the violent blaze of colour, but once you look at them they give you an uncanny feeling. They are the most deceitful of all flowers. Whenever I see a wild camellia growing in the heart of the mountains, I am reminded of a beautiful enchantress who lures men on with her dark eyes, and then in a flash injects her smiling venom into their veins. By the time they realise that they have been tricked it is too late. (Natsume Soseki)

Fragrance and camellias

The sweet smell of the South, of Camellias and Azaleas, clings to Beaufort’s ancient and historic buildings. (Walter Cronkite)

I actually have an attachment to a flower passion, but odorless; the pride of gardeners, georgines, peonies, tulips, camellias, have been indifferent to me since I was a child. (Otto von Bismarck)

Other flowers, devoid of fragrance, were distinguished by their lush beauty, such as, for example, the cold beauties of camellias, multi-colored azaleas, Chinese lilies, Dutch tulips, huge bright dahlias and heavy asters. (Alexander Kuprin)

One of the charms of May not to be forgotten is the blossoming of the great Cape jessamine… As near as possible, this is the most perfect of flowers. It is as pure as the white camellia, with the added gift of exquisite perfume. It is a camellia with a soul! Its leaves are of most brilliant varnished green; its buds are lovely; and its expanded flower is of a thick, waxen texture, and as large as a large camellia. (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Winter and camellias

The snow-storm came on, and the snow-flakes fell heavily on the red and white camellias, which were then in great perfection. (Henry Arthur Bright)

The mimosa flowers in winter, and palms, rose-trees, camellias, and fig-trees prosper exceedingly in the open air. (Milburg Francisco Mansfield)

The cold Camellia only, stiff and white,
Rose without perfume, lily without grace,
When chilling winter shows his icy face,
Blooms for a world that vainly seeks delight.
Yet, in a theatre, or ball-room light,
I gladly see Camellias shining bright
Above some stately woman’s raven hair,
Whose noble form fufils the heart’s desire,
Like Grecian marbles warmed by Phidian fire. (Honore de Balzac)

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Camellias features

Mr. Vick gives the following in his Magazine: “The Camellia Japonica was sent to England in 1739 by Father Kamel, a missionary, for whom it was named. As a house-plant the Camellia requires considerable care…” (M.D. Wellcome)

There are two genera in this order [Ternstrœmiaceæ], the Camellia and the Tea. The flower-bud of the Camellia is inclosed in a calyx of five, seven, or nine concave sepals, on the outside of which are several bracts, which remain on till the flower has expanded, but which are distinguished from the sepals by their dark brown colour. (Jane Loudon)

According to Kaempfer, wild camellias grew in hedges in Japan… (William Thomas Stearn)

Roses and camellias

I would also be inclined to consider the rose to be the most beautiful flower. The camelia is close to her, it is delicate, clear and pure, it is often full of splendor, but it always has something foreign to us, it always stands there with a certain decorum: the soft, I would like to use the expression, the sweet She doesn’t have the rose. (Adalbert Stifter)

The old woman paid no attention to the camellia until that morning, when a fleck of pink caught her eye. The single saucer-size blossom was more magnificent than she could ever have imagined. More beautiful than any rose she’d ever seen, it swayed in the morning breeze with such an air of royalty, the old woman felt the urge to curtsey in its presence. (Sarah Jio)

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Art and camellias

What is Art for? To give us the brief but dazzling illusion of the camellia, opening in time an emotional breach which seems irreducible to animal logic. (Muriel Barbery)

Although the style of each varied in crudity, the subjects of the paintings were relatively similar: camellias floating in bowls of water, azaleas tortured into ambitious flower arrangements, magnolias that looked like white windmills. (John Kennedy Toole)

Beauty and camellias

The lady turned to give him a smile of thanks, and went on praising the beauty of the rhododendrons, the azaleas, and the gigantic camellias. (Armando Palacio Valdés)

The camellia, the white camellia, you know, I like it so much ever since what you said about it one day. I never see it without thinking of it; and it would not seem half so beautiful but for that. (Susan Warner)

Youth and camellias

When he spoke of his worldly youth, he spoke of it “like the time of the camellia in the buttonhole. (Dane McDowell)

What ornament can deck the head of youth like a simple flower, or what add lustre to the bloom of maidenhood if the camellia or the rosebud will not. (T. Augustus Forbes Leith)

Face and camellias

The cold melancholy of her expression, the face as untouched with color as a white camellia, was in keeping with the fancy. (Mary Agnes Tincker)

Her complexion has a whiteness that is barely enlivened by a color of pink as pale, as tender, as transparent as that of the camellias. (Alfred de Vigny)

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