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Gardening and cosmos

The early-summer flowering variety of Cosmos will begin to bloom in July, and, if not allowed to go to seed, will be a mass of flowers until killed by frost. In favorable soil Cosmos grows luxuriantly, and resembles a small tree six or eight feet high. This plant should be staked, or it is likely to be blown down. It is very effective when transplanted to the borders, blooming gayly when there is not much else. The pink and crimson varieties are beautiful, but do not compare with the white. (Helena Rutherfurd Ely)

Morning-glories, Cosmos and Verbenas sow themselves better than the gardener can, the plants being much more vigorous than from the hand-sown seeds. (Ida Dandridge Bennett)

Time was when I anticipated the season by starting, in early March, window boxes of asters, petunias, cosmos, and nasturtiums; experience has since taught me to await the slower seed time appointed for me by wise Mother Nature and sow in the open about the first week in May. (Sarah Warner Brooks)

Early in June, I transplant into perennial borders, wherever a spot can be found, clumps of Asters, Cosmos and other late annuals, which are beautiful in September and October when most flowers have ceased to bloom. (Helena Rutherfurd Ely)

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Cosmos features

But our gardens owe to this family [Composite family] innumerable beautiful and showy plants such as the China aster, the chrysanthemum, the cosmos, zinnia, dahlia, ageratum, gaillardia, coreopsis, sunflower, etc., etc. (Mary Elizabeth Parsons)

Probably no flower that has come into vogue of late years has won more popularity than the Cosmos—certainly for cut flowers nothing can surpass it in graceful beauty. The large pink and white Hibiscus, with a generous handful of long-stemmed pink, crimson, and white Cosmos, makes an ideal bouquet for a high glass vase. Placed in front of a large mirror the effect in form and colour is hardly surpassed by the choicest exotics. (Ida Dandridge Bennett)

Women and cosmos

The row of flowers that flamed in the beds beside the door was the finest in the county. She knew that. She was an expert in the culture of the prolific tall cosmos that blooms so beautifully in the Indian summers of Old Virginia. (Jr. Thomas Dixon)

Cherry stared out at a field of stubble bathed in soft sunshine. The hills to-day were only a shade deeper than the pale sky. Along the road back of the house a lumber wagon rattled, the thin bay horses galloping joyously in harness. Pink and white cosmos, pallid on clouds of frail, bushy green, were banked in the shade of the woodshed. (Kathleen Norris)

Flowers and cosmos

In the well-kept gardens across the way, scarlet sage and cosmos, asters and dahlias made riots of color. (Ralph Henry Barbour)

Flowers that make the tallest growth may be placed against the back with advantage—as Cobæa scandens, Ricinus, the Dolichos, Cosmos, and the like; giving them the advantage of the extra light and keeping them from withholding the light from the plants in front of them. (Ida Dandridge Bennett)

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People and cosmos

May you realise who the “cosmos flowers” in your life are and learn to love, appreciate and notice them more often. (Jennifer Rossouw)

The Cosmos grown in a locality free from early fall frosts is certainly a beautiful thing, but there are probably few flowers that have caused so much disappointment to the flower lover in the North. (C.E. Hunn, L. H. Bailey)

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