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Gardening and lungwort

This plant is a star in the shade garden, used either as a low-growing focal point or as an edger. It has coarse silver-splashed, elongated leaves that deer avoid, probably because of the hairy foliage, but the silver markings light up a shade bed. Its trumpet-shaped flowers with colors that are blue, white, pink, or raspberry bloom each spring. (Moya Andrews)

Pulmonaria are short-lived plants by nature and the only way to maintain them on a long-term basis is to divide the clumps every 3-5 years. (Tony Avent)

The one problem with these plants is susceptibility to powdery mildew. The cultivars that I have mentioned today are resistant. However, this disease will not kill lungworts and some actually goes unnoticed, especially when cultivars have a lot of silver on their leaves. (Moya Andrews)

Lungwort is tolerant of various conditions. Evenly moist, well-drained soils are best as it begins growing. However, once established, lungwort has no problem with a bit of drought. They look best in soils rich with organic matter, so it may be helpful to add in compost before planting, especially in dry clay soils. (Sharon Greenthal)

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People and lungwort

For us, all that’s left is kisses tattered as the little bees that die when they leave the hive. Deep in the transparent night they’re still humming, at home in the dark wood on the mountain, in the mint and lungwort and the past. (Osip Mandelstam)

There is the smell of lungwort flowers
Among the forget-me-nots
In the fact that I,
My abstract, strict mind,
Is the root of the No-one… (Khlebnikov Velimir)

A smile
aware of its origin
Leapt from my soul through
upturned lips
Sharing joy with deep blue bells
yawning about me
Tall lungwort… (James Marshall Goff)

Flowers and lungwort

In the woods, you will find the lungwort whose flower is purple and wine, the verdigris leaf, stained with white, hairy and very rough (Francis Jammes).

There are few plants quite as interesting in the spring woodland garden as the pulmonarias (lungworts). Pulmonaria are an excellent bold-textured woodland perennial that contrasts well with other early season plants such as hellebores, ophiopogons, ferns, Iris cristata, along with other spring ephemerals in getting the spring garden off to a great early spring start. (Tony Avent)

Forget-me-nots and lungwort, they control the color blue, Solomon’s seal shines white and horn trefoil yellow, as far as you can see. Now is the most beautiful time of the year, there are flowers and scents everywhere, there is chirping and the whole large flock of birds is whirring. (Christa Kluge)

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Spring and lungwort

Right now spring is unfolding on woodland slopes in the south garden with a mélange of scilla, Chionodoxa luciliae and pulmonaria, punctuated by brilliant splashes of daffodils. (Paula Deitz)

There in the flowering meadow there is a herd. The aromas of spring herbs waft, the sweet breath of anise, the sigh of lungwort flows. (Sappho)

Now, and birds, and every animal
are having fun on our earth;
Having broken through last year’s leaf,
the lungwort is now turning blue in the forest! (A.K. Tolstoy)

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Smell and lungwort

The lungwort smelled so strongly that the sunlight that flooded the Ryazan distances seemed like liquid honey. We breathed the warm air of the grass, bumblebees buzzed loudly around us and grasshoppers chattered. (Konstantin Paustovsky)

Bright spots of butterflies and flowers, the chirping of grasshoppers, the aroma of lungwort — all this merges into a joyful symphony of life that captivates everyone and involuntarily makes them breathe deeply… (Archpriest Alexander Men)

It’s already damp in the valleys, the shadows have fallen, the meadows are already turning blue, the dew has fallen,
the lungwort smells of dew, the golden crown is shining across the grove. (Ivan Bunin)

Bloom and lungwort

The lungworts are still closed, still purple, almost red. (Maurice Genevoix)

Through the juniper, gnarled and unkempt, a luxurious, beautiful lungwort sprouted and blossomed in the light. You would have thought that it was the juniper itself that was blooming! (Mikhail Prishvin)

The most common variety, P. saccharata (known as Bethlehem Sage), produces blooms in two different colours – some violet, some coral pink – appearing on the same stem. How does the plant pull off this feat? Botanists probably know but I don’t have a clue. (Sonia Day)

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Lungwort features

The lungwort variety produces blue or purple flowers and stunning foliage with an itchy surface that repels deer. (Robert Knox)

Cowslips of Jerusalem, or the true and right Lungwoorte, hath rough, hairy leaves of a browne greene colour, confusedly spotted with divers spots or droppes of white amongst which spring up certain stalks, a span long, bearing at the top many fine flowers, growing together like the flowers of cowslips, saving that they be at the first red or purple, and sometimes blewe, and oftentimes of all these colours at once. (John Gerard)

Health and lungwort

The Lungwort, however, offers an interesting instance of a plant which, though having been used as a remedy from the most superstitious motives, yet fortunately possessed those demulcent qualities, which from their beneficial effects were confirmation of the belief in a wrong theory. (J. Lindley, T. Moore)

Despite the magical appeal of “sympathetic medicine,” the spots on pulmonaria foliage did not evolve to direct humans to a cure for lung diseases; rather, the spots are air pockets just under the leaf surface that may serve to cool the leaf. (Katherine Wagner-Reiss)

Attitude to lungwort

A hateful plant. (Heather Mallick)

How pleased the father was when he saw the lungwort for the first time! (Sergey Aksakov)

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