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Women and hydrangeas

I played peacefully among the hydrangea beds (Simone de Beauvoir)

Here is a quadrille of the fair sex, of different years, ages, beauty, ranging from a blooming rose and a brilliant daffodil to a yellowed hydrangea. (E. Rastorguev)

But with Hydrangea, everything is just the opposite: the botanist, who a couple of centuries ago brought from China a plant previously unseen in Europe, named the beautiful flower after the name of a girl he knew (however, it cannot be said that the name was given to the plant at random; translated from Latin, the name Hortensia means «garden») (Theodore Schwartz)

She’s even going to make an arrangement in a flat sweetgrass basket to hang on the front door and a round little pomander of pale green hydrangea with a sheer white ribbon for Little Hilda to hold as she greets the guests in the foyer. (Beth Webb Hart)

The pot of periwinkle
huge haphazard
balls of blooms,
sexy. (Laura Cronk)

She lives in a maze of gardens,
constructing gardens that she never grew,
alyssum boarding paths through blue hydrangea
beneath red roses trellised across the air. (Barry Targan)

Hydrangeas features

In Europe, hydrangea is the name given to ornamental shrubs from the genus Hydrangea of the saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae). In nature, there are about 80 species native to East and South Asia or America. (Irina Zbroshko)

See all the tiny white flowers? There has to be at least a hundred individual flowers in every cluster, each with four petals, and some are even tinted with pale-pink dots, like they’re trying to set themselves apart from the others. They’re so pretty it’s hard to believe they’re even real. They’re hydrangeas and are believed to represent heartfelt feelings, persistence, and thankfulness for being accepted. (Heather Webber)

Multiplier and large blooms
Colors varied and depend on the soil ph
Hardy plants are hard to kill
Blooms all spring and summer
Until frost, you delight me
No need to fret for you
You never displease me (Doris Culverhouse)

Shy Hydrangea loves the shade
Wearing a hat of tiny blossoms;
Hidden away in her secret garden
Thankfully never forgotten. (Sam Kauffman)

Garden and hydrangeas

A magnificent location that could hardly be appreciated from the inside as the windows were so small. Beds of hydrangeas surrounded the garden where the first days of spring saw daffodils emerge. (Michel Déon)

Jack walked me through the garden, naming plants and flowers with dizzying speed: blue spruce, hydrangea, and boxwood gave winter interest to the garden. Quaking aspen and Boston ivy grew along the fence. (Sara Desai)

Morwen kept a good pace over the green lawn, but she paused in the side garden, where the sorrel tree’s feathery leaves had turned a brilliant scarlet. A great white hydrangea made a backdrop for clumps of lobelia and lilyturf. (Louisa Morgan)

In the garden we have the oak leaf hydrangea which has become almost a tree, and the old quince tree whose trunk has split, but which continues to distribute its branches in the shape of an arbor. (Philippe Delerm)

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Death and hydrangeas

The hydrangeas on the porch are dead (François Mauriac)

A dead hydrangea is as intricate and lovely as one in bloom. Bleak sky is as seductive as sunshine, miniature orange trees without blossom or fruit are not defective; they are that. (Toni Morrison)

The microprocessor in her heels autotuned the birdsong. Her vintage Google glasses tinted the view of the dying hydrangea. (Joanna Fuhrman)

Dragoons, I tell you the white hydrangeas turn rust and go soon.
Already mid September a line of brown runs over them.
One sunset after another tracks the faces, the petals.
Waiting, they look over the fence for what way they go. (Carl Sandburg)

Flowers and hydrangeas

Dusty hydrangeas pale as robins’ eggs. Delphiniums iridescent as butterfly wings. Cornflowers the hazy blue of the summer skies. (Ella Griffin)

The daisies remind you to be happy. The hydrangeas remind you to be colorful. … And the roses – oh, the roses! – they remind us that beauty is always present even amongst the thorns. (Viola Shipman)

Thousands of different flowers filled the air of the greenhouse with their aromas: variegated carnations with a tart smell; bright Japanese chrysanthemums; pensive daffodils lowering their thin white petals before the night; hyacinths and gillyflowers decorate tombs; silvery bells of virgin lilies of the valley; white with a stupefying odor of pancreas; purple and red hydrangea caps … (Alexander Kuprin)

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Nature and hydrangeas

Rolling hills, alive with hydrangea and thyme
O’er cavernous quarries of sapphire and lime. (Gershon Wolf)

The story begins not far from him, with the flora of a beautiful archipelago, where a large hydrangea in a voluminous flowerpot with traces of earth half hides behind the clouds of its pale blue and pale green inflorescences the marble pedestal of Diana, on which sits a fly. (Vladimir Nabokov)

Here and there I still saw bushes lost among the jungle vegetation, which in our time had been like border markers, signs of culture and beauty, hydrangeas with bright blue flower crowns, so famous in their time. Their growth was no longer corrected by any hand, and they had gone wild and grown enormous, flowerless, black and ugly like some nameless parasitic plants that grew beside them. (Daphne du Maurier)

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People and hydrangeas

You will have your house with blue tiles, hydrangea windows, palm trees in the sky, winters crackling near the angora cat. (Claude Nougaro)

Along the path tall dusky dahlias grew,
And shadowy hydrangeas reached and swung
Ferociously; and over me, among
The moths and mysteries, a blurred bat flew. (Edwin Arlington Robinson)

A Norman duke once smashed your gods of clay;
Since then, beneath the boughs of Virgil’s laurel,
Green myrtle and pale hydrangea intertwine. (Gérard de Nerval)

Dream and hydrangeas

There is, somewhere,
a clump of blue hydrangeas
quivering with a dream… (Josiane)

In the air there’s the sick scent of eucalyptus.
I will save all this night’s dream in my heart
and I will remember the wet hydrangeas
in the garden, the medieval grass in the cloisters. (Antonio Colinas)

Color and hydrangeas

There is something about the color of hydrangeas. It can change from pink to blue to lavender, depending on the acidity of the soil. There is magic in that. (Susan Wiggs)

Just like the last green in paint pots,
these leaves, dry, dull and rough, are only reflected from
a distance behind the flower umbels, which
do not have any blue on them. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Water and hydrangeas

Peonies bloom as if they want to collapse under the weight of their flowers all at once. Hydrangeas, may the sun shine a lot, bloom brightly, keeping the memory of rainy days on their skin. (Yōko Tawada)

The stream of fountains falls loudly into the marble sinks, and dense flower beds of beautiful pink hydrangeas grow luxuriously at the feet of the fountains, refreshed by the spray, shielded from the heat of the sun by this trembling network of green gold. (Evgeny Markov)

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