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Fragrance and hyacinths

Hyacinths are such happy spring flowers! Their heady fragrance is perfect for scenting the home. (Ted Kennedy Watson)

She bent down and felt around for the little waxy blossoms, and their fragrance rose up to meet her. If perfumes were the feelings of flowers, as her mother used to say, then the hyacinths were as happy to see her as she was to see them. (Ella Griffin)

At noon the smell of narcissi and hyacinths flows back over the valley like a whirling vertigo. (Julien Gracq)

The smell of hyacinths in the summer night air. At this moment, standing here with a boy I just met who already feels like home, I am overwhelmed with city love. (Susane Colasanti)

I salute you, you wonderful fragrance
that sways in these delicate cups,
you ship in which through dark blue air
your soul flies enraptured to distant shores. (Friedrich Theodor von Vischer)

Love and hyacinths

I believe love to be like the hyacinth, which has to strike roots in darkness before it can bring forth a vigorous flower. (August Strindberg)

You gave me hyacinths first a year ago; They called me the hyacinth girl.’ —Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden, Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not Speak, and my eyes failed… (T. S. Eliot)

And you slide into other silvers By villages of Selena, Forgetting near languid tent Stretched into your yesterday My hyacinth, my incorruptible flower. (Benedikt Livshitz)

Does my little Hyacinth love you? (Charlotte M. Brame)

People and hyacinths

The hyacinths, all beaded with their flowery grains, were like necklaces, each bead of which would bring him joys unknown to men. (Émile Zola)

People are mostly layers of violence and tenderness wrapped like bulbs, and it is difficult to say what makes them onions or hyacinths. (Eudora Welty)

China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of violets – that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon. (Constance Spry)

I am looking for the great sweetness, the one that no one has ever seen and whose existence is beyond doubt because it is to it that we owe the fragrant beauty of hyacinths… (Christian Bobin)

Bread and hyacinths

If you have two loaves of bread, keep one to nourish the body, but sell the other to buy hyacinths for the soul. (Herodotus)

If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul. (Mohammad)

If thou of fortune be bereft, and in thy store there be but left two loaves, sell one, and with the dole, buy hyacinths to feed thy soul. (John Greenleaf Whittier)

Man needs bread and hyacinths: one to feed the body, and one to feed the soul. (Sharon Creech)

Curcls and hyacinths

From her head she swept her hair down in curls, like the hyacinth flower. (Homer)

Here hyacinths of heavenly blue, shook their rich tresses to the morn. (James Montgomery)

The hyacinth of his curls Forked a ring for a ring, But a zephyr whispered to him About your curls a word. (Afanasy Fet)

The long-haired hyacinth and jasmine both around the cypress twine. (William Alexander Clouston)

Garden and hyacinths

The grape Hyacinth is the favorite spring flower of my garden — but no! I though a minute ago the Scilla was! and what place has the Violet? the Flower de Luce? I cannot decide, but this I know — it is some blue flower. (Alice Morse Earle)

“Rose and gladiolus can be watered less often than dalia and hyacinths, once or twice a week.” And he gives me figures from “Advice to an amateur gardener” and a line from Virgil. (Joseph Brodsky)

When crocuses and hyacinths sprout,
and streams flow merrily again,
when tulips shoot out of the ground,
granny is happy to water the flowers! (Tommy Schmidle)

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Flowers and hyacinths

The evening pours the half-tones And favors the hymens Of speedwells, hyacinths, Of irises and cyclamens. (Renée Vivien)

Iris all hues, roses, and jessamine Reared high their flourished heads between, and wrought Mosaic; underfoot the violet, Crocus, and hyacinth with rich inlay Broidered the ground, more coloured than with stone Of costliest emblem… (John Milton)

I love tulips better than any other spring flower; they are the embodiment of alert cheerfulness and tidy grace, and next to a hyacinth look like a wholesome, freshly tubbed young girl beside a stout lady… (Elizabeth von Arnim)

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Hyacinths features

Hyacinth—the flower symbolic of knowledge. (Abdu’l-Bahá)

The hyacinths , soft and beautiful, Are sumptuous candles Which burn in the pure grass Their wax of purple and azure. (Anna de Noailles)

And the hyacinth purple, and white, and blue, Which flung from its bells a sweet peal anew Of music so delicate, soft, and intense, It was felt like an odour within the sense. (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Myths and hyacinths

Hyacinth, son of the founder of that place, beloved by Apollo for his beauty, and accidentally struck dead… (Walter Pater)

Because it mixes up the personages Hyacinthus and Narcissus with the flowers hyacinth and narcissus. (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Children with Hyacinth’s temperament don’t know better as they grow older; they merely know more. (Hector Hugh Munro)

Wood and hyacinths

The wild-wood hyacinth and the bloom of May. (Alfred Tennyson)

The woods are now carpeted with acres upon acres of the wild hyacinth, or blue-bell, and far surpass in loveliness the most cultivated garden. (Walter Besant)

When I was little and good I walked in the dappled wood Where light white windflowers grew, And hyacinths heavy and blue. (Edith Nesbit)

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Greece and hyacinths

In an ancient vase discovered in Greece, Exhumed from a tomb, made of pure clay And whose neck is slender, its curvature exquisite, Soaks this hyacinth, emblem offered to the eyes. (René-Francois Sully Prudhomme)

In your
Curled petals what ghosts
Of blue headlands and seas,
What perfumed immortal breath sighing
Of Greece. (Adelaide Crapsey)

Crocuses and hyacinths

The window-boxes in the Square were gay with hyacinth and crocus-blossom. (Adeline Sergeant)

The queens of the flower world are those who bloom at the height of spring, Mayflowers, jasmine and roses. But even listening at the frozen window to the slender growth of the hyacinth hovering over the glass of water… it can go beyond the bliss of the rose season. (Karl Gutzkow)

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Art and hyacinths

Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits. (Carl Sandburg)

One of the first drawings I did in Paris — I wasn’t thinking of doing drawings, but somehow or other, I kept drawing — I bought a hyacinth flower with a lot of leaves, just to make me feel like spring. (Ellsworth Kelly)

Cyclamen and hyacinth

The evening pours the half-tones And favors the hymens Of speedwells, hyacinths, Of irises and cyclamens. (Renée Vivien)

Only laurel on the slopes of Tsinta,
and in the shady crevices of the walls,
a wet stem of hyacinth,
a bush of white cyclamen. (Maximilian Voloshin)

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Spring and hyacinths

I love spring flowers: daffodils and hyacinths are the ultimate flower for me. They are the essence of spring. (Kirsty Gallacher)

By field and by fell, and by mountain gorge,
Shone Hyacinths blue and clear. (Lucy Hooper)

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Heart and hyacinths

The hill flower blooming in the summer heat; The hyacinth whose purple heart is found Left bruised and dead, to darken on the ground. (Sappho)

Full Hyacinth —which has a heart as full of petals as it can hold. (Una L. Silberrad)

Women and hyacinths

Thy hyacinth hair, thy classic face. (Edgar Allan Poe)

Then, poor thing, she was a child, a delicate, pale hyacinth in a noble flower-garden. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Blue and hyacinths

The hyacinth for constancy wi’ its unchanging blue. (Robert Burns)

Here the blue hyacinth’s nectareous cell To my charmed senses gives its cooling smell. (William Hone)

Bees and hyacinths

The bee sucked in by the hyacinth. (Robert Browning)

The wild hyacinth, which is obviously best adapted to the bees. (Neltje Blanchan)

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